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  1. Oh, hot dang. I've been looking forward to this! "We will watch your career with great interest," etc.
  2. Okay -- I figured I would share some fiddling I've done with the .mu in Blender in case people are also noticing some over-lit scenes based on TUFX or other processing they have active in-game: I may walk them back a little more to create room to add additional deliberate bloom effects, but this feels like a good starting point. Love these light towers and night launches!
  3. Oh, I for sure do not have a recent version of that importer -- that's stop #1!
  4. Okay -- had a free evening and fired up blender to see if I could attempt to tweak them myself, but I'm not well-versed enough to figure it out, apparently. I've gotten the .mu imported, but each of the light sources seems to be set to power 0, so there must be an animation component that sets the on and off power values?
  5. I think I speak for everyone here on the forum: Good luck, we're all counting on you.
  6. Ever since the Breaking Ground robotics stuff was released, the missing sound effects have bugged me so much for some reason. Is there also a whine from the turbo engine in there as well? This could also be applied to servos and rotating hinges, etc. as well, right?--with some electronic hum based on speed?
  7. For the most part I mostly dropped it since conformal decals itself allows for custom single-characters or strings and the typefaces and coloring options got pretty darn close to those pre-made ones. Otherwise the patches work just fine with the individual icon decals as is. Now that I'm thinking about it -- someone *did* produce image atlasses of some of those decals so they at least didn't take up as many files / kilobytes --I'll see if I can trace those steps
  8. This was (is) a spectacular rover pack. The IVA is pretty bonkers as well--almost like it was ripped from a completely different AAA game. Thanks for bringing this one back up to spec, LGG!
  9. Some mods contain their own, overriding scatterer settings that will ignore what you set or change them to in-game. Usually big planet packs like JNSQ, for instance.
  10. I had no idea this was happening. So great! Thanks for the Xmas surprise
  11. Could this also be the perception of failure being high, since it's happening at all? Sort of the opposite of the "XCOM Effect" happening? An 85% reliability still seems pretty risky, especially for an engine, since at any point there's a roll of the "failure" die (activation, etc.), it's a 15% chance of losing that roll. The more rolls you make with that same engine, the wider the failure window becomes, even if the percentage is the same. And then the MTBF counter is always ticking down. From my somewhat limited game-duration playthrough, it seemed to be 'working as intended' and as long as I "charged up" reliability with engine and component test flights before putting them on a mission, they performed adequately. My perception could be foggy, though
  12. Simple. Does what it says. Adds a ton of atmosphere and visual flair to our bases. Great!
  13. Oh, no worries at all. This happens to all of us.
  14. They both work fine at the same time if you don't mind the occasional double work...
  15. Out-freaking-standing. This is a pretty jaw-dropping release in an already amazing collection. Nice!
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