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  1. The legs in question is off another mod that Alex was working on called Konquest. I think it's still on there, but they need to be updated.
  2. Anyone having a problem attaching the Lander Tank? It doesn't seem to want to attach to any attach node. When it does, it deletes the node until I delete the part and try again. I can try to provide logs, but since it takes like 10 minutes for me to exit KSP, I don't see how a log would provide any information while building in the VAB.
  3. You're not HAL 9000. And if you were, I'd be very concerned. But, thank you for confirming I'm not blind.
  4. This may be a stock bug or I am blind. When I go to set up an action group for the C Service Module to Jettison Panels and to Extend Solar Panels, the option to Jettison the side panels does not appear in the action group menu. I would assume if the ability to toggle the side panels in the VAB would transfer over to the Action Grouping menu. Is anyone else seeing this? We all know how busy you are and I for one am not demanding anything to be done in a specific time frame. You control all of that and as a fervent SSTU mod user, anything you do is well appreciated. If I had the money, I would just pay you several thousand dollars to take time off work for a month and complete everything you wanted to do with this mod. Thank you very much for your continued work.
  5. The "switch" is on the display with X button with Select Mode.
  6. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication to this awesome mod. Seems like every time you add something to improve upon the KSP experience, you change how we all play the game in a good way. Congrats! Recoloring support for SC Capsules: While anything you do to the mod is a vast improvement to the gaming experience, this recoloring support is beyond awesome. Adding it to the capsules would be another peacock feather in your fedora. Especially if you only add the metal colors, that would be woot woot.
  7. I haven't ran into any problems with this in 1.3. As with most part mods made with ASET props, all you really need to do is keep your RPM up to date and it's a done deal. But, if you do run into any problems, just be patient and it will be sorted. @YANFRET already updated his CMS parts pack and it has a version of this lander capsule in it. So, it must still work even if this hasn't been officially updated. With all this said, do not ask if this mod or any mod is working for the current version. If in doubt, try it out. Don't be afraid to test it out and see if it works instead of clogging up the thread with useless "Is this thing on" posts. Testing out mods on a separate installation of KSP will insure that if you run into any problems, you can submit the proper logs and what not. I've been using this pod seems like forever and it's always worked, even when outdated by a few KSP updates (unless it's a very significant update).
  8. Not to cause any undue stress or to be stoned by the users of this awesome mod. Might I recommend, if not already considered on the GitHub, to get the Lander Core worked on before moving on to pouring countless hours into the proposed candy I've been reading here recently. The lander core as of now is an unpolished diamond in the rough. I did read where there was love going to be spread on these parts, but nothing more about it. I do not want to tell @Shadowmage how to spend his time on his mod. Nor steer anything in my direction. Just spread the love. Just my two cents. Mr. Worf, raise the shields and arm the photon torpedoes. Set phasers to full spread and target life support.
  9. I love more content, even if I have to wait for it. I'm a patient man. This may not resonate with everyone else, but that's my two cents
  10. @alexustas mostly keeps us up to date of his mod's progress on GitHub and on YouTube. I would strongly suggest you check those out and the works that him and @MOARdV are constantly working on, instead of inquiring on here. Trust me, he's on the case and is fully aware of his mod's condition. As @Stone Blue said, merely asking (even quite rudely), is a violation of terms of this forum.
  11. No. This is in sandbox. The solar system I play on isn't updated, yet and I won't go to career until the mods I use are totally updated. I was just wondering why the height slider that I was used to, on this part, was gone. I do remember it being there on 1.2.2. Or I am just senile in -thinking- it was there. In any case, my question was answered.
  12. Just a quick question about the MUS Split Tank. I do not see a selection to change the actual height of this part. There's a slider for V.Scale, but not the actual height. Or I'm getting blind in my old age and just can't see it. Either way, you can throw stones at me or gummy bears (I prefer gummy bears since I quit smoking, lol)
  13. There is no problem here. The OP of the Feline Utility Rover even states that the flexible joint parts will not work until KJR is updated. Under known bugs on the Feline Utility Rover thread says The Hitches and Joints do currently not work when Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is installed. This will be fixed with the next update of KJR.
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