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  1. Planet base is realistic sim colony set in not so distant future. Your goal is to establish self sustaining base and increase it's population starting with initial team of 7 colonist and 2 bots with end goal of reaching over 300 colonist. Currently there are 3 planets to play on each with different environment and and challenges. Free beta access can be requested here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/472081504/1442314027 and the game is supposed to come out of beta in mid October.
  2. Hi. Can you guys recomend some good long (30+ episodes) modded series for someone who is new to mods but has some basics in vanilla? I am looking for someone who explains well what they doing and doesn't assume to much knowledge from viewers. If you know Dirwolf20 for minecraft mods I want someone like that for KSP. And yes I am aware of Scott Manley Interstellar series which I am currently watching. I just wonder who are other celebrities of KSP modded world?
  3. Try to play with manover modes if you are on high mun orbit chwnces are it will take very littleto escape it if you aim it right you should be able to aim it at a planet and come back. You stil have some fuel left. Also if you are in this kind of truble again and run out of fuel you can always get out and push it. I'm serious it is entirely possible given enough time to move your ship with jetpack. As you can refuel it indefinitly.
  4. Ok time for our first mission. Training exercise. Crew: Capitan Bill Kerman Primary objective: Practise collecting samples and data transmit. Mission time: 2 minutes Achievements: 3 science points Report: This was basic exercise from planted Command Pod MK1 Bill Kermam had a short walk and practised collecting EVE reports and soil samples. He then send several crew reports from inside the pod. All togather training exercise produced some valuable data for science team. Mission 1: Code: Kerbin Data Collector -KDC 1 Crew: Lieutenant Bob Kerman Primary objective: Test basic design for ship being able to collect data from various bios, send crew report from fly-by. (partial failure) Secondary objective: Collect data from at least 1 extra bio. (failed) Mission time: 3m Achievements: 5.7 Science points Bob Kerman started engine and moved into the air. In flight control room laughs and cries of joy could be heard util terrifying shout came from the radio. "I'm loosing power!" Major Jebediah Karman who was present at the time took over the radio and aborted the mission with KDC-1 safety landing in the see. Despite mission not achieving the expectations collected data from crew reports and vessel recover allowed gave Reaserch department a lot to work with. By the end of a day new draft of better and bigger petrol tank was presented for initial approval.
  5. About my play and changes I made. I will be playing in career mode which means I will start with the most basic rockets and will have to earn science points to unlock new parts and be able to complete further missions. Because Science system is not balanced yet and it is too easy to get everything unlocked I modified ScienceDefs.cfg so that I receive only 1/5 of science that I would normally get for my missions. This will require me to complete more mission using simpler equipment and do more planing before I send my Kerbals out into a space. Background story to let's play. Kerbals never showed any interest in space travel and colonisations of other planets. Even though this peaceful race was capable of great achievements, Kerbals were content with the way things were on their planet. Agriculture and simple machinery were the most Kerbals ever wanted from life. Science was often looked at with fear and anger as any Kerbals were always afraid of change. Everything changed about 10 years ago when mystery during huge meteor storm mystery goo was found landing on the planet. Within fortnight population of Kerbin was reduced to half of what it was with strange illness killing every other citizen and spreading in exponential rate. All greatest mind of Kerbal Civilisation were put together and solve this problem. Luckily scientists were successful in producing vaccine but millions of dead were reminder that this could happen again. Within year time special commission was called to develop program to send kerbals to other planets and survey for any other potential hazards. 9 years of intensive research and labour finnaly resulted in creation of Kerbal Space Centre. Bravest people of planet Kerbin finally finished their traing are are ready to lunch their first manned rocket. Group leader Major Jebediah Karman and his two team mates Capitac Bill Kerman and 1st Lieutenant Bob Kerman were the only people who successfully passed their test with a big group of people still in training it was up to them to star their first mission. Our first official photos: Kerbal Space Centre Brave Kerbal Heroes (from left Major Jebediah Karman, Capitan Bill Kerman and 1st Lieutenant Bob Kerman). In the background there is official Kerbal Flag. Photo was taken on official opening ceremony for KSC) First mission is planed for today I will soon update this log with first proper entry for now I am just setting up scene for future logs.
  6. Thanks that would explain why I didn't hear anything about this mod for a while. It would be nice if Squad made some planet builder or somethi g for world edit and people could share their creations.
  7. Are there any mods out ther thad add new planets or even better new solar systems? Is it even possible to make mods like that or would that alert game too much? I tried to google them but I couldn't find any. I heard some talk about planet factory mod but couldn't find any link to actual information about it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I enjoyed reading it and like the way it is done. It looks like proper raports from mission no dialogue etc. Which makes it easier to read I like all the pictures as well. It inspired me to start my own mission log which I will do soon in similar style. Keep the good work and if you need changes to enjoy it mor go for it. It's your mission log and we will enjoy it more if you do as well.
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