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  1. I love just being able to do, no time restrictions, no 'you must do this', just freedom in a subject I enjoy. Also I can make it as real and serious as I want. KSP is love
  2. Do the pre coolers actually work? Do they really cool the air so your engines don't explode?
  3. Thats it, pretty lucky. My district failed so badly they got investigated by the FBI for wasting so much money. And of course they managed to mess up the firewalls, we could get anywhere. Last, we could get apps on their account. So yea
  4. What is considered the most efficient way to land a spacecraft on a body without an atmosphere. I can't remember where but i heard that you first cancel all your horizontal velocity, and then suicide burn at the very end.
  5. I'm wondering more if when I in dock the fuel ship, will it no longer count as using one ship
  6. So I got this contract to visit and I'm not sure land on both the Mun and Minmus using only one ship. To cut down on costs I was wondering if I were to dock a fuel ship it could refuel and go on. Would this docking ship make it so it resets?
  7. It really maters on how well the base was constructed, if its just one long hallway with no airlocks you might be in some trouble. If it was constructed smartly, the leak could be easily sealed and damage minimal.
  8. Leaving out parts of the game in full release would be suicide, the people that buy it would be expecting a full game, when they see stuff is missing... Who knows
  9. So after searching for steams most liked games, I found that KSP made it to tenth place. Sounds pretty good to me.:D:D:D Heres the link:
  10. The resource stuff their adding looks amazing. Really makes it look pro, something a high tech agency would use.
  11. Specifically, when you have boosters connected on the sides of the rocket, do you ever run into a problem where they crash into the next/middle stage? If so, how did you deal with this? I personally put one of those Separatrons at the top and have them fire.