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  1. this is my first draft on the modifications of the previous versions of the challenge, changes are minors but I expect community reviewing of the planes solves the problems suffered by challenges like this before, I am open and expect any feedback you can provide or translations errors that I may have done. Thanks! This Challenge is a continuation and modification of by HolidayTheLeek (which in itself is a continuation of three other threads) Kerbin International is an airline taking the place of the now-defunct Trans-Kerbin Airways. KI is a large client and aircraft ranging from turboprops to jumbo jets are in high demand. Does your aircraft company offer the right kind of aircraft for the job? Kerbin International wants comfortable, profitable aircraft. They're looking for aircraft that meet or exceed their requirements for fuel efficiency, speed, range, passenger load, ease of training, comfort and cost of maintenance, for the right price that gives them the best return on investment. They also want a design that's flexible, offering variations of the same design for a variety of different routes. Kerbin International is also looking to avoid the same fate that all kerbin airlines suffered before, outsourcing the review of the aircraft instead of doing it in house, it should avoid the backlog that plagued the previous seasons of this challenge The Rules: Must be compatible with KSP versions 1.12.X Stock Parts + Both DLC are allowed. CRAFT MUST BE STOCK! Passengers must be in an approved crew cabin No rocket engines. Aircraft engines only. Aircraft must stay in atmosphere (no sub-orbital hops) and below 20km. Any kind of engine is allowed for any category. Clipping is allowed only for visual reasons The aircraft should have a rolling takeoff and landing. Takeoff & Landing speed of no more than 80 m/s on land, or 120 m/s on water. No drop tanks. Your aircraft must stay intact. No afterburning engines unless you are building a supersonic airliner. Variants must still resemble the original aircraft. If it is too different it will be considered a different type. Mach 1 speed limit (343m/s) unless you are building a supersonic airliner. To submit you have to review, unless if it is your first submission or there are no remaining submissions. Passenger Cabins: Not all in-game values for how many passengers a cabin can carry will be used for this challenge. Here is a list of what each cabin part can carry: MK-1 Cabin: Carries 4 passengers. Mk-2 Cabin: Carries 8 passengers. Mk-3 Cabin: Carries 24 passengers. PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container: Carries 12 passengers. What is a variant? To improve your design's competitiveness, your company can submit a variant of the same design (See Wants section below). A variant is built on the same model platform with minor changes in design to give it, say, extra range, or extra passenger room. This is most commonly achieved by adding fuel tanks or lengthening the cabin, sometimes with minor changes to wing and fuselage design. To qualify as a variant, it must generally have the same structural layout, meaning engines, gear, and lift surfaces must be in roughly the same location & design. Basically, if you make it too different, it will be considered a separate model/submission. In order to avoid submission saturation, variants must participate in a different category than the original design What Trans-Kerbin Airways wants, By Category: The categories are more like guidelines rather than strict rules. An aircraft doesn't need to meet one requirement if it's particularly good at something else. There are three categories in range and sub-categories for each in capacity. Match up your aircraft to both the appropriate range and capacity requirements. For example, if you have an aircraft that carries 48 passengers and reach the desert runway, it would be a Medium-Haul, Low-Capacity aircraft. Special categories that do not conform to these requirements will be listed below as 'special categories' ANY CATEGORY CAN BE MADE INTO A SUPERSONIC Range Requirements: Short-Haul Airliner A cruising speed of 110m/s or greater is preferred Must reach the peninsula eastbound of KSC Short takeoff and landing is preferred. Must be capable of operating on the island airfield. Medium-Haul Airliner Cruising speed of 230m/s or greater is preferred Must be capable of reaching the desert runway Should be equipped to operate at smaller airports. Long-Haul Airliner Cruising Speed of 240m/s or greater is preferred Must complete a circumnavigation of Kerbin Passenger Capacity Requirements: Low Capacity Maximum 100 passengers Medium Capacity Must carry 100 - 300 passengers High Capacity Must carry more than 300 passengers SPECIAL CATEGORIES: These categories do not correspond with the ones above Cargo/Combi Aircraft Must carry cargo. Combi aircraft must carry both passengers and cargo Judging Criteria: Every submission that meets the requirements will be ranked with feedback from TKA Jet test pilots (If you don’t know how to review, check previous seasons of this challenge), but how well it ranks depends on: (Note, this is elaborated on later) How well it meets or exceeds the category requirements Cost of Aircraft Fuel Efficiency will be calculated according to: (fuel at departure - fuel at arrival) / seats. The smaller the number the better Ease of maintenance. Maintenance is judged through the amount of engines and complex parts (landing gear, moving parts, fuel piping, etc) rather than pure part count alone. This is so higher-part count designs can compete. Engine configuration is also important in how easily the aircraft is maintained. Engines low to the ground would allow easy access for ground crew Having the same kind of engines (if you have multiple) can help ease load off maintenance crews. Passenger comfort Distance of engines to passenger cabins will be considered Aesthetics We want nice looking aircraft so they're more appealing to our customers and advertising If it looks right, it flies right. Feel free to ask questions about anything you find confusing in the judging process. How to Submit. Your post must include the following: The name of your aircraft company and model names for the designs you're submitting. Please clarify what category you're entering the plane in. At least one screenshot or very large bold text or something in your submissions. This is so we can