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  1. Thanks so much, I'll test it out! Edit - Works perfectly for me now!
  2. I'm really loving the immersion-factor of this! I've noticed briefly though that at least the Inline Command Pod from Near Future Spacecraft doesn't function. And the config does contain:
  3. I enjoy the 'had life have them happen to them while xyz...' category. Have about half a B.S. in both biology and environmental studies.
  4. Yeah, the climax was pretty wanky. The actual one would have been more suspenseful and believable anyway. Overall though, not bad.
  5. I run between 40-50 mods, though most of them are relatively minor/limited in scope. And most of those I tweak a bit myself to get what I want out of the game. And that's running the native instillation for OSX. No 64 bit cracks or anything and no memory crashes. That's in my main save, anyway. I've got another experimental save that just features a few mods that I consider nearly-essential while I test out new parts and such. And I do have a vanilla install, if for nothing more than a clean save that I can copy original data from when I've mucked things up in my other saves.
  6. I said 60% as a rough estimate. If it were my product, I wouldn't consider it any where near a state in which I would be comfortable or proud to have it for sale, at full price, on the shelves. We're still having significant aspects of gameplay added (the upcoming addition of required satellite relays, for one), and probably more importantly, the bugs haven't been ironed out. I'm not talking about minor things, but bugs in the category of, 'if I hadn't paid a low price with the understanding that this is in early-release, then this would be unacceptable'. Random crashes, random collisions or disassembles flinging parts away at solar escape velocities, or collisions making the rendering of Kerbin disappear and locking the game up. Things of that nature. To say nothing of continuing balancing passes. I don't mean to say the game is bad in its current state. But if it was my brain-child, I certainly wouldn't put it out there and expect people to pay $35-50+ for it.
  7. Flippin' hell... I don't know whether I hope this is trolling or sincere anymore.
  8. Built in Intel Iris. Not anything mind-blowing, but it does the job well enough for KSP.
  9. What exactly makes the life support wedges for this mod enter into the 'Life Support' category that it creates? I noticed the 'KPBS Settings' cfg that seems to have something to do with the filtering, but looking at the part configs, I can't see what places the wedges into the LS category vs. the greenhouse itself staying with Utilities. It'd be nice to have the greenhouse and my other LS containers all fall into that tab.
  10. Can we just have a ban on these "Is XYZ cheating?" threads now?
  11. And we've got an SCP for the 3000 series...
  12. Been slow in here, but I'd like to reiterate my previous request. If there's a model for the HCV that doesn't feature the LES engines at all, I'd love to get a hold of it. The way I used to disable the engine module but leave the animation module now induces a bug with the part. So if I don't want the LES, I've got to delete all relevant bits of the cfg and be left with a pod that always has the engine flaps deployed.
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