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  1. Hah. Nice! Well, that's definitely a suggestion for @zer0Kerbal. Make this into an agency and we can launch mining rigs and server farms into orbit...
  2. This is probably one of the most magnificently comprehensive mod/release posts for something that's basically a small collection of flags. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted by this. --I thought this was some sort of parody flag for Monsanto or something similar -- but it's a crypto trading service?
  3. The AquaCat rover is killing me. It'll be the first thing I find to install when my KSP focus returns.
  4. Aw, man! KSP totally fell out of my brain of late.
  5. And yet another mod I've completely missed -- and this wasn't due to my KSP hiatus. Just so many great ones, I guess! These are lots of fun, @Well
  6. Heckin' Spiffy!
  7. Ha Ha Ha Yess! Nice work! Now that the game is in final "maintenance-only" mode, community fixes like these are where it's at.
  8. Well, "I'm sure it's possible" -- but let's wait to see what KSP already provides by way of visuals/adjustments.
  9. heeeeee hehehe. YES! Glad to see these back.
  10. YESSS! @Le Lynxthe Kraken is of course at home in the sea...
  11. a further way to get nuance and load order could be to utilize the file order? MM will process files in alphanumeric order--that's why you'll see mods with 000 to start their folder names (or zzz). Could this help as well?
  12. Since that was the taxiways and lights, I think the entire KSC Upgrades group was somehow out of place. Those are part of Kerbinside Remastered (and not KSC Extended) -- hopefully you could reposition the entire group at once, and not have to fiddle with each sub-component. Otherwise, there will be some random fuel tanks and a windsock (among other things) kicking around in the middle of the open spaces near the launch pads
  13. Are you using any other audio muffling mods, such as Audio Muffler or Rocket Sound Enhancement?
  14. I still wish an "...Un-Replaced" tag would be added to TR... just to make it clear what's going on.
  15. From my understanding, you have to stay on the version most recently updated for *your* version of KSP. if you're on KSP v1.7.3, it has to be Strategia v1.7.3) Was it working and then stopped? if you post a link to your whole log, the author or someone else might have some idea of how to help or figure out what the conflict is.
  16. That may not be the fault of the tech tree, but it's something it could certainly address.
  17. I think what's being described is that little pull-down "tray" under the launch button that allows you to select/launch from other locations. In stock it allows you to take off from the island airfield, etc.
  18. Confirming now back in my main install with a fresh copy -- still instant crash on startup. Definitely no read/write protections, and not in ProgramFiles, etc. Just to be sure, I tried each previous version of OCISLY, in case my experiences of it working/not working were somehow connected --but still no go.
  19. And there was much rejoicing. ;D Thanks for the further update. This will be sure to save *some* frustration, I'm sure.
  20. I'm still having a heck of a time getting the game to load with OCISLY with FAR. The game crashes to desktop even before launching at all if FAR is also present. Windows, v1.11.2 KSP.log Anyone actually using this alongside FAR?
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