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  1. Hello Ziv, I only started KSP a few month and I will complete your Jool-5 Challenge !

    As you don't seems to be an active member anymore, I'll permit myself to put the beautiful badge in my signature if I complete it in the rules you've put.

    My best regards,



    1. PrimoDev


      Finally done it in Jebediah's level with 7 kerbals, 2 of them scientific.

      I loosed a tail wing on Kerbin reentry but nothing stopped me from my final landing.

    2. Ziv



      Yeah, I don't play KSP these days (years:P) but now I just checked in and I'm verry happy to see that the JOOL-5 is still up and running, and I'm proud of you to do the JOOL-5 Challenge, one of the hardest quest in the Kerbol System!