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  1. Running it right now! I forget to tell it to run 64bit darnit.
  2. Don't need a code. Select the pre-release from the betas tab.
  3. HoloYolo is obviously feeling let down. That is a sign of reduced hype.
  4. I happen to have vacation this week, so I have like 5 days...
  5. We're hyped for the open experimentals. This isn't about the true release of 1.1. Anything other than showstopper bugs is not a problem.
  6. Yeah, that's definitely a lion. Seems kind of dangerous having it loose on the streets.
  7. forth·with /fôrTHˈwiTH/ adverb adverb: forthwith (especially in official use) immediately; without delay. "we undertake to pay forthwith the money required" synonyms: immediately, at once, instantly, directly, right away, straightaway, posthaste, without delay, without hesitation; More quickly, speedily, promptly; informalpronto "all hostages are to be released forthwith" antonyms: sometime
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