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  1. It is awesome, but it has been forever since I played. 1. I can say the graphics were completely overhyped, or at least for some reason I thought the graphics were total ultra awesome. However, with a good ENB and various graphics mods, you can make it look absolutely stunning! Mine has an ENB, static mesh improvement mod, tons of flora updates, and various small things that make it 100 times better looking. 2. The base gameplay is pretty simple, yet nice and fun, and I have yet to install any gameplay changing mods, which shows that the base gameplay is acceptable. NOTE: I think I am going to end up installing a few gameplay mods, I already have SkyUI (I think you may be able to see the point I am making here, the game is sorta meh by itself, but the mods, oh my the mods) 3. One word. Modability. Oh my. The modability. It has insane amounts of mods, and a super easy way of making them. 4. A personal bias, I absolutely love open world games, so that gives the game a few points in my book. To answer your questions, I have to answers, a and b A. I like to be generally nice, but I will occasionally be kinda mean and steal stuff and go down more "questionable" paths, especially my new character, who will be talked about next letter. B. I am currently playing as a female Kajhiit (Is that how you spell them?). I wanted to go for a more stealthy play this time. Surprising or not, I have not finished the game with any character yet, I decided to start anew a while back after installing a ton of mods. PS. Sry for the wall o' text
  2. Thanks! I have the second video recorded, still need to add some post commentary Sneak Peek: It Involves silly orbital stuffs
  3. Here is my first video in my Alternis KSP series: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> In this series I will be exploring every body in the Alternis Kerbol mod, so there is going to be more and better content, of actual missions. I hope you enjoy this series, as I am at youtube and am not all that great at it yet. Please tell me what I should do to improve/what I did right, and if you want to see the rest of the series, stick around. NOTE: I am really busy lately, with school and such, so I might take a while to upload the next video
  4. Cool, thanks for all the replies! As a reminder, I can read your channels off on my channel if you wish, just PM me It is cool to see who here posts videos!
  5. That is really hard to find one I know space engine, which is awesome, but it is more for looking at planets then surfaces, and has no visible aliens, though certain planets are labeled "has life". It is free too! Then you have Starbound, which is actually a game similar to what you want, but is 2d. You also have Planet Explorers, which is probably most like what you want, but is not out yet fully, and the development is "slow" You can download a really early free version though, and the full version costs 22 dollars.
  6. Back in an earlier version I named my space agency "Future-Tec Space Agency" and had the slogan of "Bringing the future to you!" I also started making flags for it! (Kinda lame, actually, I liked it more when I came up with it)
  7. Well, I do not have pics, but if I remember my biggest overkill is using a giant launcher I found on the forums somewhere that was able to carry like 300 tons to orbit, with fuel to spare, to take a really small probe to duna. (Or was it a rover?) I do know that I still had pretty much half of the launcher when I reached duna! And.... I did this before I knew about "efficient" planetary transfers and just stuck a rocket up there and forced the intercept ! I used that launcher a lot though, so it is probable that I had even more insane overkill. Also, I tend to overbuild everything, like making a multistage asparagus rockomax launcher to take a 5 ton kethane scanner to minmus!
  8. I landed on the moon, but when my kerbal went out I found myself dead, and my ship in solar orbit. It happened once or twice again, on minmus, and on kerbin I believe.
  9. Hhere is a timeline of what I think is going to happen: ext update will have contracts, and might also have money (Essentially, career mode will be finished in the next few updates) In between, we might have one update that sort of fixes bugs, performance issues, maybe adds a part or two, Then we will have multiplayer development, which will probably last for about three or four updates. After that, we most surely have a update almost completely bug fixes and touch ups. Then, I think all modes will be fleshed out, for example tweaking things, adding parts, things like that, until we enter the final stage, a bunch of bug fixing and polishing. Then 1.0 will be out, but the devs will occasionally add stuff, while possibly developing DLC.
  10. 675. Make the game integrated with The Sims, so you can play The Sims with kerbals, use rocket ship environments, and make custom kerbals! (Two in one!)
  11. That is funny Thanks for moving the thread!
  12. Oh I forgot about that part of the forums. wow! Sorry Is the thread still fine here?
  13. Cool! What is your channel name/link? (If you want) Thanks for the advice! Every bit counts!
  14. Hello, minimuffin here, I wanted to ask who here post youtube videos, (Of ksp) I am wondering as I plan to post KSP videos on my youtube channel, (I actually have one I am going to upload very soon) and I started to wonder who else posts KSP videos. The question is: Do you post KSP videos? If you do, how do you do it, and what do you like about it? Also, what do you recommend I do? Thank you, minimuffin. P.S: Here is a link to my channel, but I am going to post the video in the fanworks forums once it is uploaded P.P.S: I think I could do a "channel promotion" thing, where I read out any of your channels out to any viewers I may have, so PM me with the link to your channel if you want me to do that!
  15. Nice! Great concept and great execution! Looks nice, and gave me ideas for things to do!
  16. I love art. I figured I would share my favorite screenies with you here. I will constantly add more, though I cannot say that I will forever. These may be slightly photo-shopped. Please tell me if you liked them, and please give feedback!
  17. Here are my screenshots! Mods: Stock, except for a mod that adds a proper interior to the mk2 cockpit. I promise I did not use it, and even if I did, it would not help. Spacecraft: I called it "Scout" Manned Score: 2,094 M/S
  18. Granted, but you make a grammar mistake and are arrested. I wish for the new update to the persistent trails mod to be released now.
  19. YEEESSS! I was waiting for that. Just the other day I was doing aerobatics and thought it would be nice to be able to see how close you plane got to crashing afterwards! This will also open up many new opportunities, such as cinematics! Being able to have many craft on screen at once will be super useful. Imagine a fleet of space craft slowly drifting to, let's say, a "warp gate" and then all warping away. Or even a "army" of rovers! Just amazing! I knew that you would end up working together and making this. I also am a huge fan of your mod. I have not yet really used it to document a rover journey, but for planes? That is great in in of itself! As soon as I figured out that this worked in .22, I downloaded! Thumbs up.
  20. They have a base it looks like, so I think figurines or something. There is also almost no way it is an update, in my opinion, is because .22 was almost just released and christmas is coming up, so I think that they would release around there, possibly including some christmas "Bonuses" like they did with Eeloo. Also, unless the devs lied to us, they would be releasing a "half-done" update. Lastly, I don't see how those relate to an update. I would love the update now, though!
  21. I had a mun lander in career that hit the ground a bit too hard and left only jeb. I quickly launched a new rocket, ignoring transfer windows and simply getting there as fast as I could to save Jeb. I do not think he was there for more than a week!
  22. Thank you, Squad! This is an amazing game. It is educational, fun, and inspired me to learn about space and rocketry!
  23. From my knowledge of rockets, they are commencing the launch process again!
  24. I am watching it now, but I doubt it will still launch tonight. Edit; Oh wait, they are thinking about relaunching. To clarify, I mean later this evening. Edit 2; I think they are refilling the tank! And attempting again!