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  1. Thanks! On the destruction part, I'm sure something will blow up! And that habitation mod looks amazing, thanks for letting me know. I'll release a small chapter maybe Monday (I'm camping this weekend so not much time to write), but don't worry, the chapter after that will be much longer.
  2. SURPRISE! I'm back! (in case anyone cares) I had a lot of issues with my computer (and life wouldn't let me). But I'm able to get back into KSP now. I need your feedback on continuing this story: Should I continue as is, start a new series based on the premise set by this series, or start a completely separate series? Don't expect chapters too frequently (school) but I'll try to make a new chapter each week or two. Of course any other feedback is welcome. Also note that the previous save file is gone, along with all the crafts.
  3. I believe the problem is isolated to only a specific ship. I ended up de-orbiting the ship in question (without undocking) and managed to recover it. Then I went to the tracking station and got this exception: Exception occured while loading contract parameter 'VesselParameterGroup33001' in contract 'FirstDocking': System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ContractConfigurator.Parameters.VesselParameterGroup.<OnParameterLoad>b__0 (.Vessel v) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Vessel].GetIndex (Int
  4. I was surprised as well, but it seems that it only happens with this mod installed. Gonna check if theres incompatibilities with other mods.
  5. I'm having a bug with this mod related to docking. When I undock a vessel from my station, it gets pushed away rapidly (crew died from g-force damage with deadly reentry), then map view gets broken and everything just goes crazy. I think some kerbal clones get spawned (as Unknown Mystery Object). This is the map view after undocking
  6. Sign me up! I'll take this as a chance to actually get things done in the game (as opposed to messing around with mods). Hope this will be fun!
  7. Do you plan on adding airbrakes? I feel they're really missing from the stock game and would help a lot during landing (especially with FAR, where almost every landing attempt ends up with me crashing into the runway at 200 m/s.
  8. I was fighting in a capital ship war-zone yesterday. Lasers galore! Also, just finished a rare goods trade route and got about 1 million credits. Unfortunately, it did take me like 3 hours (forgot to set the routes to "fastest" instead of "economical" and ended up taking a bunch of detours). Almost died a few times due to crashing my T6 (too used to going full speed in and out stations in my viper). Picked up rare goods at these stations- 39 Tauri and Fujin Traveled 160 ly to this group of stations- Lave, Diso, Orerre, Leesti, Uszaa, and Zaonce Sold the Tauri Chimes/Futen Tea, bought rare
  9. The problem is that they are too flexible. They should be less wobbly, but maybe break more easily.
  10. Where do you guys usually bounty hunt? I'm currently going around the Jen Ebalog system. Resource extraction sites less than 1 light-second away from the nearest station, makes retrieving bounties (and paying off bounties for accidentally hitting Feds) a lot less time consuming. I was previously in LTT 15574 running between RES and Haxel Port (~100 LS separation). I prefer RES over Nav Beacons mainly because there's a lot more action. Smaller bounties, maybe, but a lot more bounties to go around. Making around 200k/hour in my Viper.
  11. They look great! Not too fond of the rings around them though, perhaps they stick out too much. Still, looking forward to new parts
  12. Best game for me is Elite: Dangerous. Looks good, feels good, is good. (KSP is a given and it was the best game of last year anyways) Worst game...personally, it's Prison Architect. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but is surpassed by others that I play.
  13. Take a SSTO vehicle to orbit, then rendezvous and dock with something else without RCS. ^The story of the last time I made a spaceplane
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