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  1. Patch works perfectly, at least some of wheels are usable again. Thanks for sharing. Tested on KSP 1.10 with JNSQ and Kerbal Konstructs.
  2. At this state I'm not going to pre-order either. Just wonder how T2 will neuter KSP2.
  3. Delays first, cutting features second
  4. Main culprit there is, I think, patch contained in file \WarpPlugin\Patches\SolarPanels.cfg, which enables WasteHeat mechanism for solar panels. When part has batteries too its makes them inoperable. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]:HAS[#chargeRate[>0]]]:FOR[WarpPlugin] { MODULE { name = FNSolarPanelWasteHeatModule } RESOURCE { name = Megajoules amount = 0 maxAmount = 0.001 isTweakable = false hideFlow = false } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge
  5. Most recent version from Github + clean KSP 1.8.1 with MM gives errors in log: [LOG 00:17:17.836] Load(Assembly): /ModuleManager.4.1.3 [LOG 00:17:17.836] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Games\KSP\GameData\ModuleManager.4.1.3.dll [LOG 00:17:17.856] AssemblyLoader: KSPAssembly 'ModuleManager' V2.5.0 [LOG 00:17:17.856] Load(Assembly): EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/Plugins/Atmosphere [LOG 00:17:17.856] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\Games\KSP\GameData\EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements\Plugins\Atmosphere.dll [LOG 00:17:17.857] Load(Assembly): EnvironmentalVisualEnhanc
  6. DRM Free version no splitting content for monetization like in some other Take 2 games no simplification, new game should be at least complex as old game
  7. From visual point of view - could Lindor get a ring ? Maybe re-purposed one from Tellumo.
  8. Thanks for another reason to still play KSP. Would be great to add accompanying contract and tech tree to direct space exploration
  9. Zip contains only master source - that post got 3 links: two contains binaries one has none
  10. I know Lisias' solution belongs to category "Some assembly required" but is it possible for someone to provide binaries for: compiled against 1.6.1 ?
  11. @_Zee I had little time to cleanup first two contract layers, beta-tested with GPP: Zs_PBCContractsLayer1.cfg Zs_PBCContractsLayer2.cfg
  12. Thanks for PBC. It was time to put old MBU to rest. _Zee could You make contracts solar system independent? Change targetBody formula from Mun or Minmus to Homeworld().children ... etc ?
  13. Great Job, just love those probe containers. I think, it would be nice to add different rover command module sizes as variants to use them without rescale mods.
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