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  1. Like KW's SPS, with as large and wide of a bell as you can fit into the stock poodle's dimensions. It's a vacuum service module engine, it needs a vacuum nozzle.
  2. Bug report: NRAP part costs almost zero funds with full monopropellant. Emptying the monopropellant from the part makes it cost negative funds. The bug is independent of mass and size. -Version -Downloaded from CKAN
  3. From my experience in 0.90 with those three, no, the stockalike realfuels config is perfectly balanced for this rescale. FAR and DRE work just as intended as well.
  4. If this has already been mentioned, sorry. DO NOT attempt to attach infernal robotics movable parts using KIS. They will not attach and anything that you attempt to attach to them will be shot into space. If you attempt to grab an IR part after you "attach" it, it too will shoot into space.
  5. Trying to track down a bug: http://i.imgur.com/K3WOlLP.png I'm not sure why an engine would be able to be "stowed", so I'm thinking this is a bug. Anybody else have this problem? EDIT: SOLVED, stock bug apparently
  6. Agreed Edit: KSC Switcher has been updated: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/749/KSC%20Switcher
  7. Oh and Kerbostationary orbit is exactly 10,480.335km (10h 43m 59s orbital period). Maybe you could throw that in the release post? Update: I was wrong again. See below.
  8. Just want to poke my head in and say that I've been thoroughly enjoying this mod. This is by far the best combination of rescaling out there.
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