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  1. Yes, it's great in here. It's been 4 years now be we all still talk almost daily there. Whoever wants to join is welcome to do so. Lajos posted an invitation link a couple posts above!
  2. Maybe it has something to do with dymensional analysis, I'm strugling really hard with this problem.
  3. I'm trying to figure out the following problem: I've got a pressurized enclosed volume where the only data I have is pressure (350KPa) and temperature (30ºC), I'm asuming that everything remains constant (That is volume, temperature, pressure etc.) and that it's filled with an ideal gas. The point of the exercise is to find out the specific internal energy of the volume, which in the SI is measured in Joules / Kilogram, thing is, I don't need it to be in SI units. And thanks to that, I developed an approach: The average kinetic energy of a particle can be calculated using the formula kE = (3/2)* k * T where k is Boltzmann's constant (1.38*(10^-23)J/K) and T is temperature in Kelvin (303K in this case). So, filling up the equation renders us this result: Average kinetic energy per particle = 6.2721*(10^-21)J The internal energy is the sum of the heat ( kinetic energy of the particles) + the pressure potential energy (Which is Pressure times Volume). I don't know the volume which is holding me down from calculating the internal energy, any insight on how to calculate the pressure energy per particle or any other method would be appreciated. Kind regads,
  4. Invite sent! Turns out you're already in, Come join us at the chat room!
  5. Well that's weird, are you VAC banned or something?
  6. In! Awesome, be sure to join us in the chat room!
  7. The Unofficial Kerbal Space Program Forum Steam Group So this group has already been going on for a while, but since we no longer mantain contact with the former admin of the group, we've decided to launch a new thread to regain control of the Op. Most of us in here have known each other for quite some time since the group was founded back in summer 2014, be we're always happy to see new people arriving at the group chat where we hang arround to talk, share stuff and discuss lots of (sometimes weird) topics. There's people in the chat most of the time, with it's peak hours being european afternoon since most of us are from there, but there's also a few members from the States. Feel free to join us! STEAM GROUP LINK To join, just post here your Steam username so we can send you an invite, or PM here any of our admins, or add them on Steam and ask for an invitation: @Aethon @gpisic @lajoswinkler @danilon62 PLUS! We watch rocket launches live together and sometimes excrements happens! And sometimes very deep existencial questions arise... Members list (Not in any particular order): @Aethon @lajoswinkler @gpisic @danilon62 @ZedNova @CaptainKorhonen & Lots more!
  8. A drag-reducing aerospike is a device (see Nose cone design) used to reduce the forebody pressure aerodynamic drag of blunt bodies at supersonic speeds. The aerospike creates a detached shock ahead of the body. Between the shock and the forebody a zone of recirculating flow occurs which acts like a more streamlined forebody profile, reducing the drag. Does the game take advantage of such things? I don't really understand how KSP aerodynamics work, but it should benefit from these kind of gadgets if it modeled airflow realistically, especially in mods like RSS where the atmosphere part of ascent is quite long.
  9. Maybe it's due to a bug with RSS, planets irradiating too much heat idk. Did you post the issue on the RSS thread? Maybe Nathan can help you.
  10. I've been using this youtube Playlist for a long time now: It wasn't me who put all these tunes together but I've since long forgotten the name of him, but credit is due where it is. If anyone knows please let me know, great playlist.
  11. I was wondering the same thing, searched thru the net only to find broken links, luckly I remember I already had it downloaded on my hard drive inside an old RSS install folder, would I break any ToS or rules if I uploaded it back to the internet for us people to use it?
  12. Well, I couldn't figure out a way to make them since the rocket is just so huge, plus it'd be pretty much imposible to perform the landing since I can't control x4 crafts at the same time lol
  13. Just a quick replica I managed to make using Real Solar System and Realism Overhaul in 1.1.2, it can bring a bit over 54 tonnes to a 400x400km orbit arround Earth. Plus, it's a Falcon Heavy and looks really cool.