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  1. I hope this is an optional "feature", I find it entirely a waste to have a launcher for ANY game (regardless of being on Steam or not). There are so many developers/publishers that shove a launcher down out throats in order to cram it full of ads, only to serve 1 or 2 games. Unless you have more than 10 games by the same developer, a launcher is pointless. Steam IS a launcher, it has news, discussions, keeps the game updated, and more.
  2. Note on 1.11 it still removes Monoprop for the RCS pack, but does not remove anything for the extended RCS Tank (the one with 3 units of fuel).
  3. Is there anyway to have the Death Penalty be applied on a non-active craft? I have a capsule with no resources floating in space for years now, but it wont kill off the Kerbal until the craft is active, and then goes past the missed meals. This may be a limitation of what can be done with a mod, but would like to know if its possible and im just doing something wrong.
  4. I apologize to everyone that I have not continued to develop this project beyond the initial inception. Thankfully the idea has been updated and continued by a great resource to the KSP Modding Community!
  5. Snacks Window in VAB doesn't update on change: Open Snacks! "Vessel Status" inside of VAB and close Change stored Snacks amount on capsule (Mk1 Command Pod) Re-open Snacks! "Vessel Status" (now blank), clicking "Rerun Simulator" does not do anything Indefinite Duration of 1 Hour: Create new save (Sandbox), turn off Fainting, turn on Death, set to 1 missed meal Launch craft, and return to Space Center After all Snacks have been consumed, shows Duration of "1.00 Hours" When "ticked" it displays "Calculating" then back to "1.00 Hours" (will continue to display this regardless of hours/days/years that pass) Fly the craft (so its active), when it calculates again (after 1 hour) the Kerbal is then removed/dead
  6. When you change how many Snacks are on a vessel in the VAB, it makes the resource window blank (showing how many days/hours) until you reload the craft. Hitting the "Rerun Simulation" button does nothing. May be a design decision, but when you have death enabled, crafts will report 1 hour continuously until the craft is active.
  7. ==== BUG REPORT ==== KSP: MH: 1.7.1 BG: 1.2.0 Snacks: 1.20.2 Symptom Description: Adding any of the Payload parts causes a NRE and will not load. Log: Steps to reproduce: Start new sandbox game Enter VAB Add MK1 Command Pod Attach S-500 Snack Tin to bottom of pod (or any of the Payload parts) Rename craft and/or save craft (both optional) Launch craft
  8. So this is a really big annoyance for me. Not sure when this was changed, but the Auto-Saved ship used to be notated on the Launch New Mission Window. Meaning if you click the Pad or Runway directly to launch a craft, the Auto-Saved ship has the SAME name as the ship that was manually saved. When loading a craft it has [Auto-Saved Ship] at the end of the name, so you can recognize which one it is. However, there is no such label or any form of identification of which craft is which. This gets annoying as I may have made a change and end up loading the wrong one when I go to launch, just to find out I clicked the wrong one. As you can see (or not see to be precise), these two craft are actually different, but which one is which? So my suggestion would to either have it show the [Auto-Saved Ship], which could get cut off with long names. Or better, Italicize the name, or just have it say "Auto-Saved Ship" (then maybe the name after that for reference).
  9. New version (1.2.4) has been released, no new changes/features. Has been compiled and tested for KSP 1.6. Still working on getting source code easily available, but with Holidays it has been a little hectic so please bear with me.
  10. @Stone Blue I will see about getting it setup on Github, the old place it was stored is not working anymore (sorry about that). I have done preliminary tests in 1.6 and seems to be working as intended as well. I do want to recompile against latest version before updating the download(s).
  11. It may be because I am using 1.5.1, but for the life of me I cannot get any Flight Experience? I set "Flights per part quality bonus" to 1, Integrated (25) and launched my first vessel. Parts showed 25 in VAB, Integrated (25), but then showed 26 on the Launchpad. Repeated this 20 times, and still only showing 26 (in VAB and FLIGHT). I also tried a "Static Fire" of the Flea SRB, was unable to get any quality upgrade after an additional 20 "tests". In the docs it says if its "staged right", so maybe there is a trick to building/using a static test platform that I am unaware of. Or this could also be again that I am in 1.5.1. Also under "Wear & Tear" section, "Email part repair requests" is listed twice, 2nd and 4th Email options. (this is with the 1.7.0 version)
  12. Guess I just thought this was weird because of the D0/D1 difference. Only reason I brought it up is that I was watching DasValdez create a new save and his was showing D30, 60, etc. No big issue though, if my OCD gets the better of my I could change the first month to 29 days lol. On another note, I have not looked back at previous posts. Has anyone mentioned the bug where "Launch Costs" are copied over from an existing save if you exit to the main menu and create a new save?
  13. Im having a strange issue where the "Next Budget Due" says Y1 D31 (61, 91, etc), but set to a rotation of 30 days? Also it is not creating KAC alarms or stopping time-warp. Was thinking another mod may have been causing the issue so started with a fresh install and only had KAC and MB installed (from GitHub). KSP: MB: 4.7 KAC:
  14. I will look into this and see if there is anything that can be done about this. It seems that the stock Ambient Light Boost slider is essentially what "Ambient Light Adjustment" did, it raises/lowers the overall ambient light of the game. This setting effects everything (much like a Gamma correction slider), where this mod does NOT adjust the overall ambient, just the minimum value it should be, hence the name. But I do see where this mod doesn't play well with the stock slider at times. So with its current state, the mod should be used the same way if you had "Ambient Light Adjustment" mod installed as well.
  15. @aluc24 Correct, to make it darker than the game sets it, you would have to use Ambient Light Adjustment, but yes this would also make the days darker too.
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