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  1. ...............................................
  2. Thank you ;-) This solved the sparks with every landing. Mine now looks like this....guess i could remove the BD entry since they don't work anymore...:
  3. 1.3.1 is current ....it looked promising on 1.3.0 most mods worked even though with some voodoo involved :-) .... and then they patched it 1.3.1 which broke it all again. :-/ careful with USI it can brake your save ! (since kerbals have stats with it) I recommend making a copy of your whole KSP directory and just try it, you ll see. If it does not work. You have your backup.
  4. ....so I've heard. What does that change on the point, that Squad are still patching the game by small backwards incompatible increments ?
  5. It is a shame because it is more complete then most other games i played in years. Squad is shining beacon of perfection among unfinished and bugged up software that is being called "released" these days. I think they done stellar job, but in my opinion starting to overdo it. Oh i can do away with some of the mods, but there are those i simply cant work withou. Like : Infernal robotics + sequencer, B9, RCS build aid, Ker.Foundries, KIS, KAS, Realchute, and some basic essentials like you mentioned. I believe that moders are massive part of KSP's success. If Squ
  6. too bad the moders always play catch up with patches. While at the same time trying to fix issues in their creations. Imagine using more then few mods. You stay on certain version and it just so happens that one of the essential mods you really like skipped your particular version. Well now you have to update anyway, but since moders do this in their spare time. It takes a lot of time dedicated to fixing all the issues presented in new version. Eventually like it happened many times before, these moders might get tired of it, give up and simply move on. This happened before
  7. I am eternally grateful for what you gave us. KSP is amazing game. Never was anything that would kept me hooked for so long. And it is hard for me to say it and i apologize in advance for saying it. : Please stop developing the game. Let us play it, please.
  8. EUREKA !! So after rigorous testing i found what is behind my....our issue. Fascinatingly enough its not mod itself i think. But it is save itself. There has to be some kind of setting in each save folder that is messing with sequencer....or perhaps setting for each mod. I tried fresh 1.3 KSP install with just IR + sequencer (and dependables like tweak scale and mod-manager) to test if it got messed up in patching process itself since i was updating via patch file instead of clean install. And with some basic sequence it worked. Second step was moving all the mo
  9. Oh it is not issue with install process itself, besides like i said, i followed W8jester's instructions. What my gut feeling tells me is most likely issue is either version mixture of the whole infernal robotics folder. Or IR having conflict with some other mod. That is why i wanted that folder of yours. It is fastest way to check. ....i don't think somebody would sue you for it :-) .... unless you start selling it. It depends on copyright / creative commons version... but you don't want to do it and i respect your decision. Got to do it the hard way. ....
  10. That was a quote, not my issue. :-) I just resized it so that it doesn’t take that much forum space. Anyway from looking at what you say about the picture ....no it seems like its not related to my issue. But it did worked fine few months back. Then patch came ...yay :-( I had to redo the sequence, because sequences didn’t survive patching process. And i did so the same way as before. It used to work flawlessly like this....something seems off. EDIT: Just for fun, can you upload your own "MagicSmokeIndustries" folder ? It seems to work for you. This might h
  11. Sadly even though i followed install guide i encountered same issue with the sequencer. Wait for servos - command waits indefinitely. and it don't seem to react to set up keyboard shortcuts.
  12. My apologies i was not running most recent one. you are extremely fast developer :-) I am not used to such speed. Thank you and sorry for bothering.
  13. New finding. Contract list gets also reset. And currently accepted contracts and contract archive get deleted !
  14. Howdy Thank you for all the hard work you do here. I have some feedback. When you launching a probe from carrier airplane it is essential to make the dropped probe/rocket the root of the set (set = plane + rocket/probe). So that when you decouple the rocket/probe that goes to space, you remain in control of that part that goes into space, not the plane ! (i think this could be nice bit of info added to OP since i doubt i am the last person to encounter this) Otherwise the plugin will not work properly. (it gets rather confused ) + I believe i encountered a bug
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