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  1. This one will be problematic, since I think KerbinSide GAP was based on the *previous* version of KerbinSide, not KerbinSide Remastered, which has most if not all different bases. I'm not sure if you can run the original KS in 1.10+. There could also just be any number of other issues since it was last reviewed/updated.
  2. Welcome back! I've also been away from KSP for some time (other than checking the forums and trying to keep up on the mod scene for when I can jump in again!) but updates like these are always great to see. TY.
  3. Yeah -- It just basically has the name in common. There are some code-y features, but for the most part it can't replace VS.
  4. It's kind of like the moment The Wizard of Oz goes from b&w to color. An entire new dimension of the KSA Ops Tracker is in the foreground. Even that tool alone is completely great.
  5. Oh, superb!! I've been away from KSP in general, and "modding" specifically for months. This is really encouraging me to fire it up again soon
  6. I was toying with the idea, but I have Zero bandwidth for the near term.
  7. This is totally great! I'm suddenly completely caught up in my org now that we're able to reopen to the public, so my "free time" as it were is less flexible for the next weeks. But I would love to take on some attempts at tweaking things like CNAR maybe even BDB --though that is such a HUGE mod.
  8. Also confirming my light flickering is 100% gone now. Loving the handful of FPS back as well. I wonder what to spend them on...
  9. Okay. In order to not be a jerk, as @blackrack kindly reminded me, here's some video of the in-game flickering I experienced. It's *much* more subtle than dok_377 illustrated, but also relied on particular angles to reveal itself: I'm also relieved it shows up in the video, and wasn't just a symptom of too many zoom meetings lately.
  10. Yeah -- realized that I needed to follow up with -- "i'll see what I can do by way of providing some visuals" I don't usually/ever capture video. A new life awaits!
  11. I may be totally misunderstanding the in-game/mod terminology, but are you referencing the same thing as the two posts above yours are? The "Bluish tint" ?
  12. Okay! I experience a *VERY* subtle version of this in flight even at the KSC. The view angle definitely contributes to when I can see it. The game I tested it on is a fairly heavily modded 1.10.1 JNSQ along with TUFX--which I toggled on and off to see if it made a difference. I *DO* notice some performance gains, though.
  13. I'm playing with those, but no idea about the comets, sorry.
  14. I wonder if mouse aim flight would work?
  15. Yup! Certain ASET labels (I think ASET?) can be defined by putting: AG1=Deploy Antennas AG2=Toggle Afterburner Etc. on individual lines in the description text.
  16. Are the wheel spring/damper expose-able settings for manipulation by action groups (Part Actions mod?)? There could be taxi, takeoff, and landing configs...