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  1. Sorry for the confusion, I was paraphrasing. At some point in time a burn needs to happen to get the periapsis back out of the atmosphere, hence "accelerate out of the atmosphere" - but this makes me wonder if it's worth it, since "accelerating out of the atmosphere" is often the most expensive part of any flight from Kerbin.
  2. Short version: Is aerobraking when coming from a higher orbit in order to achieve an orbit going to save fuel (a worthwhile amount) , even though you need to accelerate out of the atmosphere? Long version: I have a ship that I designed to take Kerbals from a station in low Kerbin orbit to the moons in order to participate in flag placing ceremonies. The ship is designed around the 10m heat shield - it pretty much just slams itself into the atmosphere in order to dump momentum and adjust afterwards to circularize / rendezvous with the station again. There's also a spaceplane to get the K
  3. When I was playing a few versions ago it seemed to only work at speeds above about 1 m/s, but the behaviour seems to have been updated - you can now go as slowly as you like and as long as the angle is reasonably close to 90º it should connect at very low speeds. ("0.0 m/s"). Haven't really tested it, but it seems that going too fast doesn't work now - but perhaps the few times I tried that the angle was the issue.
  4. Thanks for that. Is there any way to enable the "Next Orbit" button on the 2nd and subsequent maneuvers? Trying to find a Duna transfer window at 1 hour per click is somewhat tedious
  5. This mod provides some very useful functionality, thank you. Is there a way to restore the default behavior of closing/deselecting the node if you click somewhere else?
  6. Just started using this mod, it's really useful. Is there any way to exclude engines (or sets of engines) from the calculation? I sometimes build landers that have a set of "landing" engines and a set of "main" engines and as far as I can see so far the plugin doesn't let you distinguish between them - so it's still usually back to the VAB/gravity hack cycle for balancing them.
  7. If by "the Kerbals are not occluded bug" you mean that Kerbals that are not connected to, but still contained by a craft are affected by the surrounding environment as if they were not contained, then "yes", I guess?
  8. Looks like the faring does not work either. The Kerbal is still being treated as a separate craft and immediately gets subjected to physics separately from the "parent". There seems to be no concept of being enclosed / inheriting parent physics unless the Kerbal is literally attached, by being in a chair / inside a capsule / on a ladder. Probably just going to have to accept it. There goes my dream of a Kerbal Dyson Sphere Tangential question. Is there a way of building a procedural fairing between two pieces of a craft without having to put some connector through the middle fir
  9. Playing 1.5. Trying to make the kind of plane that is used to collect science information from (for instance) the Arctic, or from hurricanes. People can move around in the "cargo" area and do their work without being sucked out of the plane. Technically I guess a faring would be better than a cargo bay, since normally there's no ability to open the working area of a science plane.
  10. Will this protect from aerodynamic forces, or just heat? Heat hasn't been a problem so far - he's just getting bounced around and explodes (although, if you're quick he can grab something and be safe)
  11. I've put an external command seat in the cargo bay of a plane, along with a materials bay and goo container. The idea being that the scientist in the seat can do EVA reports while seated, then leave the seat in order to restore the materials bay and goo container. Problem is, when the plane is moving the Kerbal scientist becomes subject to aerodynamic forces even while the cargo bay is closed, with unfortunate results (for the Kerbal at least) Obviously, since both the materials bay and goo container are not biome specific while flying there is little actual point to being able to do th
  12. Yes, tested after the upgrade. I think I see what's going on. Ore was mined, then when I switched on the ISRU it ran out of power and shut down in the middle of the night, but both the ISRU and drills showed that they were still running. Version 2 needs moar batteries.
  13. Yes sir, I left it long enough for it to process about 150 science, which is about 15 days or so. No fuel made. Currently seeing what happens if I leave the drills running but not the ISRU.
  14. I have a lander on the Mun that's intended to hop around collecting science and refueling itself. It seems to be OK with mining ore and refining it into fuel as long as you focus on it. If you switch to something else, it stops making fuel. When you come back, the drills say the ore rate is n/a. Anyone have any ideas where I could start with looking for the problem? The lander is probably not designed well, but there's nothing that stands out as egregiously wrong. The lander does have decouplers separating the ISRU and drill sections from the main body, in case the kerbals need t
  15. Me too When talking about this sort of theoretical arrangement, it would hypothetically impact an MPL because while you would get a context bonus for doing Kerbin research on the surface of the Mun you would not get a bonus for doing Minmus research there (or maybe you would, since the data was still collected in Kerbin's SOI - but I guess it would just be lower)
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