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  1. Rover Dude, I would like to have this resurrected
  2. Just something: 2014 there was a USS Voyager with a nice IVA. It is long gone, but I have the files. And an Enterprise (TOS) with IVA too. Maybe you want to have a look. I can send you the ZIP, if you like.
  3. Hello Shadow I like your Starship very much. It is a real beauty. But I seem not to be able to maneuver it correctly. Would you mind to give me (and maybe others too) a simple manual how to take off, how to land an how to fly simple normal maneuvers like changing apoapsis or the like. Thanks a lot!
  4. OK, I found the error. It was quite simple. On the PAO the animation for opening and closing the SKD cap didn't play. On the PAO of the Progress it did. Since I didn't use the Progress until today I didn't notice that. Now I compared both cfg-files and it was obvious: The 'animation generic' module of the PAO was remarked as comment. It has the '//' before every line. I saw that earlier, but I thought it has to be. But in the cfg-file of the Progress it wasn't remarked as comment. So I deleted the '//' and now everything works as it should. Greetings, - Isabelle
  5. Hello, I like your Soyuz very much. It inself and in combination with the Angara Rocket it is a great addition to my play. However I have the problem, that ihe animated engine cover will not work. The engine fires but the animation does nothing. The cover stays closed. Do I need some other mods to have the animation play? Greetings from Germany, Isabelle
  6. I'll see, if I can have a look today.
  7. Hi! Funny as it is, I have testet the Space Bus with only the Main Unit (the pod) plus the two engines (vtol and Main engine). TCA run smooth and very well. So the engines are not the problems.
  8. Hello Kunedo, I like this vessel. It has potential. But I have a question: I like to use Allistas 'Throttle Controlled Avionics' (TCA). That is a mod helping one to move VTOL vehicles around. Landing and taking up and so on. Normally the vessels like Major Toms Eagle Transporter or the Lander from the Endurance are been supported by TCA. Unfortunally your Space Bus is not. And I cannot see why this is so. Do you have an idea? Greetings, Isabelle edit: I found out that if I leave the left and right lander, then I can use TCA. If I attach them (what I would like to) then TCA is not possible. I will see, if I can find something that is the problem with the landers.
  9. Hello, very nice addon.! I have tried to make a german language Version, but I wasn't able to upload it into the github. Does it make sense to post it right here? maybe as 'code'? - Isabelle
  10. Hello blowfish, thank you for your quick response. I understand. The only way to use the APFD then would be to change the cfg-file: from: cameraTransform = B9ForwardCamera to: cameraTransform = ExtCam1 Then it would use one external camera (with index 1) instead of the internal. is that right? Best wishes, - Isabelle
  11. Hello, I would like to ask a question. I tried to understand how the internal cockpits work. They use the RPM. And they have an own RPM-Screen, the B9-Display. I like this better than the normal RPM-Display. I think the use of the buttons is much better. And (!!!) they have the Syntneticvision. APFD with the SyntneticVision. What I would like to know is, how do you handle the internal cameras, the B9ForwardCamera and the B9LandingCamera? I know, that some of the Displays are able to use the ExtCam (1-8). And some don't. That's okay. I can alter that, but I woulkdn't. But where do I find the definition of the B9ForwardCamera and the B9LandingCamera? Position and FOV and the like. Thank you in advance, - Isabelle
  12. I really do enjoy your mod. Working with TCA is a charm. Going to and from orbit, hovering and landing. I have an old Eagle-landing platform from the Version KSP 0.21 that works great with your transporter. I tried a ramp using procedural wings and there the ailerons. But they were too thik so my rover wasn't able to enter the ramp. Sad. Now I follow another concept. I use three KAS-winches. One 'docked' in the center to lift the rover up to the main pylon and two ' undocked' in the front and in the rear to line up the rover. Then I use KAS struts to fix the rover. It lloks quite well. So I was able to transport one feline rover to the moon, It is not perfect, but it has potential. @Andejx: Try re-download and reinstall of the mod. Maybe it helps.
  13. Hello Major Tom, congratulations to your last add-on. I was searching for some method to carry some freight with the eagles. The new cargo pod is perfect for this. But I would like to ask a favor. Would it be possible to add a ramp on both sides, so one could load a rover on this pod. I tried some of my own but I failed. One try was a part from the heisenberg airship. A gondola which look quite well. I use it to let my kerbals walk on and off, but it is too small for the feline rover. My next try would be some parts of magic smoke's infernal robotics. I hope to build some ramp or some kind of crane to load and unload my rovers. Thank you in advance, - Isabelle
  14. That is so... great! First the Eagle Transport from Space 1999 and now U.F.O.
  15. I hope the name generator is optional. For none of the German names is realistic. Not even a little. Apart from Elena, which should be called Elina correctly. But all the other names are pure fantasy. And if I had to use such names, I would get a toothache.
  16. Terriffic! That was it. I never noticed, that some engines were installed with thrust limit 0%, so I never noticed that. I was so stunned by that status 'off'. Now everything works like a charm. - Isabelle
  17. I have a question. Sometimes I have different engines on my Spaceplane. When I want so tart the engines, The do not start. They are activated but their status is 'off'. I do not know what that means and I don't know how to set them 'on'. Here is a screenshot (sorry, really large and so made smaller but the text is not very readable): the important line is: "Status: off" what does that mean and how can I change that? Thank you, - Isabelle
  18. This problem I have in 'Pilot assistant' too, from which the autopilot originates. But I have tested it. If I use a more the less clean installation of KSP, it works. But if I use my heavy modded game, then after undocking the pilot assistant doesn't respond any longer. I have to save and load and then everything works well again. There seems to be some kind of intolerance between the pilot assistant (or the autopilot) and another mod. But I hevo not found out, which it may be. - Isabelle
  19. Hi! I just stumbled over this game while I was looking for some nice games in VASSAL, which I like to use for my strategy games. This is a nice idea and I will definitly try it out. best wishes, - Isabelle
  20. Hello, I need help with a little specific MM-configuration. I want to change a used resource: DepletedFuel should be replaced by DepletedUranium. And this in different parts: OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = DepletedFuel Ratio = 0.00000605 DumpExcess = false FlowMode = NO_FLOW } RESOURCE { name = DepletedFuel amount = 0 maxAmount = 280 } MODULE { name = RadioactiveStorageContainer DangerousFuel = DepletedFuel SafeFuel = EnrichedUranium // What engineer level is needed to transfer the safe fuel EngineerLevelForSafe = 1 // What engineer level is needed to transfer the dangerous fuel EngineerLevelForDangerous = 3 // Max temp for transferring fuel into or out of the part MaxTempForTransfer = 400 // kW of heat per unit of waste HeatFluxPerWasteUnit = 5 } This is, how it is now. But would like to use DepletedUranium instead. How do I manage this with a MM script? I have tried some, but it was unsuccessful. Please help - Isabelle
  21. The Pilot Assistant ist primary for keyboard / mouse user. You have two possibilities using it. 1. You activate the input-buttons. Then, if you use the key-inputs (A-S-D-W-SHIFT-CTRL) the value of the indicated course, altitude or speed changes. It is like an autopilot. The spaceplane flies with the selected speed, course and altitude. Instead of altitude you can use pitch (e.g. 30°) or vertical speed (e.g. -3.25 m/s). So I am able to land the plane with e.g. 50 m/s speed, course 90° and a vertical speed of -3 m/s. It works like a charm. 2. You can key in the desired values directly instead of hitten many times the 'A' key if you want to change your course from 90° to 180°.
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