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  1. Glad to see the Eagle is getting some work , I love that ship. Any word on those Mono wheels Devo would love to play with them.
  2. Thanks these are very helpfull:cool:
  3. Looks good man , would love to fly this around if decide to release
  4. I must say thanks for this amazing shuttle , I could never properly build one . It has the right amount of difficulty level wear you can orbit and room for error but things can go O so wrong if your not doing it correctly.
  5. If you need any testing done let me know , cant get enough of these parts.
  6. I just went ahead and removed the over heating module for now till some better intakes came out or pre coolers. I like the idea for pre-coolers just dont like how it limits my builds haha.
  7. That would be neat thanks. Kerbals dont need practical they need more Boost!
  8. Great update! So many new things to tinker with , would love a updated wiki or some info on how the new parts work.
  9. I would say some more car parts and wheels would be neat! , Rovers and maybe a rover command pod. I love the stock alike small parts more could not hurt.
  10. Thanks a bunch Logan! your the man:cool: Edit: Also he Devo what ever happend to the HMV-1 Mono Hover Wheel pack they looked so cool!
  11. Haha I think that was my bad I had wrote MDF and did not realize that it was a typo!
  12. Hey Logan , do you by chance have a little quick guide on using mech jeb with the Eagle . I have been flying it by hand and and somewhat landing , but when using mech jeb it just hates life . Thx
  13. Great works Lack!!!!!!. I was about to download Unity and parts and give it a whirl but looks like u beat me to it , I like the rsc boom I could use that for some neat features. Keep up the great work
  14. Great job!!! Sweet thats awesome man , I will have to give it a try also when you finish them Yea the big shield i launch up on its own then i have to dock with it on my Main ship. Keeps me from over heating when getting close to then sun!