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  1. Nice. I like the looks of the upgraded version. Good work on this all around!
  2. I like the look of this. Haven't flown it yet so can't comment on how it handles but it sure looks spiffy.
  3. Pffft, Migs. My grandma's mobility scooter can out dogfight a Mig! On the other hand, that's a nice looking plane. As a bit of constructive criticism, the alignment of edges and lines, including struts, is a little offputting.
  4. This isn't as visually appealing as many of your others, Cupcake, but that doesn't change how nifty your use of the parts was. Good job, also, I hate you for making it look so easy. ;P
  5. This thing is great. The only real constructive criticism is to comment on your struts. It would look much better if you hid those struts on the interior of the ship or by simply offsetting them into the outer hull so that they can't be seen.
  6. Heya Guys an Gals, here's a stock strike bomber that I'd like you to review. A standard bomb load is incorporated and the action groups are shown on the KerbalX page. KC-78 KerbalX link
  7. A small 5 kerbal VTOL with science lab and more. Here's pics and a link for the download for those interested. Link to your future with Kerbal Carriers and the Bangin Bobby.
  8. This is a problem. There are rules for a reason. They define the challenge and keep the competition fair. Judges are there to decide who has best completed the challenge within the rules, not to make up their own rules for the challenge. The contestants are free to extol the benefits of their builds but the judges have to make their decisions on which build best fits the challenge as stated in the rules, not on anything else. As a judge you need to set those rules firmly and foremost in your mind.
  9. The Aeris 4A-1 was made specifically for this challenge. It's design is meant to keep as much of it's original look as possible while making it a platform that has better handling and updated buildcraft. It includes a light introduction to air hogging and action groups while remaining true to the Aeris line of aesthetic.
  10. Ok, here is my entry, the Aeris 4A-1. It's old school with 1 turbo jet and 2 small rockomax 48-7s. No clipping and the two action groups are explained in the vehicle description along with the optimal flight profile. Despite it's rather cumbersome take off, it is rather speedy at altitude and handles surprisingly well, the pilot will spend much of the climb to orbit hands free if SAS is engaged. The Aeris 4A-1 is capable of powered jet flight out to 40,000+ meters with speeds in excess of mach 6. Because of it's weight, though, it does require the rockets to achieve final orbit. Craft File Download: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/aeris-4a-1/
  11. Well, I don't use mods, so I won't be helping test, but I do have to say that these look awesome.
  12. @John Crichton, Well, they may look a little rougher, but that operational range is awesome. I have to work on getting more range out of my builds. So far the Mun is about as far as my normal builds can get me in a single stage and without becoming monsters.
  13. @ Sgt. Cookie, Hmm, that's a good little piece of kit, there, thanks! I hadn't thought of putting it together that way. I usually futz around with inverted small square struts. I'm going to have to explore it a bit, but not on these builds. The node is as almost as big as the mini flyer....
  14. @John Crichton, Thanks, I just seem to be better at designing and building the smaller platforms. I've been working on a para-sailing type mini, too, but it's being.....difficult.
  15. Nice little build. I like that it's small enough to be easily put into orbit.
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