more easily see it is a submission, we don't want to accidentally skip yours. Screenshot of the aircraft before takeoff and after landing at the required destination, both must show fuel A link to your craft files in your submission post. No PMing me. PREFERABLY ON KERBALX The price of your aircraft times 1,000. (If $23,555 in-game, submit as $23,555,000. This is just for fun to make prices more realistic.) The recommended cruising speed and altitude for your aircraft. This is the speed and altitude you've fine-tuned your designs for, ensuring the best balance of speed, range, and fuel efficiency. It's also what the test pilots will be testing your aircraft at for judging. (Optional, but will help in review) Pitch your aircraft to the TKA executives, selling them on why it should be purchased for their fleet. Include any notable features (even if fictional). ==========================================================================================================================================
  2. Thank you for all suggestions While @swjr-swis suggestion is more inline with the classic challenge he gives extremely good ideas about the possible classifications and how to make the challenge more sustainable, I like circumnavigation for long range, desert for medium, but we still lack a short range destination, the fuel from runway to runway is a great idea, so users can use, for example a formulae like this: fuel at departure - fuel at arrival / seats. To calculate their aircraft efficiency, the smallest the number the better. On the other hand, @Earthlinger propose a different kind of challenge which I think it could be the first time challenge in the forum. Regarding @OJT suggestion, I think the hassle of dealing with luggage, in the great scheme of things would be negligible weight and more a hassle, and for the weight and size restrictions it would be possible to create weight classes so submitters try to be has lightweight has possible to reduce airport fees, but the lighter the aircraft the less fuel it consumes so submitters already have a interest in not designing their aircraft with useless weight.
  3. Thanks! I have been reading the old seasons of this challenge and I think your concerns are extremely real, the work of the judges is more a school writing essay than a ksp competition, and i don't know if there are something that can be done to ease the workload. I though that is possible to make judging easier without destroying the challenge spirit, but the writing part of the review should be shortened. It is possible to streamline the review process making it more fact based and less test based, basically stuff like passenger comfort can be thrown of the window, and others like engines or maintenance can be evaluated according to the other submissions on the same category, fuel efficiency by passenger would be provided by the submitter and it can be one of the most important criteria for the review. The numbers of categories must be rationalized and user may only post variants to compete on a different category, and we can even request users to judge another aircraft after posting, so all the parties are involved and the challenge can run on its own. These are my main ideas about how to make the challenge fun and sustainable in time, but I recognize that this is a kind of challenge that is harder to keep going compared to more numerical challenges.
  4. Good Morning to all of KSP Community, Now I want to speak about Airliners Challenges, they were my favorite kind of challenge and makes me sad to see they are not common nowadays, designing an airplane, having to balance fuel efficiency, passenger capacity and try to design the best plane for every category. I would like to host and judge a new challenge like this, but English is obviously not my main language and I am worried that my reviews of your planes and my writing of the rules can be extremely horrible to read and enjoy. I suppose that there are many of you who would like to participate in a challenge like this, and even some of you can help drafting the rules and judging planes. Right now this is more a desire and a hope than a challenge you can participate, but with your help we can get the airliners challenges back. Thanks to all KSP Community for reading this horrible message.
  5. First of all I would like to thank the original author of this thread and let him know that all the members of this community support him and accompany him in whatever he needs. Spartan Industries would like to introduce the new FE-20E interceptor, the bomber hunter, extremely maneuverable and with a maximum speed and altitude that no bomber could ever escape. You can sleep soundly knowing that the FE-20E will not allow any bomber, no matter how fast or high it flies, to ever attack your cities. The FE-20E is armed with 12 air-to-air missiles and a Vulcan cannon. During take-off, care must be taken as it is possible to hit the tail if the pilot rotates too fast. Here are some pictures and the aircraft data sheet imgur.com/a/vuGaJRY General characteristics Crew: 1 Length: 17.3 m Wingspan: 12.8 m Height: 4.1 m Weight: 31.6 t Powerplant: 2 x J-X4 Turbo Ramjet Engine Performance Maximum speed: Mach 4.75 1.400 m/s at 13,000 meters Range: 1,157 km Service ceiling: 20,000 meters Armament Guns: 1 × Vulcan Missiles: Air-to-air missiles: 6 × AIM-9 Sidewinder 6 × AIM-120 AMRAAM Others: Flares/Infrared decoys dispenser pod and chaff pod 2 x AN/ALQ-131 pods Avionics AN/APG-63 radar kerbalx.com/espartanlast/FE-20E
  6. entry for Contract No.001a: Fixed Wing designed just by me Spartan Fighter Jet 100 Series KerbalX - SFJ-100 This incredible aircraft designed and built by Spartan Industries is able to even circunavigate kerbin at a cruise speed of 1000 m/s at 20000 km, it also has one of the most curious landing gears desgin on the market, it has a stall speed of 41m/s, and the breakthrough advancement is that it it a flying wing. that is, it does not have any kind of vertical stabilization. all the yaw authority is provided by the engine and the airbrakes, just like the b2. - Part limit 70 (21) - Stall speed at least 65 m/s (41 m/s stall Speed) - Range of 1000km (at lest 3769km or kerbin circumference) - Stowed dimensions 14m x 8m x 4.5m or less (10.6 x 7.9 x 3.1) -Max speed of at least mach 2 (1000m/s or 2.9 Mach, same as cruise speed)
  7. thank you very much really, my main language is spanish, what I think explains some things.
