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  1. Is it possible to disable the spare chutes "feature" if one is only using FAR but not real chutes in addition? Right now all the "stock" chutes in the game have 5 spare chutes and as I gather this is due to the real chutes lite implementation inside FAR. I would like them to have an infinite number of spare chutes as I want to add chutes on certain craft that I plan to use many times in a row. cheers phishy
  2. Hmmm now that you mention it I think all crafts that bugged out for me had extra fuel tanks attached to the main one via symmetry.
  3. Craft file in here http://phishtank.de/~evilphish/mftest.zip It is just a basic lander. Shouldn't require more than KW Rocketry. I think I have an antenna and a Mechjeb / Engineer module on it. If that poses a problem I can strip it down for you. Kind of in a hurry as new years celebrations are in order. If it doesn't work give me a shout and I will cook something up.
  4. That's what I did yesterday. Designed a completely new Münar lander + lift stage and the same thing happened.
  5. taniwha: No, all tanks on board the craft in question are still almost full. Problem is easily reproducible for me by: - launching anything into orbit around kerbin - plotting a course for a Mün encounter - timewarp to just after entering Müns SOI - quicksave - quickload -> things go ballistic If I do not quickload after launch everything is fine. Also, leaving to the space center and going back to the craft has the same effect as quicksaving / loading. Maybe something is messed up during the save/load of the craft?
  6. I don't know whether this is a new version or basically the pre-release from the original thread. Just checked on another flight to the Mün and the Problem I described here is still the same. It is definately - as another user mentioned - connected to quicksave and quickload. I went for a flight to the Mün and had to quickload as the landing was somewhat dreadful. After the quickload to the place where I had just entered Müns SOI things went ballistic again. If you need further info let me know.
  7. My bad, here is a zip of the two files, one with and one without MF. http://phishtank.de/~evilphish/output_logs.zip Regarding your inquiry further down, I am not using stretchy tanks. I use the following mods: Kethane KSPInterstellar InfernalRobotics PreciseNode RemoteTech2 SCANsat TextureCompressor EditorExtensions EnhancedNavBall B9Aerospace KWRocketry DockingPortAlignment Engineer FAR KAS KerbalAlarmClock KJR AlternateResourcePanel MJ2 ProceduralFairings TacFuelBalancer ModularFuels (the basic one without real fuels) I also spent some time (about a day in fact) removing mods, restarting KS
  8. Regarding my previously experienced bug. I noticed that the warning messages stay when I delete ModularFuels and start the game without it, so that obviously can't point into the right direction. However upon deletion again, the bug is gone, so it has to have something to do with MF. I comprised the ksp logs with and without MF if you want to check for differences: With MF: http://phishtank.de/~evilphish/KSP.log Without MF: http://phishtank.de/~evilphish/KSP_withoutMF.log
  9. If I remove Modular Fuels, the bug does not appear. If I re-add it after that, the bug immediately comes back. KSP Log as follows: (Interesting stuff, at least from my point of view, starts at 13:51:44.212) http://phishtank.de/~evilphish/KSP.log (Forum would not let me post it as it is too large apparently ^^) Edit: I am using the basic version of modular fuels, as in without RealFuels.
  10. Another bug incoming: In orbit around the Mün my craft sometimes spontaneously disappears, quicksave and return to space center are not possible due to the craft being "under acceleration" all the time. This problem is also reproducible if I enter map view and try to set up maneuver nodes or just hover the mousepointer a bit over the current orbit path. Weird enough, I have not used ModuleFuels to change any of the quantities in my vessels tanks. Sometimes the craft doesn't disappear but the mass is weirdly shifted, if you accelerate it starts veering to one side even though right clicking
  11. I see, so that means the perceived instability "due to weight" is more a matter of the rest of the structure (i. e. wings) bending under the weight, therefore angling the gear, therefore destabilizing the whole thing in the process?
  12. Interesting. Just out of curiosity and if you don't mind my asking, how does KSP determine the "stiffness" of a part or a connection?
  13. So you are not able to increase stability as much as you want since there is a cap of sorts?
  14. Is it possible to do just a multi-axle model but have only one axle actually active? Stiffness and brake power, etc could then be increased to match a 3-axle gear or so. I have no idea if that is possible but I guess most players do not care for actually having 3 axles but to get a gear that can take more weight and doesn't look out of place.
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