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  1. Would it be possible to make solid fuel structurally stable? For instance, i know that rubbery ammonium perchlorate composite propellant is usually held in place by hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene. Would it be possible to replace the polybutadiene with stronger and more stable (but still combustible) medium? My theory is, if you could do this, you could create a solid fuel stage that would require much less housing and structural support, perhaps even none at all. you could even remove the nozzle, instead opting to design the fuel block with a bell-shaped cavity at the bottom, and the fuel would have to be ignited and burned from the bottom up. And as has been proven with rockets like the SS-520, a controllable engine nozzle is not necessarily needed for a functioning rocket. Of course the fuel block would have to be very well designed and catalysed so that it would burn completely and maintain its shape. However, with no structural support needed, a rocket like this could achieve incredible mass ratios, to the point where even with the low ISPs of solid fuels, significant payload fractions could be achieved. In addition, the cost of launch could be significantly reduced, as complicated casings and staging mechanisms wouldn't be needed. I see it as a great way to partially negate the tyranny of the rocket equation. However, i'm not an aerospace engineer. Could any of you clarify if this propulsion method would be possible?
  2. Raplace the fusion engine with an orion pulse drive, double or triple the transfer time, and it'd work just fine i think
  3. 8/10 doesn't mean you're not an alien, but good enough To prove that i am a human, i have synthesized sequenced my whole genome. I think you will find it satisfactorily similar to the genes of a normal human:
  4. If we're going to restart: there's one change that should be made: I think some people (myself included) were getting bored of this because launches were so infrequent. Given that someone could build a rocket in a day or two, waiting a few months for a launch also seemed a bit unrealistic in proportion to other timescales in the game. Just saying, it would be good for a new RLKSP to draw off of other community projects like the Stock Community Space Station and Naval Battle Club, in that people could reserve dates in which they could launch, and the save could be pased to them on those dates, and we could use an honor system to report failures and such. Would make launches much quicker.
  5. 10/10 as a fellow human i also find the thought of those crocs enclosing my propulsion appendages appealing. I am a human because i have no capacity for true empathy. I consume my home planet's resources unsustainably without any serious second thought to the organisms i am harming in the process. I discriminate against, murder, and even commit genocides upon other humans based on race/gender/religon/class/ any other arbitrary value. I start conflicts over easily negotiable and often meaningless territorial disputes. I do not contribute my excess of resources to other humans with extreme scarcity. I can never truly feel whole and thus i mask my emptness with any values i see in my society, or i resign myself to pointless nihilism. This got very dark. I hope this display of automatic negative bias which is present in most human cortexes proves i am human.
  6. Well i'm gonna try making a supercapital for my fleet that should be combat-ready. 120-150 tons and 250 parts assuming my current part/weight ratios scale. With alien alloy armor i could scale even bigger. All this is conceptual right now, but should be done in the next week. Would love to have a mega-scale battle with you or someone else in the future.
  7. I'd be interested. Sounds like a great idea. Got a light tank that could do some battling. Working on making a good air to surface missile too, so maybe we could expand it to airstrikes as well.
  8. I did a lot of stuff regarding stock RSS a little while ago. You can do a kind of career progression too. If you bump science and funds rewards up to 300-500% you get a progression simlar to stock career. Here are some pictures if you need inspiration: Reusable launch stage. Gets 20-25 tons to orbit with a parachute-recoverable lower stage. Costs 650k and you get about 275k back from recovery, so pretty good. Gets 1 kerbal to orbit and back. Enough for a 1-kerbal mun flyby ALSO you can get to orbit with only 8.5km/s. However, your rocket needs to be designed a certain way. It must have a very large lower stage, and an upper stage with a TWR of more than 1. Otherwise your gravity losses will be too great. Hope that helped.
  9. @iamonfire done my turn. So, the final Neeson rendezvoused with the Drift and tried the weapons pod it salvaged previously. There was no front-facing docking port on the pod so the only way to aim was to eyeball it, which made it JUST off by a couple metres. Coupled ith a couple misfires, none of the missiles impacted, to the neeson detached the pod and tried its own weapons. A missile hit and destroyed the cockpit and the fuel tank behind it, shattering the Drift. Given that it was the only ship with weapons remaining, and there are no more weapons on the field with exposed docking ports to salvage, i think that means i won? I'm not sure, i can give you the save if you want to try and do anything else. Anyways, you fought very well for a first time. Your ships are quite well armored, your weapons are effective for their size, and you used some good tactics like salvaging my weapons (and thank you for proving to me that cloaking is utterly ineffective now). I'm not sure if you want any advice, but if i could give any, i guess it'd be that claws are love and claws are life. Had a lot of fun battling you. Hope you did too.
  10. @iamonfire, sorry for the delay. A TON of real life work snuck up on me over the past two days so i didn't have much time. Finally got around to my turn now. persistent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j14g86qvraajl3/persistent.sfs?dl=0 (by the way, does anyone know how to change the wording on a link so it says "turn 5" instead of a web address? been wondering about that) The Bullock took its full force out on the Drift that salvaged my weaponry (i'm actually more afraid of my missiles than i am of yours). Took two heavy guided and one unguided missile to disarm it (which i don't understand. your drifts have no cockpit armor, so how in kraken's name does a 1 ton 40m/s impact tolerance cockpit stand up to THREE missiles twice its mass going 200-300m/s? Makes no sense). drift now has no frontal docking port and a compromised rear. Still has its cockpit, engines, and small weapons ports, but given that there are no salvageable small weapons on the battlefield it won't be able to do anything. Finally, the Johansson found more of the nightmare's missiles and salvaged them. It's gained like ten tons in mass and now looks like a strange legless gundam, but it's not gonna have any armament problem anymore. Your turn. Good luck! P.S. Saw some of your videos. really liked those guided missiles. Kinda wonder how many you could have in the air at once
  11. @iamonfire turn done! Persist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j14g86qvraajl3/persistent.sfs?dl=0 The pilot of the other Neeson escort took extra care to aim this time. One lucky shot shot destroyed the root part of the Nightmare, killing the ship. the Neeson then salvages one of the Nightmare's weapons pods, gaining six missiles. Secondly, the johansson slavages the remaining missiles from the corpse of the destroyed Neeson, making it armed again. Finally, sensing an imminent attack on it, the Bullock class battleship takes preventative action. Good luck on your turn!
  12. @iamonfire turn done! Saw that you clumped all your ships together. Looked cool. Decided to do the same. Here's the fleet: Sensing a large enemy fleet violating Munar Delimitarized Space, a Quasarr fleet is dispatched to discourage attackers. The lightest ship in the fleet, a Johanssen class Heavy Fighter, performs a high eccentricity rendesvous with a Drift, and fires three high-velocity ibeam rounds. Two of them miss. One hits but suprisingly does no damage. Luckily they were all warning shots... yeah... warning shots... Anyways, nothing else to see. here's the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j14g86qvraajl3/persistent.sfs?dl=0
  13. Great! sadly i have stuff to do today, but if you wanted to set up i can do my turn tomorrow morning
  14. That sounds fine by me. Did you want to start the battle now?
  15. Message to everyone: