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  1. Thanks for the fun parts, here are some screenshots of them in action (mixed with MKS tanks and life support modules) edit: if this is fun enough for the screenshot book feel free to use them or ask for better pics.
  2. Actual PE was -100, so it is not the problem of stages not getting low enough. There is also plenty of fuel left for a powered landing. It really seems to be the "Active" SOI that I am in, if I am at a craft at the Mun the recovery goes fine, which I will use as a workaround for now.
  3. Oddly enough, it seems to work when the stage would go below the 20km line and I am focussed on a craft in the Mun SOI. If I am in the tracking station, main ksp view or focussed on a craft in Kerbin SOI the stage is not recovered.
  4. Hi all, I have recently starting playing again and as per usual I have installed stage recovery, this time by linuxgurugamer, who is awesome and cares a lot for the orphans. I am running into a little snag however, previously if I deorbited a stage from orbit (after having switched away) it would recover. With this version the stage will not recover, there is not even a message reported. Is this a change in the mod or is there something else going on? This is on a manual install where I have not updated anything as of yet. If this is not expected, I will start testing with a clean install with just stage recovery installed. Chrisitian Edit: Stages dropped during ascent are recovered as per usual
  5. Euhm.. does this mean you use the 1.6 MKS with KSP1.7 or is there a secret release that I missed ?
  6. Sounds pretty awesome even though it is a trade-off between engineering and game performance. I will wait for this update to drop and start a new career on 1.7.
  7. I like that. A kerbal can lift 1 ton, the value of the part is the amount it can lift, this is available in the ingame wiki. (20 ton for the forklift if i remember correctly). The range is also listed in meters (cranes reach further for instance)
  8. Pretty much as you stated. They count as nearby kerbals with the stats that they have. You still need a kerbal to do the grab and place with. Which is interesting with 3.75m parts since the kerbal needs to be able to reach the com.
  9. Just for my curiousity, did the mining rig have a probe core on it ?
  10. So I finally managed to get to the bigger drills with multiple bays, however for the life of me I can not enable more than 2 of them without getting into cooling problems. It seems that it is not possible to extract the heat out of the drill quick enough. Is it possible to have all 3 bays running? (I am still on 1.4.3 btw, not sure if that matters)
  11. Does this mean that we should manually update to the new GC version (with the in-situ kit construction)? (Or did I miss an update?)
  12. @taniwha Thanks for the explanation, I was missing that 200u/m3. A 2.53 tank is 15.625 m3, giving it a raw volume of 3125 units, versus the 2454 of the cylindrical x16. Making it ~27% bigger, 1600*1.27 = 2037units. Lets round that to 2000units (25% bigger) and call that fair
  13. I am making my own tank (welded panels to make rectangular tanks) and am trying to figure out how to determine the units of volume such that I can add MFT to it. For the 2.5m short tank ( Rockomax8BW ? ) I can see it has a volume of 800, however pi * 1.25^2 * 1.25 is not equal 800, what is the thing that I am missing?
  14. @blackrabbit If you have KIS, the easiest way to force a reroot is to detach the port and reattach it. If the port is indeed the root part you have to detach "everything else", thus the part directly connected to the root part. @maja Thanks for the tips on the rerooting, I understand the process a whole lot better now. There is still the risk of it happening when you want to move the module after it has been docked (to realign or something).
  15. Could someone explain the relation between the number of active drill bays in a mining drill and its power consumption / heat generation ? Is it just the base rate as seen in the VAB info * number of active drills?