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  1. @_Zee I had little time to cleanup first two contract layers, beta-tested with GPP: Zs_PBCContractsLayer1.cfg Zs_PBCContractsLayer2.cfg
  2. Thanks for PBC. It was time to put old MBU to rest. _Zee could You make contracts solar system independent? Change targetBody formula from Mun or Minmus to Homeworld().children ... etc ?
  3. Great Job, just love those probe containers. I think, it would be nice to add different rover command module sizes as variants to use them without rescale mods.
  4. Ravien

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    Looks like KAC impacts performance way too much in Tracking Center: Clean install, new campaign, no vessels in orbit. Both performance tests from inside of tracking center
  5. Short answer: stay out of 1.4.5 as much as You can. Longer answer: I play moded KSP, usually keeping about 100 plugins (with EVE, GPP, BLO). At first glance 1.4.5 is quite good - somewhat faster loading times, less crashes, got steady 60-70 fps during launches, but no matter what I do, got 22.6 fps and yellow stuttered physics marker in map view. From some strange reason, more textures (parts) You load, slower Tracking Center works. NO ! Having plenty of part mods shouldn't affect Tracking Center performance this heavy - but it does. Looks like Squad lately doesn't like moders much. Had to revert to 1.4.2 (still had my installers )
  6. Same here, looks like change from Gael to gael caused crash to some of the contracts.
  7. Ravien

    [1.5.x] Strategia [v1.7.3] [2018-12-12]

    Looks like Strategia very poorly reacts to UI scaling. I play on 110% scale and windows stretches over screen border. To adopt new strategies I have to rescale it again to default.
  8. Exactly, only from /releases - 7-8 hours to DL, almost dial-up times... not so nostalgic about that in particular
  9. Have you tried to DL GPP lately? looks like Github put some serious throttle on this pack
  10. I looked for something new for KSP 1.2 and found this. Really great, challenging but still fun to play, planetary system. Good work.It would be nice to get one saturnus-like gas giant beyond Jool and two or three permanent asteroids with interesting orbits like Icarus analogue or something with very eccentric / inclined orbit. But still this is my choice for new 1.2 campaign.
  11. Ravien

    [1.1.2] Critical temperature gauge

    @Teilnehmer Thanks, it would be sad if this plugin died form negligence. Send me link to Your thread and Spacedock and I put them in right places to redirect people. Have fun
  12. Ravien

    [1.1.2] Critical temperature gauge

    Sadly, I got little or no time to KSP lately. Do someone want to take over this plugin ?
  13. Ravien

    [1.1.2] Critical temperature gauge

    New version, updated for KSP 1.1.2 available. @Stone Blue In case of conflict, now You can declare new base window ID, more info on first page @jordanjay29: just habit from other apps
  14. Ravien

    [1.1.2] Critical temperature gauge

    @Foxster: of course, just need to get 1.1 published @Stone Blue: thanks for pointer but 1.1 will be published soon, and I'm not planning to create fix for version soon obsolete (1.0.5).
  15. Ravien

    [1.1.2] Critical temperature gauge

    I'm not mad, I just was out of ksp-ing for a while. Thanks for info about Spacedock - I'm going to set up this plugin there this week Link to spacedock and first post updated