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  1. Jim DiGriz

    [1.2 - 1.4] Real Scale Boosters, 0.16 (2018-03-12)

    Also if anyone is trying to use RSB with RO/RSS/RP-1 with KSP 1.4/1.5/1.6, when trying to load the stock ships it comes up with a warning about Tweakscale and InterstellarTextureSwitch2 on all the ships. Those can just be ignored and the ship will load. Tweakscale is not recommended for RO installs. IFS is also not something widely used by the RO/RSS community -- B9PartSwitch and RF and ProcParts already takes care of those kinds of issues -- I don't know that IFS would be bad to mix in, but it isn't necessary. So just ignore the warnings, then 'rebuild' the parts that have double-fuels and resave and everything should work fine.
  2. Jim DiGriz

    [1.2 - 1.4] Real Scale Boosters, 0.16 (2018-03-12)

    That got fixed awhile ago in RealismOverhaul. That is a problem with all stock ships with RealismOverhaul. The individual parts all get correctly modified to have the right fuels, but the stock ships wind up with both stock-fuel and RF-fuels in them. It has nothing to do with RSB itself. You have to load the stock ship and then 'rebuild' it with fresh parts from the menu, then save it. There is no other workaround.
  3. Jim DiGriz

    1.7 Maneuvering Engine Balance Changes

    A module manager patch to restore the pre-1.7 values would also be easy to create and distribute via CKAN
  4. At some point in the future I might take a run at better auto-tuning quaternion-based PID controllers, but that kind of thing is literally an active area of research in the professional literature. It is not a simple bugfix kind of problem. And whatever changes you make to naive PID controllers it is a process of pushing bugs and tuning issues around that will never satisfy everyone. The solution that you're going towards is likely the correct solution. The way that KSP is designed to be a ragdoll rocket simulation is both one of its strengths and also entirely awful. Mods like KerbalJointReinforcement try to address the problems that it creates. I think you can also use editor extensions to set the default autostruts to grandparent part in the VAB (or you can convert them all with one click, I can't quite recall now -- but it definitely makes it easier to work with autostruts).
  5. Yeah noodles would probably never settle down their angular velocities. Manually starting the warp should kick it off.
  6. The GoodingSolver fixes in the dev builds should fix the "tearing" on the porkchop plot and might be related to the NRE spam but its impossible to say since there's no indication of what is NRE'ing in the logs.
  7. Heh yeah, bit of a long road from uterine contractions to optimal free space n-impulse trajectories: https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/10.2514/3.4949 Matlab code which implements the analysis part of this is here: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/39160-optimal-impulsive-orbital-transfer?s_tid=prof_contriblnk primer.m, pviniz.m, pvector.m and stm.m seem to be the most relevant files.
  8. And maybe to head off a question about the new biimpulsive transfer planner code -- it still isn't wired up with UX to support manual entering of the search criteria. That means that for certain cases it comes up with optimal-but-not-what-i-wanted trajectories. So from a parking orbit to intercept a hyperbolic asteroid orbit, it will prefer to intercept at the SOI exit of the hyperbolic orbit because that is minimal delta v, but maximally useless if you wanted to burn at the periapsis of the hyperbolic orbit to capture it. Gotta get the basic algorithm working though before adding tons of knobs and dials to it and crawl before you walk before you run and all that...
  9. Other nuts and bolts stuff that has gone into #877 and leading up to it: - Goodings Lambert method got debugged, which may impact some of the accuracy of the porkchop predictions in the advanced transfer planner (or rather may have fixed some bugs that were reported about inaccuracies in the porkchop plot) - The non-simple biimpulsive transfer planner has had a ton of bugfixing and should work now much more reliably. Specifically: * it is now a basin-hopping algorithm instead of simulated annealing (although its probably not terribly well tuned and there's still some annealing-style code in it) * it uses the (debugged) Gooding solver * it is wired up to Shepperd's method for keplerian propagation * several crazy bugs that would have rendered it pretty much unusable got fixed It is now fairly close to being able to calculate the primer vector trajectory using Shepperd's method along the path and analyze it for optimality, which will lead to implementing Jezewski's algorithm for generating optimal N-impulse transfer trajectories (read: MechJeb will be able to figure out optimal mid course corrections -- although not interplanetary ones -- in the somewhat near future).
  10. You may have wound up with a MechJeb directory inside your MechJeb directory, so both GameData/MechJeb2/Plugins/MechJeb2.dll and GameData/MechJeb2/MechJeb2/Plugins/MechJeb2.dll both existed or something, and then who knows which dll gets wired up right. And if anyone is reading this and blowing away their MJ folder and reinstalled from scratch the GameData/MechJeb2/Plugins/PluginData/MechJeb2 is where all the settings are -- just save and restore that however you like. confirmed in 1.3.1, but i saw this way too late to start worrying about fixing it tonight.
  11. That really sounds like the old bug. Make absolutely certain that you've upgraded and that you only have one MechJeb.dll in your GameData and that the folder layout looks correct.
  12. In the "Attitude Adjustment" make sure you have "Hybrid Controller" selected, and set "MaxStoppingTime" to 10. If you then start to notice that when docking, etc using RCS that it uses piles and piles of monoprop you'll need to set it back down to 2. Difficult to autotune that one based on whatever anyone might be doing with any rocket, so you need to manually tweak that sometimes. Just tried this with the "classic" ascent targeting the moon, and went through that exact process and it warped fine.
  13. In addition to sarbian, he still owns it. I just have commit bits. I'm now leaning towards this being correct behavior to set the flightinputhandler, so I think I'll probably patch it in MJ as well.
  14. That is rather timely and interesting: https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/1143/files#diff-28fc7ff970f6cb096f1480f425495c5bR562 So if you take build #871: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/871/ Then go into the Settings menu and tick "Module disabling does not kill throttle (RSS/RO)" to being set, does that fix the issue? I was tempted to not gate that behind the rssMode check at all, but didn't know what affect it would have on "stock" behavior.