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  1. This should not be necessary, unless there is a bug I don't know about. Connection and syncing vessels happens independently of loading the game.
  2. No steps missing. For an otherwise stock version of KSP it should be a simple matter of installing samv-server on one and samv-client on the other then starting them both up. Don't forget to launch a vessel and fly it to the karmin line to check, just sitting in the space center might not do much. If that doesn't work, try this (in order or least to most desperation): Restart the map view several times check any firewall settings (samv uses both tcp and udp, ports configurable in the settings files) try editing the settings (saves/samv_server.cfg | saves/samv_client.cfg) to point to "" instead of "localhost" (reason) if that doesn't work, send me the logs Sending the logs (Player.log) might be tricky, as I want both the server and client logs, but they trample on each other and you only end up with one of them. On linux I've worked around this by setting $XDG_CONFIG_HOME differently for the client than for the server. Not sure how you'd get KSP to write to a different log file on other OSes though.
  3. Ah thanks for the tip, on linux it just works without any meddling so I forgot that Pokpok posted something similar in the ancient dev thread.
  4. KSP doesn't run on ARM. To be honest though It takes far less resources to run on the same computer than you might think. Stock KSP doesn't tax a modern GPU very much, I can run max settings on 2 monitors with my 6 year old graphics card without even noticing a drop in framerate. With scatterer, EVE etc it is a different story though. The bottleneck for KSP is almost always the CPU, and that doesn't really matter in this case for a couple of reasons: The map view is always on rails, no physics gets calculated KSP isn't super effective at multithreading, so a second process doesn't really starve the first one The "dummy" ship on the client side has to have something, so I picked the mk1-3 pod because it has the highest crash tolerance. There have been bugs in the past with the map view ship exploding when near the ground. I didn't realise it wasn't in 1.3.x, so I might change that. For the adventurous, you can probably have a look at the code and replace the dummy.protovessel file yourselves. Some of the readouts will be wrong but it will work. Anything relying purely on orbit and trajectory is good to go. Anything else will give bad data, including: navball heading mass resources (LFO, electricity etc) deltav burn time crew roster etc
  5. Part mods are not required on the client. It doesn't need to know what your ship is, just where it is (and where it is headed).
  6. Yes, in fact it was developed and tested entirely on linux. I've never run it on windows or osx but there's no reason it shouldn't work on them. The client needs all mods related to the planets/moons and their orbits, launchpads and stuff (e.g. Real Solar System, Copernicus etc). All other mods (parts, physics, graphical, gameplay) can be left out.
  7. I spent a day working to update my mod. Only tested it on ksp 1.4.x but it will probably still work for you.
  8. A Kerbal Space Program mod that opens the map view in another window/monitor (or a separate computer). It works by launching a separate instance of the game, and syncing the time and ship information via networking (udp/tcp). install via CKAN (samv-server in your main game, samv-client in a separate install) source code GNU GPL v3 license To get it working, you'll need two separate installs of KSP; your normal one and a separate one for the map view. The "samv-server" mod goes in your normal game, the "samv-client" mod goes in the other. Start up an instance of both and you should be in business, providing you have the CPU and GPU and RAM to handle it. To save RAM, all parts can be deleted from the client apart from the mk1-3 pod. Ye olde development thread. Current Features * Syncing of all vessels * Syncing of maneuver nodes (bidrectionally) * Syncing of time and time warp Bugs Check the buglist on github. Expect a bit of jankiness on the client side (the map view) but your main game will not have any problems. Minimum requirements for running on a single computer * 2 monitors * 4 core processor * 6GB RAM Or a separate computer to run the map view on. Change Log Check the release notes on github Running on a separate computer To run the map view on a separate computer you will need to edit the connection settings found in "saves/samv_server.cfg" and saves/samv_client.cfg" (created on first run with the mod installed). I recommend leaving the port settings alone and just changing the "Client" or "Server" setting to the IP address or URL of the other machine.
  9. I made a mod which lets you open up the map view on a separate monitor (and/or separate computer) and plot maneuver nodes which sync up with the other one, but sadly I haven't updated it since ksp 1.0. If enough people are interested I could be convinced to resurrect it. For the moment you might want to check out telemachus / houston / mkon https://github.com/tcannonfodder/houston
  10. Ah ok then. VesselViewer lets you see a schematic of your ship on a rasterprop monitor HullcamVDS lets you attach cameras externally during construction and view them on rasterprop monitors. partcommander lets you access all the right click menus of parts still on your ship from an in game menu last but not least f3 will pause the game give you a summary of what just blew up!
  11. I think you would need to change vivero, "not through the eyes". KerbTrack for example works with through the eyes because it as options to enable in both IVA and flight mode. Anyway, if you lock to IVA, how do you go EVA without being able to click on kerbal portraits? Is that was the EVAkey in the settings is for? What key is the "default" for that?
  12. Thanks for this mod, the bubble pod is awesome for use with IVA, so few bulkheads in the way of your vision. Now I just need to figure out how to make it fit on a mun lander.
  13. Rasterpropmonitor is what you want. KerbTrack is also great if you can rig up the hardware for head tracking.
  14. I've added support for opentrack's UDP protocol on a branch and created a pull request. This means the mod works with opentrack on linux now, yay! Apparently you can get the linux opentrack binaries from here but I ended up building it myself. If anyone wants to set it up and needs a hand, let me know.
  15. You should be able to replace the dummy ship file with any other ship file. The version I created in the mod is just a single cubic strut that I manually created and saved in the VAB. That said the mod will still probably not work without bugs, depending on what has changed. It frequently had bugs even on the versions I tested and verified it against, just most you could work around easily. Looks promising! You should keep working on it but change and reduce the scope. Rather than trying to stick the map on there, just make the other monitor available for mechjeb/KER/whatever display windows, camera viewpoint windows etc.
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