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  1. Had to jump back on the Forums when I saw that the OG Hypetrain Conductor himself was at the controls. I'm getting serious "the gang's coming back together" vibes from KSP2 and its' trailer! This could be a new gold age for Kerbal Space Exploration and I can barely contain myself!
  2. o7 Godspeed, Kasper! We'll miss you and it'll be hard to see someone else fill your position. Best of luck in the future!
  3. So this idea has been bounding around the inside of my cranium for god knows how long. I haven't made any progress on realizing any of it, so maybe someone else could if they're interested In career mode, I've lost interest in "researching" engines and unlocking them in the tech tree without any effort. I don't think I'm alone when I don't see the correlation between gathering samples of dirt from Duna and the new breakthrough in engine technology xDD Not that it harms anyone. It's a game first and simulator second. But I thought of a way to fix it. Actually researching engi
  4. My first piece of Kerbal art with a graphics tablet. It took 3 hours but I think it was worth it :DD Also proud of the sick, pro art sig xD
  5. Live long and prosper, Dr. Welcome aboard Nestor! I look forward to finding a nickname for you xD
  6. @BahamutoD I could kiss you right now!!! Thank you for single-handedly saving the Cinematic/Film making community!
  7. If this dies, the cinematic community dies with it until a fully-fledged replacement is developed. It's as simple as that. You can't just get by with Camera Tools unfortunately.
  8. A mysterious jeep appeared along side the hype-train. The driver dropped a brick on the pedal and set the steering wheel straight before attempting to climb onto the roof of the vehicle. The wind nearly knocks the desperate gamer off of the 4x4, but he pushes on. The teen carefully got onto his feet and waved his hands over his head to grasp the attention of the conductor. "Help me get on board sir!" the pc player begged. The conductor, knowing full well that the hype train was now accelerating faster and faster, decided to throw the mysterious jeep-rider a bone. Seconds later, the condu
  9. ...ah xD whoops had two open at the same time
  10. I slap a One-Way Space Industries (OWSI) sticker on the sides of my rockets. Well, I used to. Then I made a One-Way Films (OWF) flag and loved the design so I stuck with that.
  11. Your first flight went that high?! Lucky! xD
  12. fruits/foods. I created the Watermelon Heavy and that lifted numerous vehicles to the Mun and beyond
  13. I'm just going to leave this here... Name: Voyager. Director: Nick "Nassault" Gillin Take a look at the Cinematic Enthusiasts Thread created by Hatbat. Hatbat, Zero-Films and a variety of other filmmakers (including me ) post their KSP short films there. I'd strongly recommend viewing all of Nassaults Cinematics before taking a look at Hatbat and Abathedude. (And if you're cool with it, I'm just going to advertise my channel/cinematics xD my youtube channel, One-Way Films) Enjoy!
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