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  1. I really want the wings to be procedureal at least, the current selection of components for wings is pathetic to say the least.
  2. Do we have any info on whether KSP2 design will be based on all parts being procedurally generated ? This is very serious limitation of the first KSP, and so far, every mod trying to make it work could only do that partially and at a cost.
  3. I will wait for official SQUAD confirmation that the site is back to ORIGINAL. If it's been hacked it's quite likely the hackers will mine the login details and more.
  4. Hi I just tried to go into the store and see if there's an update to ksp and got the same as above with my IP address though!!! Can I get some explanation as to the reason behind the ban? Last time I was on www.kerbalspaceprogram.com was some 5 months ago! And why is there no link to customer support contact or something, so that we can get assistance ?
  5. You're right, not T2s fault, I think it was just my anger talking, after like 10th lock up. Everytime it happens, I lose the current mission, as well as another 10 min for restart. I hope it gets fixed, but I think I will have to live with it for a lot longer, due to mod incompatibility the next version will bring again. I really wished squad was more open about the changes, and which ones will or will not break the mods, so far it was very erratic since 0.22.
  6. Thanks I will try that. It's a shame the moment T2 takes over the game breaks in such simple way. 1.4.5 will break many mods again.
  7. This is 1.4.4 related issue only, it never happened on 1.4.3 or any prior version. When I play and go to VAB or SPH, then press ESC instead of Quit button, the game shows the Save/Load/Settings/Quit menu on the screen, which is OK. Now, pressing ESC while the menu is displayed will hide the menu, but will not return the game to its normal state. Some controls are enabled, but quit doesn't work in SPH or VAB anymore, the right mouse click doesn't rotate, the Build/Actions/Crew assignment buttons are disabled, the Switch editor type does nothing, I can't pick any new parts, save the cr
  8. I've never done it myself, but I think it's just a matter of re-upload with updated meta. Here's the guide: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Adding-a-mod-to-the-CKAN
  9. Why can't people just switch to the built in toolbar? It seems silly to keep this one up, and an unnecessary work for blizzy to keep it up 2 date.
  10. What do you mean, 7.4.2 is marked as 1.2.1 compatible, and yet FS1Pro definitely crashes the game the moment it's attached to the root via any part or directly.
  11. Found it on SpaceDock in the changelog https://spacedock.info/mod/48/Editor Extensions Redux/download/3.2.14
  12. 3.3.7 no longer works in the KSP 1.1.3. The X/C functionality is back to stock, and there's no button in the toolbar.
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