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  1. I think the universal forces hate you in particular. Damn that's a lot to happen in a weekend.
  2. I lit off a stick of dynamite. Couldn't hear because of the freedom. I was also standing a bit too close.
  3. I am perfectly fine with this logic, we barely know enough about our planet let alone others. One problem at a time, space isn't going anywhere.
  4. The Men of War collection is cheap as hell. I am in love with this sale.
  5. I think they did, just with different enemies.
  6. I watched a stream on it, the DOOM reveal got me. People never talk about games like that on this forum.
  7. I do not envy a virologist's job in this day and age. Also I expected this to a meme about Mars and was pleasantly disappointed.
  8. Here's two relating to gaming. Because I'm not high and mighty. "X game should be banned" Yes, a game offends your specific sensibilities no matter what they should be, it shouldn't exist. "Games should be art" Read my signature, it accurately summarizes my opinion on this statement.
  9. It's a meme now, actually. Also, jet fuel can't melt steel beams but a flying plane can.
  10. Prefer Coke, it has a sharpness you don't get with Pepsi. I see the appeal though.