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  1. This is the SECOND thread in two days I've seen where you have been either insulting, rude or downright abusive to the authors of a mod. For someone that joined less than a week and a half ago that seems quite idiotic to me.
  2. It's ok, I found the problem. Tweakable everything required updating.
  3. Does anyone else have problems with the decouplers in this pack? I seem to get constant effects in the VAB and they are not recognised as decouplers. If there is a solution for this I would be very grateful
  4. Loving the extreme reduction pack. I've literally not installed any of the custom reduction packs and KSP with all the usual culprits ( AIES, KW, B9, NP, Kethane, EPLP, City & Clouds, Alternis etc) run with no probs at about 2.5GB. Thanks for your work on this rbray, have some rep
  5. In real life, they cool the incoming air-stream at 1000°C to 2000°C to -150 °C in less than 20 milliseconds (faster than the blink of an eye) In KSP stock, nothing I think. In conjunction with KSPI they work with the thermal mechanics incorporated by that mod and stop engines overheating at high speeds in atmosphere. You literally cannot build hypersonic aircraft/ SSTO without them when using that mod.
  6. I must have messed up my install somehow, I seem to be able to build anything I want even when I have zero rocket parts. Anyone know what I've done wrong? Please and thank you
  7. That's not true anymore. This mod is what you want. Not sure if it works with the B9 docking port but it definately works with the stock shielded docking port and allows you to connect shielded docking ports together or to normal docking ports in the VAB. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to get working with the B9 one if it doesn't.
  8. I don't think you need the speech marks around Kerbin. In kOS the speech marks generally represent what you want to display using the print command and is not used for anything else (although I could be wrong about that).
  9. Ha yeah, just discovered the same. We need to make additions to the MM resizing cfg to bring the rest of the parts in line.
  10. Hmm true, but it is easy enough to make your own. Go into the B9 folder into the parts section and into the Cockpit_S2_Body folder ( I think). In it is the .cfg file for the Structural_6m part. All you need to do is a right click copy, right click paste on that in that folder. then open the .cfg in notepad or something like that. You need to add fuel to the name so it is something like B9_Cockpit_S2_Body_6m_Fuel to avoid conflicts and just paste in a fuel module with the amount you think based upon it's size: RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 4800 maxAmount = 4800 } If you are using modular fuels by NathanKell, then you will need to go into the .cfg of that and just add this new named piece plus the amount of fuel the that parts holds to make sure you can change the fuel type to whatever you wish modular fuel style. Piece of cake really.
  11. @ Mmmmyum: How does Krag's planet factory incorporate with RSS?