  8. Spartan Industries S240 Family https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/S240-642HGW https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/S240-542HGW
  9. Revolution from Spartan Industries. The S240-600 & S240-500 are the upcoming Long Range and Ultra Long Range aircraft, capable of delivering up to 380 passangers to anywhere in the world. The S220 & S221 are the medium capacity workhorse, designed to operate in any airport and capable of long range travel. The S210LR designed to replace the old SRJ Family, but with lower consumption, longer range, higher passanger capacity and shorter takeoff run.
  10. Spartan Industries SRJ-10SP Long Range Small Regional Jet http:// Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/SRJ-10SP Price: 38.647.000 Fuel: 2300 Cruising speed: 280 m/s Cruising altitude: 4000 m Fuel burn rate: 0.18kal/s Range: 3577 km PAX Capacity: 40 Flaps AG1 We are proud to present the new Super Regional Jet 10 Special Performance, equipped with the new short field performance upgrade that reduce the takeoff run, it also come equipped with the ground level baggage hold, that allow ground handling without any assistance, capable of both long range and short range with unbelievable efficiency, it is called to be the airline workhorse for many years Flaps must be used for takeoff and landing Spartan Industries SRJ-15SP Long Range Small Regional Jet http:// Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/SRJ-15SP Price: 41.711.000 Fuel: 2700 Cruising speed: 280 m/s Cruising altitude: 4000 m Fuel burn rate: 0.23kal/s Range: 3286 km PAX Capacity: 60 Flaps: AG1 The same but with more seats Flaps must be used for takeoff and landing
  11. Turboprops of Espartan Industries We are proud to present the new KRT, it comes in two sizes, the small one for small airports with 48 seats and the large one for high density routes with 72 seats. It includes its most famous characteristics: Small wheel in the tail to prevent the tailstrike and save on pilot training. The height has been reduced to the minimum allowed to reduce airport costs since it does not need any airport equipment for luggage or passangers. KRT-48 https://imgur.com/a/1ZTNiv4 https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/KRT-48 --Action Groups-- 1 - Toggle Flaps/Slats 2 - Toggle thrust reverse Fuel cap - 1800 Fuel burn rate - 0.11 per second Recommended speed - 150m/s Recommended altitude - 5000m Range - 2454 Price - $84.650.000 Seats - 48 KRT-72 The Long Range version https://imgur.com/a/RyBqvxY https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/KRT-72 --Action Groups-- 1 - Toggle Flaps/Slats 2 - Toggle thrust reverse Fuel cap - 1800 Fuel burn rate - 0.12 per second Recommended speed - 150m/s Recommended altitude - 5000m Range - 2250 Price - $96.150.000 Seats - 72
  12. The New of Espartan Industries SA-700 the new family of single-aisle aircraft, equipped with two high-efficiency turbofans and wings with laminar flow, made entirely of carbon fiber https://imgur.com/a/fjzPib4 https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/SA-700 --Action Groups-- 1 - Toggle Flaps/Slats 2 - Toggle Airbrakes Fuel cap - 3000 Fuel burn rate - 0.39 per second Recommended speed - 270m/s Recommended altitude - 6000m Range - 2076 Price - $147.90.000 Seats - 168 (shorter versions will be released later) SA-700LR The Long Range version https://imgur.com/a/BUMNdPM https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/SA-700LR --Action Groups-- 1 - Toggle Flaps/Slats 2 - Toggle Airbrakes Fuel cap - 9106 Fuel burn rate - 0.58 per second Recommended speed - 280m/s Recommended altitude - 6000m Range - 4396 Price - $182.770.000 Seats - 192 SA-400 The medium regional jet https://imgur.com/a/cfRbBzX https://kerbalx.com/espartanlast/SA-400 --Action Groups-- 1 - Toggle Flaps/Slats 2 - Toggle Airbrakes Fuel cap - 3000 Fuel burn rate - 0.36 per second Recommended speed - 270m/s Recommended altitude - 6000m Range - 2250 Price - $108.115.000 Seats - 96
  13. I do not want to seem demanding but it would be great if you were faster but I understand that as a person you will have other obligations (sorry for how it's written, I'm Spanish)
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