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  1. Soviet union built a satellite with 23mm cannon based on a zu-23 shilka, but i imagine it would be ineffective as you have to control recoil. Lasers on the other hand...
  2. Well yes i agree with your points, but these didn't contradict my argument. Im too for an conclusive argument that would finally probe an alien existence, whether its a detailed footage or a radio transmission. But given the humanity skepticism, we would never agree that alien races visit our planet, unless majority or population could see aliens in their own eyes. Even if you could capture a footage of alien craft, and be sure 100% positive that its extraterrestrial, public opinion wouldn't believe you. People would need individual encounter, or a vast amount of propaganda, to make them believe your data is correct. Thus i'm fairly positive we will never encounter aliens, unless they are the ones who would want to contact ourselves.
  3. Common sense completely fail at understanding the quantum physics. We shouldn't use common sense as any denominator when it comes to advanced technology.
  4. Try to capture a plane or satellite at night, using you mobile phone camera. You won't see anything. Still to capture a UFO, you need a decent camera to catch the necessary amount of light.
  5. Even if an all-out nuclear war will occur, where all nuclear countries launch their nukes humanity will still exist. Why? Lot of Africa and South America will be unaffected, and there still will be 3 billions people left alive. That's more than enough to survive. Fears of nuclear winter are groundless -the studies were inconclusive, as of what will happen, and the magnitude of that event. Burning few hundred big cities will probably have meagre effect on the whole globe.
  6. So many pessimists here. What if we are unique? What if we are the race who are most technologically advanced in this entire universe? What if we end up in such a desolate universe, only for ourselves? The problem with asteroid collision will be quickly resolved in a mere few hundred years, using thrusters to move them from collision course, long before they can hit earth. Natural catastrophes won't be much of a problem when we establish a self sufficient colony.
  7. If the walls don't absorb energy eg. purely elastic collision, and there's no heat exchange with outside system[perfectly isolated system] then the temperature will not drop. Even the "heat death" scenario for universe, wouldn't affect this container, as it is a perfect insulator.
  8. Procedural everything -from batteries,through tanks, and ending at wings. Less parts-more memory for everything that have to be unique.
  9. Well most of people don't play on Linux, so they are afraid of running out of memory.
  10. A small probe traveling at 0,1 C wouldn't be out of our reach i guess.
  11. Texture extension such as .tga .png is embedded in a .mu file[model file]. You just can't convert texture to .dds and expect it to work. You can reopen model though, and change texture, or use HEX editor to edit model file.
  12. Please convert textures to .DDS,you can save 40MB that way. Otherwise great mod.
  13. What? Hydrogen as oxidizing agent? Hydrogen is a good reducing agent.
  14. Basically, whenever i play career without reverts i have sandbox profile to test my creations. But it's time consuming to switch profiles and then copying craft files to my other profile.I know it's a bit cheesy:D