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  1. For Vsync, a good fix I found is to create /etc/profile.d/Tearing.sh (as root), and then paste this inside : Reboot the computer, and you should be good to go. This works only if your windows manager is KWin though...
  2. Hello, I tried to resolve it by myself, but I can't seem to get it working, can someone please help me ? http://pastebin.com/dGhVb5aU EDIT: It was uninstalling the FASA Launch Towers and Clamps that uninstalled the FASA flag, and if you look at my save, some contracts use it... I reinstalled this small mod, and it seems to be working again...
  3. V for vertical align doesn't work anymore in 1.0 Your mod is THE mod I download first. I can't play without. <3
  4. Always wondered why ain't this one in the game already
  5. Hi, are you playing on x64 ? You should post that in a new Linux thread, you'll get a lot of advices from experienced users --> http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forums/77-Support-%28modded-installs%29
  6. I'm on Linux x64 version Lack Luster Labs 13.1 --> Tweakables and animations not working on several parts (tried to make it work but no use.)
  7. As I was saying on the Multi Solar systems... MORE KERBOLS I'll quote my post there :
  8. The most awesome mod for KSP. The thing it needed the most IMO. Info for Windows users : I'm running this mod, along with others, on a x64 version, on Linux --> total process is around 7.3 Go. I played for 4 hours with no crashes so far. KSP, you made me use Linux as a main OS <3 I have ideas for next, as for me the Warp Drive is either a cheat or should be a single 100000 points node. So ideas for before the warp drive : 1*/ Adding buildable stargates : we develop the technology for stargates, we use it, and then we're able to build a smaller one, like the warp drive. --> big heavy parts, hard to get even in LKO. --> you have to get and assemble them far from the sun in order for it to work, so it's hard to do. --> requires huge amount of energy, so it's even harder. 2*/ Adding (collapsable ?) wormholes --> would take you to a random place in the galaxy, allowing you to (maybe?) make your first contact with other stars without the warp drive, and install a first gate. --> After a certain mass (as in EVE Online wormholes) passing through, it would collapse, and you'd have to find (scanner?) another one, test where it goes, and (maybe?) use it. 3*/ Wormholes generators ? 4*/ TERRAFORMER ?!!! Ok, I will stop here. But hey, the first two were serious
  9. Hi guys. First, Bgog, let me say this mod looks awesome. I might install it on my 8.1 x64 Windows just to try it. But that's not the reason why I'm writing here. As far as I can remember, I always used G15 (had 3 of them, first one milk, second got coca cola, and third got sold.), and now I have had the G19 for some years. I love this keyboard, and it's always been a duty for me to make it work perfectly before using any OS I use. On windows, you use Logitech Gaming Software, and personnally, I always disabled all the programs of it, and only left an additionnal one, that I find is the best customisation you can have on those keyboards (I'm putting the link out there for those who have these Logitech Gs kerboards, go check it out !! --> LCDHost) Right now, I'm running Kubuntu 14.04 x64, for several reasons (one of them is running the x64 KSP with no problems --> working 7Go KSP), but still have this 8.1 installed for some games. Anyways, let me get to the point : LCDHost is the best, but I can't seem to make it work on Ubuntu. So, there was this plugin that was working kind of the same way, named Gnome15, working on all Ubuntu and Debian distros. For some unknown reasons, the site has been down for the last month, but I still have the libs if you want, I posted them on the official Kubuntu forums. This soft allows plugins, and it looks like they are easily written. Maybe it could allow an easy portage from Windows to Linux ? I don't know coding, but I wanted to share the experience I've acquired with all those years with this keyboard . Remember, Windows users, go try LCDHost !!! You won't regret it ! It adds as a program in LGS Menu, so easy to remove if not wanted. Oh, and one last thing : here is the link to the now famous Color Cycling script, I pasted it in a pastebin, so that you can try it (In LGS, in the menus, you can insert a script. Just paste that, and try it !! Commands are in the script )
  10. Hi everyone. This post is adressed to Lack. First : your packs absolutely ROCKS. And these words are light. The windows are just amazing. The legs, rovers parts. Oh I love it. See I removed B9 as it cluttered my parts list, but you just refilled it. A little messy, but when you know your way around mods, you can get it working quite alright with the parts you like ;p. Secondly, and that's the reason why I posted here, I just found a way to resolve a texture bug (I like to push my x64 Linux KSP to it's limits, I'm currently running it around 6Go...) and I wanted to share it here. The MkVHog started having it's texture all white when I added the SXT parts I liked the most (and by the way, let me say it was a pain to understand the architecture of it ). I tried tweaking the settings a bit, but nothing worked. I then tried to convert the .tgas to .mbm, and it came back. I then tried .png, as I know some people have memory issues , and it worked well too ^^ I saw that the .pngs were lighter too (around 30-50 Kos) I don't know anything about coding, but wouldn't it be better ? Anyway, the pack is great, thanks for updating it
  11. Hi guys. Posting here because I'm also interested in this mod, even if I did remove it because of its bugs (I posted on the official thread some times ago). The ability to paint parts -I think- would now be extremely apreciated in the community, given the mod is not too buggy. Also because I just had an approximate idea on how you could automatically make mod parts paintable (I'm no coder, but I know some basics) : I think for that you'd have to make an external .dll that: - analyzes the color ranges on a part's texture, - replaces the 3 major color ranges (I'd say white, black and red-orange-yellow ?), leaving the rest transparent. - generates a color map based on these. Also, on the same -or another- .dll (my knowledge would stop here ): - roughly analyzing the unity model, - defining which setting to apply to each one, - generate the text to add to .cfg Wouldn't that be possible ?
  12. For those who are complaining about memory... Go Linux. Here is a screen of a light install of mine... Look at the "Mémoire" column. ;D http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/11/18/141118111806134768.png This is on Kubuntu 14.04 If you look around the Linux thread, you can find some 6.3Gb screens
  13. No, it doesn't change a thing. For now the solution of changing the keyboard display is the one some friends of mine are using for all the alpha/beta games they play, because the Linux keyboard low level support is always unstable. No worries, I remapped my whole config to WASD anyways
  14. Hello everyone ! I've migrated back on Kubuntu from dos, and I got all working fine, mods and all. Thanks for the awesome Linux thread, which got me so far, because nothing actually did work ^^. I had the freeze problem when launching, the AA not working and x64 not working. Sorted all out, thanks to this thread, and the one that's closed. But after playing for some time (2 or 3 days max), I noticed my action groups weren't working. In the settings, as well as in settings.cfg, the default keys for the action groups, are "Alpha1", "Alpha2", and so on. I tried remapping those keys to 1, 2, 3, etc., it gave me this (screenshot is from a vanilla ksp install) Link to the screenshot because it's too big for here. I searched around, tweaked around, but didn't find anything on it. My keyboard is an Logitech G19, I'm running Gnome15 for the macro buttons to work. Oh and I'm French so it's an AZERTY keyboard. My guess is that the problem comes from my configuration, not the game, but I'm no Linux expert ^^ There is nothing in the keyboard displays list in the system settings, and the selected model is Logitech G15 (G19 not here) Would someone here have an idea ? EDIT: Just after that, I found a workaround: switching the display to a QWERTY seems to do the trick. I'd still love a real solution though