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  1. Its ok, just buttons extra buttons really. I think that 6dof mouse (cant recall its name) would actually be better for control. Personally id rather build my own control for buttons etc
  2. Just curious if KOS integrates with probe control room at all ? Cheers
  3. Afternoon all, I am fairly damn new to coding and have been getting my feet wet with C# I finally had an idea to have a crack at making a windows forms app that "simply" calculates dV. I set to and took some inspiration from http://www.strout.net/info/science/delta-v/ The plan was to recreate what was happening on that site. Now I know there are many situations where this does not work such as space (or anywhere off Kerbin for that matter) and there are already exsiting tools that do this but the point for me was to make something related to kerbal, and extend its functionality
  4. Hello new adopter here, I was wondering if it was the tree or a mod (im using restock) I saw tanks in, if I recall correct the aerodynamic tree?
  5. Ok I removed RCS Build Aid, reloaded the game, and just loaded a vessel and its working Appreciate your help, it got my troubleshooting brain working
  6. The launch button is for lack of a better word, locked/inactive. I have Jeb in the stock pod, construction time is not increasing with parts either its says 0
  7. I must be doing something wrong, its throwing no log errors in the console , the tech tree is working as it should. In the VAB I have a saved ship I load, open building plans and construction menu, and have two large buttons - Add to building plans & Build, neither of which are working
  8. Hi all, is this working in 1.9? I have all dependencies up to date, but when it comes to building, I cannot add my vessel to the list, I click the buttons and nothing happens :s
  9. I tried to build an ISS inspired Station, the girders are a bit off tho https://imgur.com/gallery/9ohfSQR
  10. Thank you!!!! I have been tearing my hair out for the past hr with this xx
  11. If anyone is interested, I pulled apart my farming sim controller from logitec to see if there was anything special about it etc and to learn a bit. Unfortnatley it did not reveal much and the micro controller is rare if anything. The markers are "MP01006B, DFJ115, 1810". The axis controller, is essentially two pots and maybe a hall effect sensor ? and some wiring for the buttons. https://imgur.com/gallery/3ss3tEu
  12. I have just used Stockalike Station Parts for the first time in my 1600+hrs and it was a spiritual moment. I went IVA when launching the core up and when the shroud came off and that sunlight came beaming through and then lighting everything up, and the shadows! I mean for Kerbness sake, it was beautiful, not cramped, soo immersive how can I buy you a beer/coffee?
  13. Thanks @c4ooo let me digest this there are a few things I need to dive into now, macros, but this is what I was after, once the macro concept is understood it will be clearer. Ill go do my research now. Cheers mate !
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