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  1. Amazing, I do not know how I will survive without it! (actually, I can't seem to get it running. I've got telemachus up, but yours does not get past connecting. I get this in the log: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected property name or '}' at line 1 column 2 of the JSON data (in firefox); and: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token : (in chrome, pointing to line 215) Can you add this to CKAN (does it count as a mod?)?
  2. Sounds awesome. btw, you're in CKAN twice, under contract filter, and contract controller.
  3. I had to come find the thread again to figure out why all these empty nodes were appearing. Can you make some sort of configuration option?
  4. hey, just letting you know, the CKAN entry for this points to the wrong forum thread.
  5. Hi, I came here via CKAN. Do you still post the source and licence to your mod? (And description?) It sounds neat, but I don't feel comfortable installing blindly.
  6. Ok, I've done so, hopefully in the right place and manner, I'm not a frequent github-er. Thanks again for the awesome mods.
  7. The spherical karborundum tank doesn't list a capacity in it's description text. It appears in the propulsion parts tag rather than utilities unlike the rest of the karborundum tanks (I do prefer them in propulsion, like xenon). I also get the cost to go extremely negative whenever I add one, but I have so many mods installed, it could be anything. Also, all the karborundum tanks are mildly awkward in that you can't right click on them to see what the capacity is. Can that be changed while keeping them un-fillable?
  8. I imagine it was player efficiency in managing things (less time doing repetitive EVA for connected spaces)
  9. What's the ideal speed to hit an asteroid with the jaw? I seem to be bouncing off more frequently than latching (I never bothered with asteroids prior to your mod, so I'm not terribly familiar with grappling things) Also, Thanks for your mods. I'm usually one of the dozen silent enjoyers. Edit: A reinstall stopped the endless bouncing. Everything is working great. If I could go so far as to suggest something, a large style connector that could be used as a module base that looks more like landing legs. It's kind of impermanent looking with the Jaw and Klaw, and the tank adapter (which is pretty close), doesn't scale all the way up.