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  1. https://bitbucket.org/xEvilReeperx/ksp_sciencealert It's posted right on the first page.
  2. https://i.52k.de/kspmods/storage/Yemo_5989/ here's a mirror for all his mods
  3. Farlo and Arkas You can find every mod hosted on kerbalstuff at that site.
  4. I was wondering if there were plans or a way to make it so that using techRequired would show something in the corresponding tech node in the science center? As it stands now you can't actually see when something unlocks in the science node.
  5. Easiest way to make a modpack is to use CKAN and give out the .ckan file. Redistributing all mods like you are trying is a huge no no. Feel like it's worth saying that it also seems a bit pointless to make a modpack for no reason. If you have a balance/tech tree progression like SETI, or if you are a popular youtuber that has a following and you want to give your viewers an easy way to get all the mods you use so they can follow along, then it makes more sense.
  6. The top tier buildings were done by B9 who does incredible work and it's why they look so amazing. The other tiers are rather ugly in comparison.
  7. I just noticed this mod and the part that stood out as most neat to me was the artificial gravity calculator as I thought it would be neat to have to take into consideration rotation in order to not kill your kerbals. Unfortunately I can't seem to get gravity to kill any kerbals. I also installed KeepFit along side it to see if that would take the gravity into account but indeed it does not. My question is am I doing something wrong or is the gravity thing just a "fun fact" type of thing that serves no game play purpose? If so, is there a way to get it to work alongside KeepFit? Thanks.
  8. Have you ever loaded up an install full of mods and begun to go through your parts trying to figure out which are from which mod but can't because the manufacturer is some silliness like "probodobodyne"? Well for me and a few other's that I've talked to, it's annoying as all hell. What this mod is is a simple ModuleManager config that renames all parts to the mod they belong to. It also renames all stock parts to "squad" manufacturer. Of course when I say "all" parts, I mean any mods that have support. As of now I have included support for the follow mods All Stock Parts Near Future Atom
  9. I think that might be caused by the way the flightglobal indexes are calculated. I'll have to wait until later when Thomas is online to confirm.
  10. Are you saying the planets don't load at all? - - - Updated - - - I can't reproduce the Gilly renamed as Eeloo in my install. As far as Ascensions gravity, it's what Krag had orignally so I'm leaving it as is. If you'd like to change it for your install just edit the config to match something more suited to your liking.
  11. Thomas is correct. My version is based on the CE PF as that was the most updated version, so that may be the confusion here. When using CE all the planets work perfectly, with everything matching up in scaled space.
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