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  1. Go to the Github, Download the ZIP file(green button), extract it, then merge the contained gamedata folder with your own (You can discard everything else). If you have an older version of FAR that you're upgrading from, remove it before installing from Github.
  2. I think it has been fixed, but not released yet. Does FAR v0.16.0.1 work with KSP 1.11.2? I am wondering if it I can downgrade to get the fix.
  3. I have seen quite a few computers run KSP, but I have never seen one hit 60 fps. Perhaps that will change with the upcoming 1.1 update.
  4. Yeah! Another contest! I might have to enter this one
  5. I have recently started to play a in-alpha game called "From the Depths"(fromthedepthsgame.com/). In a gist, it is a extremely complex voxel-based sandbox in which you build submarines, planes, ships, spaceships, etc. When I started playing in the creative mode, there was one feature that I had never seen before- in the inventory screen where it allowed you to choose what block to place, about 3/4 of them are grayed out. The only blocks/parts that I had access to were the ones that I needed to make the most basic ship. Then, when I wanted to play with more advanced blocks/parts, all I had to do was click the "more" button on the top of the inventory GUI and several parts were appear out of the greyness. Clicking it again made even more parts appear(If at any time I felt like that was too complex, I could hit the "less" button to grey out the more advanced blocks that had appeared when I pressed the "more" button). Basically, Adding a mechanic such as this into the game would really help new players not get discouraged by the wall of parts.
  6. That's true. I guess it is just annoying to read over and over again, you know?
  7. I read the rules awhile ago when I first joined the forum, and I recall it saying that you are not allowed to post "first" on threads, but I see it happening on the daily kerbal. Why happened?
  8. Very nice job! What tool did you use to calculate all of the gravity assists?
  9. I am going to try my hardest to keep this brief. KSP resource management allows you to prevent resource usage in a part with the green or red symbol next to the resource when your right-click on the part. But let's say that you don't want the electric charge to drop below 50. The best way to do that would be to have not allow electricity to flow from one of your batteries. But if a feature was implemented that allowed you to "corner off" part of the resources in the part, aka not allowing the last 10% of fuel to be drained. This could be done with a "click and drag" interface, as such that you would click the "don't use this button", and move your mouse across the resource bar to select different amounts of the resource I hope I explained this in a way that makes sense. Anyway, have a great day!
  10. I have tested this technique in small test videos, and it works extremely well. I am planning to use it while filming the video for the project arctic(google "KSP project arctic" and you should be able to find our thread) as to get the highest quality video. Basically, you install the "Time Control" mod, and slow down the simulation speed. Then, in post-production, you speed the film up by the same amount that you slowed it down by. This really helps to smooth out lag spikes associated with collisions and explosion effects, and allows the film to be much more immersive. As far as I understand, it works well with large mods such as B9, as long as KSP still launches with the RAM limit.
  11. It would be best if when opening a farring in the cargo bay, my plane does not explode. Again, There is not problem to fix. I just wanted to let the community know about this.
  12. I dont need a fix, I just thought that I would post this onto the forums so that other people can see the problem. It is a half-bug, half-exploit, and I dont know where else to put it.
  13. I want to give this to the community so that people are aware of it. Basicly, I wanted to make a plane that could drop "confetti" farrings all over KSC. https://plus.google.com/116777068492196494960/posts/UKc1WW9bxv4
  14. Yes, ATM will reduce the frequency of crashes. It will reduce the amount of ram that is required, but the main problem is with the numerous memory leaks that are present in the latest version. Basically, the RAM available to KSP will slowly decrease until it gets below a certain point, at which point it crashes. ATM reduces the "point" so it will (theoretically) be longer before a crash happens.
  15. I dont know if this has already been stated somewhere in this thread, or if this is even a bug, but if I detach something inside a farring (so that I have a spacecraft inside the farring, 'bouncing' about) I cannot activate any engines on the craft, because it is "stowed".
  16. I have a few further questions: 1. Are you planning to have buildings that the player can build though-out Kerbin, changing their effectiveness based on their location? (ex: oil refinery(dependent on distance from oil wells), oil well field(dependent on local oil density, found though in-flight surveys), recovery center[able to recover stuff "from" here for more money]). If not, I think that it would be really neat to have that, as hard as it would be to program(I'm an hobbyist Unity coder). 2. May I take a suggestion from earlier about a simulated economy, and suggest that you add other companies that make fuel that you have to buy secondhand, but at a much higher price then what you would pay then if you made it? 3. Lastly, A suggestion to add another upgrade-able facility? Your local fuel storage tanks- the larger they are the more of your own fuel you can hold for loading. Or, and alternate functionality is the larger they are, the more fuel you can launch at once in a single rocket.
  17. That is what we are currently planning to use, but our itinerary for "stunts" we have to pull off include hitting a flying target with a missile, driving 12 rovers over a hill in a cluster simultaneously, and a building montage. Currently we are planning to use KOS to manage multiple vehicle movements, but If we had a tool such as this in flight mode, it would be really easy to get a good camera angle while do these things
  18. Dude this looks amazing! A simulator turned into a strategy game. If you do this right, It will be incredible.
  19. Any chance I can convince you to add this in flight mode? A bunch of people are working with me to make a KSP movie(yes, not short film), and this would be awesome if we could use it for camera control.
  20. If your talking about when we are going to determine when people are inactive, Vagani has edited the first post to say the date, 17/05/15
  21. You are going to get to work on the script Waiting for your join request on Google Groups
  22. Just join our google group, declare your job (see 'classes' at beginning of thread) and/or intrests, and go from there.
  23. Ah nvm, you are there. Did you get an email about editors and musicians?
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