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  1. Are you still gonna post on the forums?

  2. Farewell Rowsdower!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I'm seriously gonna miss the heck out of being around the community so often. I'll try not to make myself a stranger
  4. I second Needles_10's comment. :D

  5. Lots of good theories in here. This thread's been a nice read. Carry on.
  6. I seem to remember it being brought up on an episode of Squadcast, but if you or anyone else missed this, then consider it reiterated
  7. Hi, everyone. As it stands, KSP and KerbalEdu are two separate products meant for different audiences. While KerbalEdu still remains an education-based product, it was initially exclusive to that field, but opened up to a wider array of people who were interested in trying it out. As it stands, KerbalEdu is developed separately and treated as its own version with educational modifications made to it. At this time, there are no plans for us to integrate KerbalEdu features directly into the core game, however, it's been stated that the door is open for the possibility for Edu-esque features to be implemented into the core game in the future.
  8. You know, I don't remember posting it myself. Maybe it was before my time. Regardless, it's active and it's useful as all get out. Enjoy.
  9. Hi there. Thanks for the suggestion. This is something that's been brought up before, but we felt it to be a bit unnecessary at this time, because the archived versions on Twitch are generally readily available. This is something we will definitely keep consideration on, especially for all of KSP-TV's streamers, but for the time being, at least. if you'd like to catch up on Squadcast, you can still find it on Twitch.
  10. You'll have to contact TeacherGaming about that, Steven. They're the ones who make and distribute the product that is primarily meant for those who surround the educational field - students, teachers and the like. While they've seemingly made it available to a wider playership, please keep in mind that right now, it's supposed to be a complete package mainly meant to be used in educational settings, not just an enhancement for those already well versed with the core KSP experience.
  11. Hi, Red Iron Crown. Dahud's copy of KSP was acting up during his slot today, rendering it nearly unplayable. Instead of no show, Dahud decided to stream something else to entertain the crowd that was still hanging out. We found this to be a fun breath of fresh air and wouldn't mind if it happens again, but just not too often
  12. Hi, soifua. Would you mind PMing me with the email address you used? I'll poke someone to check any purchase records. Thanks.
  13. KerbalEdu, an educationally-enhanced modification of the popular, award-winning space agency game, Kerbal Space Program, has launched its first update which fully integrates features that are exclusive to the classroom. TeacherGaming, developer of KerbalEdu, as well as the notable MinecraftEdu, have worked alongside Squad, developer of Kerbal Space Program, to ensure that this update not only distinguishes itself as a fun tool for students, but also maintains the spirit of what has made the regular version of the game one of the most popular indie titles today. “We always hear about how much our players have learned through playing the game,†Kerbal Space Program Producer, Miguel Peña states. “While we’re proud of inspiring so many players who’ve learned through KSP, we’ve always been a game first. TeacherGaming takes KSP to the next level and makes the educational aspects as important as the gameplay, if not more so, in the best ways possible. They’ve modified things to where students can grasp onto some of the game’s concepts in an easier, more practical way. Teachers and students are really going to have fun with this.†Among the many notable features in this update are: Mission Library & Mission Editor: Teachers can create and edit missions or lesson plans and upload them into the mission library for others to download Force Arrows: A part that shows what forces act on a craft during flight using multicolored arrows Flight Recorder: View data about flights in graphical form and save them in a variety of file formats Function Tool: Evaluate real-time mathematical functions during flight Scenarios: Students can learn more about subjects like motion and energy conservation through a number different gameplay scenarios Educational professionals and students can go to www.kerbaledu.com for more information on the game, which is available on compatible Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. Schools and other educational institutions interested in KerbalEdu can purchase the educational version of Kerbal Space Program for a discounted price and schools who do decide to use the software will also have the opportunity to offer their students a discounted price on Kerbal Space Program.
  14. This is addressed in the FAQ, Jedi. The no new IVA part, not the lack of light bulbs. Hi, Maciek. Deep space refueling is currently slated to be implemented sometime during the beta period. 0.90 is just the start of beta, so we've still got time to go
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