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  1. Oho! I WAS missing something then! Thanks, that actually did solve it, even for the nuke. Oooh. I might just install that then. That sounds neat. Thanks!
  2. I have a problem with some engines (like the nuke engine here) making this huge shield on top of it every time I use it. Looks cool for bigger tanks, but kinda silly for the small ones like shown. Is there any way to toggle this? Or am I just doing something wrong?
  3. Loving this mod. But I am missing the stock Modular Girders, simply because I got another mod that expands on those with more parts. Would there be any way to revert just those two (Modular Girder Segment and Modular Girder Adapter) to the stock versions? Or even a way to get both the stock and your revamped ones in there?
  4. In addition to the Category listings in the tracking station, I'd really love it if there were different sorting methods for the active flights as well. Sort Alphabetically, Sort By Location, that sort of thing. Anyone know of a mod that does this?
  5. Dunno 'bout you guys, but I'm personally of the disposition that a kid can enjoy a thing even if it contains an ooky word. Somehow, I don't think a kid would be scarred for life seeing what OP is foaming at the mouth about here.
  6. As someone currently trying to figure out SSTO's, this thread is highly appreciated.
  7. Your happiness makes me happy, man. I love that a game like this can bring people together and share in actual wonder and accomplishment. KSP really is something else. And congratulations on all those firsts. It's a great feeling. And don't worry. It doesn't go away. Plenty more firsts left.
  8. I can confirm OP's claim as well! Almost proud that I did it before this thread came to be.
  9. Damn, guys. You are on a completely different level than me. That video is awesome! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the move, Vana. Pardon for posting in the wrong place.
  10. I've been faffing about and trying to make a good setup, and managed to make one semi-functional harvester with an integrated convertor, but now I want to make something better. I'm thinking a lander doing the mining, a transport for ferrying ore into orbit, and a refinery station in orbit that handles the actual refining and has loads of fuel storage space. But I'd love to see what other arrangements you guys have come up with as I am in sore need of inspiration. My Karybdis Platform MK1 was overpriced, badly thought out and unwieldy, but looked pretty damn cool. Bill seems to think so too.
  11. This looks absolutely wonderful. Is there a way to see what each line specifically is for though? Or am I missing something because I'm a newb? All I see are rows of numbers, no mention what particular experiment they are for. I could probably figure it out manually by experimentation, but it would sure be handy if each line just had a name like "EVA report", "Barometer reading" and so forth. [Edit] I just noticed that hovering the mouse over each block shows what I ask for, which is awesome. Still, would be nice if it just said it on the page, so you could see it at a glance.
  12. As I sat here faffing about with SweetFX and getting KSP to look a bit snazzier, I got to thinking about reskins of the KSP interface (like, menus and buttons and such) and went searching for something. So far without luck though. Do any of you know if this is something that has been done at all?
  13. People will complain. 1.0.2 isn't without problems, sure. But you people need to stop acting like it's the end of the world and trust in Squad to fix it. They're not morons.
  14. I honestly feel like people are making mountains out of molehills on this. Squad has so far never disappointed me. Any issues there might be right now, I am 100% certain they will be fixed in due time.
  15. Just a bit of back and forth between Kerbin and Minmus. Nothing special in itself, but the last trip last night felt like I finally "got" it. I feel confident I could pretty much do whatever I set my mind to now, given enough testing.
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