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  1. Wait a minute, REAL parachutes? What if you want to use fake ones? Just messin' with you. Seriously, this is a very interesting challenge idea.
  2. Anybody here in to rovers? Can't believe they are not on the list.
  3. Okay, I'm hooked! Certainly better than watching old C.S. I. reruns. Seriously, Put together very well.
  4. Yes, definitely yes. Heck, I'd like it if they at least fixed the paint job on the biggest and smallest Kerbodyne tanks. They look like they were colored in by a three year old with a black Crayola.
  5. Okay guys, I think I understand. Like I said, I don't get out much (tech moron) Still, it would 've been nice if they said, "Oh by the way, the text is nonsense.
  6. Wow, guess I don't get out enough. So really, That (example) means nothing then. That is, what's the point if you can't understand the text?
  7. What the H is that ? Latin or something?
  8. Very true
  9. Kerbals swim and float, Nokias do not.
  10. Yep, Use to be able to "deploy drills" Why it's gone I don't understand.
  11. H,mmm, Sounds like a case of "Tyler syndrome"!
  12. Not impressed. Especially of the first five minutes of contrived failures.
  13. I'm not your type.
  14. I'd go back in the house and make a stiff drink!
  15. Post card perfect! other side reads: "Wish you were here!"