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  1. There is a user-made config for supporting WS in VSR. I've been using it for some time now, it works for most parts. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByGJauIu5fDPS2RncFZmN2dUa1k/view
  2. I've not been using scatterer for a long time, so I cant really answer that. Also, yes. This is different than moire patterns, those happened to me when I was running with opengl or directX11. Will try to upload a video now. Give me 10' - - - Updated - - - Ok, here it is.
  3. Stripped to just new KSP install and scatterer, still there. Tried to change settings for KSP (vsync, shaders, AA, borderless window, scatter, fallback shaders, edge highlighting etc), still there. Now downloading drivers for GPU (AMD R280x). Will update post with results. edit: Latest catalyst drivers are in, still there. No idea what produces the problem. Would some kind of log help? (sadly I cannot make a video).
  4. I've mostly seen it while in low orbit, and its covering the ocean/water parts of kerbin. Its essentially a constant, sub-second brightening and dimming of the blue parts in Kerbin. Have in mind that I am also using DOE (default config), PS (default config), EVE (not the wip, low res clouds), Smokescreen/Hotrockets (community config) and Engine Lighting, so it may well be a conflict.
  5. If you are using photoshop, this can help greatly. https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop
  6. I'm having the same problem. How do you disable post-processing or bring the alpha to 0?
  7. I was talking about this post. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/96497-0-25-1-0-2-PlanetShine-v0-2-3-1?p=2051623&viewfull=1#post2051623
  8. Its not complete I think, so no official release..yet. You can grab the latest WIP here. https://github.com/VenVen/Stock-Revamp/archive/master.zip
  9. Here is a bug that I found. Using a heavily modded install (so the problem might be with something else). When you are using the LV-1 ant engine (the one with the tankbutt) in any stage of a vehicle, I get the camera bug when launching. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/56481-Focus-Bug-fix Replacing the engine with something else fixes the problem. Hope that helps, cheers..C:
  10. It works. If you want the warning to go away (its just a warning, the mod works with 1.0.4), look in the last pages, some info is there.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. In any case, I was not talking about replacing the old Atlas texture (its a part of stock PP anyway), just adding more as a separate texture pack of shorts (hopefully). Regarding the reflections, it would be handy I think, I have no idea if its feasible though. In essence, what I'd want would be to flag a specific texture (in its config) so that when you select it with a PP part it gets the reflections, and only then.
  12. Hello, I'm looking for a mod that adds an option when you press escape. Right now, the options when you are flying a vessel are Resume flight Revert flight (if applicable) Space Center Options I'm looking for a lightweight mod (no extra buttons, toolbars etc if possible) that adds this option. Resume flight Revert flight (if applicable) Space Center >>Tracking Station<< Settings Does something like this exist? What are my alternatives? Cheers..C:
  13. So, I've been playing around a little with my old Atlas texture. Some progress is made. Here is a question. I'm using the public domain reflection plugin from the FASA mod. Is there a way to have procedural parts add the reflections on a specific texture you select (if that texture is flagged for it in its cfg file)? It would be very handy, since the only way I can play with the shader (its kinda essential to produce a proper old-school atlas texture) is to make a mirror procedural part... Completely noob with cfg editing, any and every help would be vastly appreciated, cheers..C:
  14. Dishes

    Vens stock revamp has a foldable high gain antenna, as well as a rather nice new texture for the Comms DTS-M1. You can rework those for RT, they are both pretty good models. Be sure to get them from here (the latest pre-release).
  15. Need help to reinvigorate KSP

    OP, its natural I think to become burned out from time to time. Personally, I have been on and off this game more than a couple of times these last 4 years, and each time I come back and get thoroughly entertained for many tens of hours. A couple of suggestions that might help. 1. Remove most mods you have/use and focus on a particular one that has an overarching theme. Two strong contenders for that are imo the USI mods and BTSM respectively. I have found out that after some time playing around with the game modded, I tend to NOT play the game but just browse/update/change/look at different mods to *start a new game session*. Which never starts really at that point. You talk about the game, you engage in discussions about it, you watch/read other people playing it and you...don't play it. 2. Another example would be to change your gameworld significantly (by playing RSS or installing the OTM mod), but still keep your number of mods (especially part mods) down to a minimum. 3. Go play something else. There are tons of very entertaining games out there, there is really no reason to keep playing a single one (especially if you are bored doing it atm). 4. Take a break from gaming and do something else. Pretty straightforward really, the best way to change a situation that does not make you content is to...simply change it. Hope that helps, cheers..C: