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  1. Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Redux has 1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m sized habitats, that can go up to 16 passengers each or so. Some of them come pre-packaged for launch and need engineers on site for orbit assembly. Keep that science coming! Ven's stock Revamp also adds a couple of habitation modules, one of which is a can capable of holding 10 Kerbals. If you are using something like Restock and don't want to play with the whole mod, just choose to install the new parts. Both mods have USI_LS support. Now..for supplies. 50 Kerbals consume around 540 supplies per day. You can use
  2. 1. There is no need for the contract to put the hotel in KSO. 2. If you are using Nerteas' mods, you have large habitats available as well as nuclear power generators. 3. You need to provide the habitation capacity for the guests. There is no need for prolonged USI_LS support for them. When you build the hotel, you will get contracts to ferry tourists, 10 to 20 at a time. The tourists don't need to stay in the station for long (you will get contracts to bring them down again as soon as you send them up actually). 4. The mod procedural parts provides scalable life support and ene
  3. Your problem consists of two parts. 1. How to know where the biomes are in a planet. If you don't want to use scansat or kerbnet or KER etc etc, use this: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Biome 2. How to plan and land on a specific biome. Use this to plan your landing burns: The landing tab on KER works too.
  4. A question, I don't know if anybody can help. I want the Strategia Pilot focus bonuses to apply to an additional contract type: Rescue and Recovery. I think that this type is stock. What/how do I have to edit so that this works?
  5. I don't know of any mod that provides this functionality (you essentially want a biome map overlay projected into the ground while flying around) , it would be extremely cool to have it though. To make do in the meantime, Kerbnet provides this functionality on some drones/command pods. And Scansat (after you scan the celestial body at hand with a multispectral scanner) has a very nifty zoom minimap function, that is light enough (in FPS) for use while flying around and has a lot of functions.
  6. Having said that, a mod that adds decoupler variants with built in parachutes would be very handy for re-usable rocketry. It's not unheard of, either. US2 does something similar, with adding reaction wheels to decouplers. Also, the old Fuel Tanks+ mod had decouplers with built in solid motors for de-orbiting the attached stage. A mod with that functionality (and Realchute compatibility too) would be really cool.
  7. What I tend to do. 1. Use Stagerecovery 2. Use Realchute 3. Sink (surface attaching will blow it up on staging, due to overheating from the next stage firing) a radial parachute inside the cap of the first tank, just after the decoupler. For bigger stages, you may put a couple of parachutes radially close to the top of the tank instead. 4. Configure the chute to arm on staging, and tweak materials, size, opening parameters etc to recover the empty stage properly. You don't need a probe core that way. You will need one when staging with fuel remaining, and wantin
  8. Clean install 1.8.1+DLCs, Restock, Restock+ and RealChute. Works fine.
  9. I Confirm having the same problem when Restock and Realchutes are installed together via CKAN. Removing one or the other fixes the problem for me. Running those two and some visual mods only.
  10. I have it installed on 1.7.3, it works. Go to CKAN menu, set 1.6 version as compatible. Should be able to see and install the mod then.
  11. I'm a complete idiot, you are right. The mod works beautifully in 1.7.3
  12. Many thanks, will test them thoroughly when it comes out!.
  13. Procedural fairings works fine, you can re-intall it if you like. If I may wager a guess, your problem may have come from installing the mod "Procedural fairing for everything". It essentially makes all fairing bases (stock and modded) to use the procedural fairings interface and fairing parts, among other things. A little while ago, I found out that one of the making history missions was unvailable, because the part "fairingside2" (or sth like that) was missing. Turned out that uninstalling said mod fixed my problem. Not sure of course if the mod was at fault, or simply I installed it wr
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