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  1. Does this fix the atom smashing issue that I face when attaching things from the Station Parts Extension Redux ? (basically the ends of the tubes have a changeable graphic for their handles which I suspect is the issue, work around is to drop the part first) Merry Christmas
  2. Without mods, you would have to dock the 2 ships together. This can be done with the claw if needed, just make sure to connect the ship with the claw to the other ship and not the other way around (unless that was fixed).
  3. I am loving the mod, currently constructing a construction station. Just a small request, would it be possible to have the dockable kit container dock to MKS konstruction ports? https://imgur.com/gallery/PdmTuCp That would save me a lot of maneuvering. ps. Can we still embed imgur galleries?
  4. Small remark for people that use KIS and want to attach parts from this mod, if you printed them with OSE workshop and get them from storage, drop them on the floor first otherwise it will atom smash the vehicle (and surroundings) it is attached to.
  5. In case you were wondering what I was building (using the workshop, kis and the construction mod for the forklift to actually move the heavy 3.75m stuff, wip): Thanks for the fun
  6. Hi @linuxgurugamer It seems there is a minor issue when a workshop completes a job and there is no space available the game will start stalling (actually locked up the pc once). I guess the inventories are checked a bit to aggressively in this case. This is easily preventable, but might be something that you could check up on whenever you have to update this mod. Edit: Pausing the workshop job will remove the stall and return the game to normal performance. Thanks for keeping these mods alive.
  7. Hi all, Is there a way to print items that are not in the standard categories? In specific I would like to print out some mks mini packs. If I try to enter the part name in search as shown in the VAB but no joy (actually I do not think search field is working). Is the above supposed to work and should I look for mod conflicts or did I miss a thing to install (got all the dependencies as listed in the op). Thanks Seems that I am a bit of a numpty, in the settings I can enable the "misc category" which will allow me to access these other parts.
  8. Thanks for the fun parts, here are some screenshots of them in action (mixed with MKS tanks and life support modules) https://imgur.com/sIPypNY https://imgur.com/xYhCWmk edit: if this is fun enough for the screenshot book feel free to use them or ask for better pics.
  9. Actual PE was -100, so it is not the problem of stages not getting low enough. There is also plenty of fuel left for a powered landing. It really seems to be the "Active" SOI that I am in, if I am at a craft at the Mun the recovery goes fine, which I will use as a workaround for now.
  10. Oddly enough, it seems to work when the stage would go below the 20km line and I am focussed on a craft in the Mun SOI. If I am in the tracking station, main ksp view or focussed on a craft in Kerbin SOI the stage is not recovered.
  11. Hi all, I have recently starting playing again and as per usual I have installed stage recovery, this time by linuxgurugamer, who is awesome and cares a lot for the orphans. I am running into a little snag however, previously if I deorbited a stage from orbit (after having switched away) it would recover. With this version the stage will not recover, there is not even a message reported. Is this a change in the mod or is there something else going on? This is on a manual install where I have not updated anything as of yet. If this is not expected, I will start testing with a clean in
  12. Euhm.. does this mean you use the 1.6 MKS with KSP1.7 or is there a secret release that I missed ?
  13. Sounds pretty awesome even though it is a trade-off between engineering and game performance. I will wait for this update to drop and start a new career on 1.7.
  14. I like that. A kerbal can lift 1 ton, the value of the part is the amount it can lift, this is available in the ingame wiki. (20 ton for the forklift if i remember correctly). The range is also listed in meters (cranes reach further for instance)
  15. Pretty much as you stated. They count as nearby kerbals with the stats that they have. You still need a kerbal to do the grab and place with. Which is interesting with 3.75m parts since the kerbal needs to be able to reach the com.
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