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  1. I'm personally fine waiting for SimpleRockets 2 and Spaceflight Simulator to come out in full, as they should hopefully have most of the features of KSP, but actually built for mobile devices.
  2. I still see a lot of suggestions posted on this thread -which i think is a great thing as it shows the community is still enthusiastic- but i do sometimes wonder how much you guys expect the features you suggest to still be implemented. That's why i made this poll, just to see.
  3. Alright here's something: I've been looking for some new plane cockpits to make some fighter jets/spaceplanes with. Would anyone be able to make a new, futuristic-looking cockpit out of stock parts? Bonus points if it doesn't have a lot of drag and/or uses less than 30 parts.
  4. We pride our chicken soup on being as fresh as possible! Waiter there's bones in my soup but i ordered it Ƀoneless!
  5. ...you have to throw the card at someone as fast as possible. If you hit their face...
  6. Oh whoops I was under the assumption that the original image would keep being edited by each person like a game of broken telephone. Here's a new image: I wonder if anyone will be geeky enough to get the joke.
  7. All things considering it's probably not worth 15 bucks, but it's not inherently flawed in any way and it's a great addition to the game. And yes, in MH structural panels can come in different colors: grey, white and gold.
  8. This sounds fun! Added some color correction, line softening and a lens flare:
  9. So i've been wondering, if someone was to put together a "universal" or "essential" mods pack, for mods that only ever add to the quality and breadth of the game and are compatible with pretty much everyone's playstyles, what mods do you think would be in this pack? I know it's a pretty wide stroke to paint, but i'm sure there are some mods that could fit in the list. I think the best "essential" mods would be Kerbal Engineer and TimeControl, followed by slightly slimmed down versions of Firespitter, EVE, NearFuture, InfernalRobotics and OPM, maybe with some B9 in there too. What do you think?
  10. Somehow I was expecting significantly more people to be using the expansion by now...
  11. I wanna see what you guys make Here's one of my first creations. Just a small european-style electric caddy Was a bit disappointed with how underpowered the new wheels were, so i added the old wheels and a new paintjob and had a lot more fun
  12. -Realistically using your "photo" probably just means your screenshots folder. Which makes sense, since they could use people's screenshots for publicity or to figure out what people are most interested in doing in the game. -Geolocation is a bit wierd, but given how much T2 has been focused on localization, i can see why they would want to know what countries their users live in to see what languages to add next. If they start figuring out our addresses though, then there's a problem. -I'm counting the days until someone just makes a mod that stops the "spyware" part of the game from running. I'd give it a month. This community seems pretty good at figuring things out on their own
  13. Is Making History allowed for this challenge? Because that 412 isp engine has me drooling...
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