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      Ha ! thanks bro :) was totally "busy at work"

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    "The selected part is not attachable"

    Thank you ! 1500hrs and now I get it.
  3. any chance of a reup @Pecan please?
  4. After some thought I have come up with a plan of attack based loosely on the real time lines. Kerbals achieve atmospheric flight Sounding Rockets (Sub-orbital Flights) Begin returning data Early Satellites - 1st Kerbin Scientific data - 2nd Orbit of Kerbin - 3rd Photo of Kerbin - 4th Probe to hit the Mun and survive - 5th Photo of the far-side of Mun - 6th Interplanetary Probe - 7th Communication Satellite - 8th Deep Space photographs & Flyby of Duna - 9th Soft-landing on the Mun and the transmission of photographs - 10th Recon for potential manned Mun landing locations - 11th 1st Flyby of Moho The Space Age - Orbit of Minmus and basic science - Photo of Minmus - 1st Successful Manned Landing on the Mun - 1st Rover on Mun/Minmus??? - Kerbins First Space Station - 1st Successful Probe landing on another Planet I don't see myself as a creative person which is funny considering I love this game
  5. Full Danny? This could be a good idea to work with Thanks for this feed back, I will digest it all and get back to you
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some feedback/insight/Ideas to steal regarding how you progress through your space program? I personally stick with Science mode as Career is just too PITA hard for me. Usually I start by exploring Kerbin a little but let's face it, its about launching rockets I started with a few unmanned probes around Kerbin, the Mun & Minmus. Next I sent manned missions to orbit, landed some probes and followed that up with manned landings. As of last night I deployed a space station and now I am at writers block.. where to take my space program? Probes to duna ? Keep developing my station and harvesting science from the moons ?.. Who's creative enough to share some scenarios with me It is a real shame that mission planning is not available in science mode.
  7. Dear @Raptor9 This week I launched Skylab thanks to your hanger share, everything was "nominal"? and on track. I sent up EV2 to setup the solar panels, with much difficulty. After the first was installed, I re-docked and F5'd (for safety). I goofed as anticipated and needed to revert only to hear a !!!BOOM!!! and the EV2 was gone along with Jeb, bob, and an unnamed soul. I was mortified. Lucky for me Jeb was only MIA for a few hrs . Would use your service again.
  8. Kerbal007

    [1.6] AutoAsparagus v2.2.16

    Oh my gosh ! thank you soo much Let me play with this new found knowledge and will report back to you ! I really appreciate this, i will test some things out. Please link a paypal if you take donations
  9. Kerbal007

    [1.6] AutoAsparagus v2.2.16

    I don't suppose someone could explain to me the highlighting around "L1" "L2" etc.. I am trying to figure out why on some vessels I cant asparagas and others i can even though they are the same :s I would like to avoid the crash
  10. Kerbal007

    [1.6] AutoAsparagus v2.2.16

    Appreciate it @hab136
  11. Kerbal007

    [1.6] AutoAsparagus v2.2.16

    Hi there, I have the latest version of Ckan and was wondering if this plugin is still supported? I can't seem to download it and would like to have it back
  12. The game is rubbish for me. I hate the controls. Why squad wont just implement keyboard and mouse is beyond me. Show some love to all users and playstyles
  13. They are not. Personally Im finding the game rubbish without kb/m support. Consoles support it. Its easy to implement. Shame they choose to disregard players that perhaps are limited to only console use or those of us perhaps disabled