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  1. I am currently an undergrad at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, in Lincoln Nebraska. I am majoring in electrical engineering, and I hope to work in aerospace in the future (emphasis on space). I am also taking flying lessons, am part of UNL's rocketry team, and work two part time jobs.
  2. CornHuskerKenny

    Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    @Dman979 We went to Southcoutry, in fact, here is the Itinerary I did. Somebody on our trek had a pedometer, which said we went closer to 65 miles. IWGB2P as well! Also, where did you get the patch that's in your sig?
  3. CornHuskerKenny

    Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    I got my Eagle last September, total of 56 merit badges, and OA brotherhood. I went to Philmont last summer, which I definitely recommend. I have unfortunately aged out.
  4. CornHuskerKenny

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Some photos from my latest campaigns: Preparing to launch the X-10 experimental space plane A satellite launching atop a Reddust Booster Bill being displeased during a flight with Jeb A view from the window of Moho-3 Sigsy's sunset flight across the mountains And finally, an old one. An X-19 and an X-20 docked in LKO as the first reusable space station
  5. CornHuskerKenny

    Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    I got home from school and turned on the webcast at T-4 seconds. Great launch, great landing, and congrats to SpaceX!
  6. CornHuskerKenny

    Farewell Miguel (Maxmaps)

    Goodbye, thank you, and good luck!
  7. CornHuskerKenny

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, but one leg is a little short, so it wobbles. I wish for my own private jet.
  8. Kerbal Space Program was mentioned by the Official White House website in a post about the astronomy night that Squad was invited to. "Squad, the developers of the game Kerbal Space Program, will launch a public campaign through Kerbal Space official channels for a girls-focused video production contest in early 2016, which will reach Kerbal Space’s user base of more than 1 million people. The contest will highlight incredible feats in space travel by women, and demonstrate how girls and women are solving some of the hardest challenges in astrophysics and space exploration. Winners of the campaign will earn prizes for themselves and their schools." So a new contest coming about women and space exploration, discuss! Source:
  9. I see you. I Judge you.
  10. CornHuskerKenny

    The Supermoon Total Eclipse - Who Watched It?

    I got to see it a few times last night, but only when it was slow at work. I tried taking pics, but my phone's camera is horrible.
  11. CornHuskerKenny

    You Will Not Go To Space Today - Post your fails here!

    This is an example of how not to fly an airplane:
  12. CornHuskerKenny

    Kerbin Space Stations

    I had a large LKO space station in my .90 career save. The only reason it was there was to do a bunch of gravity scan contracts, and to give my cargo SSTO fleet some RP missions. I'll probably build a similar one when 1.1 comes, and I have more reasons to do so.
  13. CornHuskerKenny

    What is next platform, that KSP will be ported to?

    Clay Tablets can do unity, right?
  14. CornHuskerKenny

    Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    I am a life scout, and I am working on my eagle.