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  1. Not always, though - if you have high-TWR upper stage, it's better to stick with classic profile, PVG would likely waste too much fuel trying to compensate (the infamous "my rocket point towards the planet" case).
  2. Pretty much the same as stock. Are you sure your upper stage(s) have enough dV?
  3. You don't need any rescale mods with Reborn. As for city lights, note that this feature is used not only for Earth, but to add lava to Io. If you want only the latter, you'll need to edit CityLights.cfg (located in KSRSS\EVE folder)
  4. Damn, I was today years old when I've learned of this feature, LOL. However, this does not solve another problem: you are unable to access the capsule PAW in VAB (to edit inventory, for example). BDB Apollo does allow this.
  5. A small QoL request: can you make Orion boost protective cover "transparent", like Apollo LES in BDB? If Orion capsule is the root part (as it should be), this will make possible to move the whole craft without having to remove LES assembly, or rerooting, or using any other workaround.
  6. While Willys indeed designed the M274 Mule, it doesn't have much in common with Jeep. The former is a (sort of) flatbed chassis with driver seat and controls strapped to it. The latter is an actual car. And yes, this was an actual study - https://web.archive.org/web/20100525033611/https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19730061716_1973061716.pdf
  7. You probably can slap that new telescope from Voyager Mars, or Apollo solar telescope to it. But yeah, I want an M40 too. Or even better, a TOW launcher.
  8. Damn, that's freaking GORGEOUS. One small request: would it be possible to enable surface attach on these "plates" on top of RTGs?
  9. How much Alt-F12 stuff was used during making these? (I've tried to do a VFB once, in 2.5x KSRSS. Result was basically "you can't do that unless you cheat".)
  10. Reborn is alreay 2.7x, no need to install any rescale patch. Clouds - yes, you need the latest EVE.
  11. Atlas? What's Atlas? (Also: E-1!) It seems that Titan I struggles to put Mercury in orbit in KSRSS 2.7x, so I've added a shortened 45K.
  12. None so far. I've completed the first set of unmanned contracts, did polar orbit and unmanned return with one craft - seems to work as intended. Also, can you please check Earth atmosphere? Many ascents in Reborn are kinda too "fiery" (in term of effects, not actual heat-up). Same crafts flying same ascent profiles in 2.5x show little to no aerodynamic FX.
  13. One of the latest updates brought back the old bug: KSC is partially underground in space center view when you launch the game and load a save. Just like back then, it can be "fixed" by going to any other 3D scene (VAB\SPH, tracking station) and back. Also, I see this on Gitlab: If you want custom contracts : ContractConfigurator AND a unmanned first tech tree (Unkerballed Start, Skyhawk Science System, SIMPLEX, TETRIX, CSI or others) This is just plain wrong on many levels. Please do not introduce such hard dependencies, ever. (Although new stuff seem to work even without these tech trees)
  14. 1) As said above, change the control point to -15 after SRB separation (as said in manual) - this helps when thrust is low. 2) MJ works for rendezvous... most of the time. Sometimes it can glitch and do these short burns in quick succession. Save before starting your Hohmann transfer. Also, perform all the stuff with RCS disabled, using only SAS (this will be slower, but hopefully more precise) 3) Docking with MJ is currently next-to-impossible due to RCS placement (which confuses MJ). Your best bet is to use a docking tug (or even station module, like Kristall) which would dock with the orbiter and bring it to station using its own powerful RCS. (Disable orbiter RCS for the duration)
  15. Speaking of ReDIRECT: what is safe to delete and what isn't if I want to retain only SOCK-specific parts (ET and SRB parts), at least until replacement comes in? Also, some notes after flying Artemis 1 in KSRSS-Reborn (I've used included craft file): - Orion-IPCS stack is somewhat too heavy for it (KSRSS, not SLS), IMO. IPCS alone can't perform TLI even with most of monoprop and ablator unloaded in VAB - you need extra push from Orion itself. - Had a close call with aforementioned Orion when returning to Earth - I had barely enough monoprop for the final correction burn (LF and Ox were used for orbital insertion and return burn). - Despite being all red, Orion handles reentry quite well with 540 units of ablator (it ate up all of it, though).
  16. Found a bug: no SRB sound and exhaust. Deleting Restock.cfg fixes this. I'm using the 1.1.0 release from Github. Interestingly, I use Restock. Some conflict with RealPlume, maybe?
  17. I wonder if anyone has any info on Titan IIS proposal? For those of you who don't know, Titan IIS (or 23S) was a proposed upgrade for retired Titan II ICBMs: I'm trying to replicate the "full" version with 10x SRBs, but what I'd really like to know is SRB firing sequence. According to SLR, they were to be fired in three "batches". However, Ed's baseball card show above gives a strange "6-4-2" sequence, which is likely a mistake since there is only 10 SRBs. Here's my "replica": I've placed SRBs in two groups, five each, on "port" and "starboard" sides, like Delta IV Meduim+. Firing sequence is 4-4-2, from outer to center. But there is a problem, clearly seen in MJ window: SRBs burn longer than LR-87 Making that "6-4" solves that, but introduces too much TWR.
  18. Separate panels themselves, all three variants. Hinged SLA and bases doesn't seem to be affected. Also, a small oversight with panels - they can be picked up as the first part.
  19. I've noticed one strange bug with Saturn SLA parts: I sometimes get a MASSIVE frame rate drop when I add them in editor. This affects only editor - everything is fine in flight. Not sure what could cause this - logs do not show anything even remotely suspicious.
  20. Huh. So 64K can bring down even state-of-the-art rigs to their knees.
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