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  1. @quasarrgames I wouldn't mind looking at the persist, but I think you've won this. You still have that battleship right? It was an interesting fight for sure it was an honor fighting you. I will be looking into claw tactics for future battles...
  2. There is a button that looks like a chain in the tool bar. It will bring up a pop up box that is straight forward to use. As many as you can fit on one craft.
  3. @quasarrgames VS iamonfire: Turn 6 Persist: Turn 6 You da tube: the video I killed your ship and wanted to steal your weapons. Alas, the Kraken was hungry.
  4. So next battle... Here be the link
  5. @quasarrgames VS iamonfire turn 4 Persist: turn 4 Youtube Found your battleship, but looks like it weathered the storm. Also found some spare missiles, thank you for that.
  6. @quasarrgames VS iamonfire turn 2 Persist: Turn 2 Youtube video Took out one of your escorts, although I messed up my staging. I still have the number advantage. Probably should have paid attention to the demilitarization of the Mun, this could have been avoided. Oh well, I guess we get to remilitarize it. Also your "warning shot" scraped off a solar panel and some paint.
  7. @quasarrgames VS Iamonfire Persist:This be it. The fleet is 150t in total. My game has been crashing lately, so I'm trying to keep the fleets small. The Nightmare is 63t and each Drift is 29t.
  8. We can start tomorrow, I'll have time then.
  9. If I am joining, would I be up against Quasarrgames?
  10. Here a missile boat I've been working on. I'm have problems getting it above 15m/s. The missiles work, 4 mounted in tubes and 4 mounted on a turret. The rear wheels broke off in this image.
  11. Modified it for carrier operations. Seems to work well, it's defiantly compact. Here is the modded file if you want it. [click here] Action group 1 toggles the reverse engine Action group 2 toggles main engine Action group 3 toggle main engine mode added a parachute to the aircraft to help with landing.
  12. Keep the wing span under 10 meter, other wise what ever can land on that carrier.
  13. I don't suppose you could build some carrier based craft? Say one that could work with this carrier?