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  1. You can make very nice landers with this. The cargo bay just begs to be used for a rover. But which rover will fit? The packrat is to big...
  2. Thanks that was it. Now I need to figure out how to build something that actually flies...
  3. I really like these parts. So I downloaded 18.1.2 So I'd like to build me some spaceplanes... I started to build a spaceplane based on the "J"fuselage. Added segments, wings engines etc... Then I wanted to add landing gear. And here I had a problem. When I select a landing gear, toggle "symmetry" this switches to radial, in stead of lateral symmetry. This makes placing landing gear impossible. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  4. That's my problem. I overheat to quickly. Speeds of 2000 m/s at 30000 mean boom... So I should try to level over higher?
  5. I've been playing around with these planes, and I really like them. I noticed they fly reasonable well without FAR. With FAR however I can't get stable flight. Is that just because FAR support isn't there yet? And what is a good efficient flight profile to get to orbit? After take off, how much do you pitch up, etc... I seem to have problem having enough Dv left to circularize my orbit, so I am probably wasting fuel during launch.
  6. Looking at ksp.log I see that the objets appear to be loaded. In the map screen I also get the RT buttons to switch the display of communication links on or off. I see that probes have a SPU, and the build in omni etc... So the dll appears to be loaded and applied. The module manager configures appear to have effect. But where are the antennas? I did not have this problem in the past...
  7. For the moment it appears I've solved it. Basically I just did the following. Starting with a Vanilla KSP I added: - My favourite mods, like RT and Mechjeb... - Then ATM. - Then CMES I restarted the game after every phase. After having added CMES the game crashed on the first start, but now runs more or less stable. It is a bit strange that I needed to start it a second time first to get ATM doing it's stuff...
  8. I have an problem... I installed RT2 per the instructions. I now have a remotetech subdir. In it there are all the parts... However in VAB I do not see the parts under the science tab. And this in a sandbox game. Why would that be?
  9. Hi, I have KSP via Steam. The current version (0.25) is unplayable on my system. Is there a way to downgrade? I know 0.24 worked.
  10. My system has 16Gb in total. I doubt that I ran out of physical memory... Anyway, with or without ATM, the spinning beachball of death appears usually after a few moments, so the game is unplayable.
  11. Hopefully. But I have lots of other problems. I guess I'll have to accept that for now KSP is not playable on a Mac, and that I'll have to wait till it finally runs as a 64bit application.
  12. It's getting weirder. I did a few tests with a Vanilla install: - Starting vanilla install up to menu scene: 1.5 Gb - Adding ATM and starting up to menu scene: 2.3 Gb... So ATM added about .8 Gb to the memory footprint of a vanilla KSP... - Vanilla Install + CMES 1,9 Gb crashes when entering VAB. - Vanilla Instal + CMES + ATM. goes to 2.4 Gb, but crashes before loadinf finished... - Vanilla + ATM + Mechjeb, RT, Chatterer, KJR, modulemanager, FAR and KronalUtils 1,4 Gb (so no extra object packs...). Playable... So now I will just add content pack by pack and see where I end up...
  13. Looks like I'm not out of the woods yet. Still get crashes (When changing scenes for example), and gain I notice that the logs end with an "can't allocate region" error... So memory still. And this is without a lot added. What I also noticed is that under ATM the cache directory does contain a whole dir structure, but no files. Does ATM really do something? How do I verify this?
  14. Thank you. So the ActiveTextureManagement output was a red herring... I ended up getting back to a "playable" state thanks to the "Chaka Monkey" pack. So now I only have on parts pack, and a load of modules, and together with ATM my game loads and plays. The CMES really is a lifesaver. I had been thinking of assembling such a pack myself, as having lots of parts packs, of which I only need a few, and then fighting with memory problems isn't really what I want... Edit: No CMES is not really a lifesaver... See further posts...
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