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  1. Note that this feature in MechJeb still requires ModuleManager to also be installed, but it isn't a dependency of MechJeb. So if it doesn't seem to be working make sure MM is installed as well. Also as noted in that commit even with the magic MechJebUnlocked folder some features require upgrades to get maneuver nodes.
  2. What API do you have to hit to cause it to display? I tried hammering on `dialog.gameObject.SetActive(true)` in Update() and the window still goes away on an ESC.
  3. You have PVG selected but you have "Fine tuning apoapsis" as a status, which is a fixed months-old translation bug which indicates your MJ is out of date. A lot of those argument exception errors should have been fixed by patches to improve handling of crazy transient staging issues which went in after that bug was fixed.
  4. This is hard, I've been working on trying to make it better for months. Circular parking orbits are going to be more successful.
  5. If you switch the ascent autopilot from "Classic" to "Gravity Turn" style you more or less get this kind of ascent. It'll do the intermediate altitude stuff, but I'd recommend just setting your intermediate altitude to your target altitude and doing a 2-burn ascent. It doesn't support any sort of auto-tuning though or doing any of the pitching up at the intermediate altitude to deal with low TWR engines, but it is very simple and effective for what it does. Since it flies strictly zero-AoA it can help with flippy rockets and bad aerodynamics.
  6. Rendezvous Autopilot fixed by https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/1288 which is available https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/970/ by an external code contribution!
  7. You don't launch to a planet's plane to do interplanetary. Launch to the Mun's plane (plane of the ecliptic) and go from there. Actual launch optimization for interplanetary trips is a mildly horrendous optimization problem and has never been implemented in the KSP universe. It also just does not matter as much as anyone think it does. LAN would also be more important than inclination or plane for being able to do the correct b-plane targeting (you can efficiently eject from the system from a 90 degree inclination orbit provided that your LAN is correct so you do not require a plane change to meet the v_inf).
  8. Launch to Plane should be fixed in #955: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/955/
  9. Yep, Yep and Yep. The circularization burn is almost a stupid trick, it needs a lot of work done to the Node Executor to make burn precision that precise. And yeah, targeting the inclination and eccentricity could be done, that's just more math. And yeah, the actual porkchop interface is still not satisfying in numerous ways.... Also everyone an overhaul to the launch-to-plane math just landed. If you see anything wonky please report it. It sort of escaped into the dev builds without sufficient testing (I've gotten distracted with a bit of a minor family emergency). Make sure the field next to the launch to plane button is zero though, if its not your plane will always be off by that many degrees (kinda looking at nuking that or more aggressively forcing it to zero to eliminate bug reports due to that field).
  10. Yeah I'm very dissatisfied with that as well, but UX and adding more buttons is almost harder than math to get right though since if you move things around people get confused. Its also very cramped and squishy in the maneuver planner box (and look at everyone complaining about the size of ascent guidance on tiny screens before suggesting making it bigger). But yeah, it needs to be better somehow.
  11. Yeah think you replicated the problem I was seeing, look in the logs for that "zero miss phase" and "periapsis phase" and look for the dv values jumping around a lot. They shouldn't. They almost certainly are. Gotta lock down the optimizer more. And the psychedelic porkchop may be accurate, I just can't visualize it very well in my head. It does seem weird because you shouldn't be able to see individual orbits on that, and the porkchop omits interactions with minmus and the mun (and the jool moons) so nothing else should really be changing that much. Some of the weird stabbity bits of the porkchop plots I can't quite visualize what is going on there either though and those artifacts show up in professional publications.
  12. I think you should be able to play with it and it'll work if you don't try anything too crazy. If you do find it does weird stuff on non-crazy things that would actually be useful to know about.
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