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  1. Hey that's actually pretty awesome, I don't know if I've seen anyone land a rocket on the mun and take off with a plane. You should try to make a version that would work in RSS! You'd probably need another rocket stage behind the spaceplane though unless you made it way bigger. But that kinda defeats the purpose of a personal spaceplane.
  2. Thanks! I think it may have had to do with coming in to Duna on the wrong side but I'm no expert haha
  3. Pic mid-weight, Is that a thing? I'll let the album do the talking. Descriptions of the mission are on the pictures. If you guys want a mod list or craft files I'd be happy to oblige. Also, my bad for not taking screenshots of the launch vehicle! It was Soyuz style but asparagus staged. You can see the core Interplanetary stage in the Mun gravity assist photo but without the drop tanks for Kerbin escape. Again, craft file if requested. For the lander/transfer stages I did an Apollo style craft, as you will see. I'd say drum roll, but this mission was more like letting a somersaulting raccoon fly the space shuttle. Overview of steps: 1. Get to HKO. 2 Leave Kerbin with mun assist 3. Burn to Duna. Ditch transfer stage. 4. Join lander and secondary transfer stages. Transfer engine will burn the trajectory changes necessary. 5.Intercept Duna. Preferably with Ike's help. 6. Achieve non-eccentric, close to equatorial Duna orbit. 7. Detach lander, deorbit it. 8. Land at low point on Duna to minimize fuel usage. 9. Do science. 10. Go to Duna orbit. 11. Rendezvous with transfer stage. 12. Take science, fuel, and kerbals (in that order) to the transfer stage. 14. Detach from lander. 15. Burn to Duna escape, preferably using Ike. 16. Get Kerbin intercept and burn it. 17. Aerobrake in Kerbin's atmosphere. 18. Reentry without dying. 19. Land using parachutes. 20. Recover and profit! I'm happy to say I successfully planned and carried out all of these steps. This is a personal best for me!
  4. It's not a thruster thing. It happens when I'm just orbiting and it'll actively start spinning from a stand still. But I'll try the trim to day and report how it goes!
  5. Okay so this has happened to me quite a while, my little ship has B9 torque wheel and Mk1 command pod (and various other things obviously). When I turn off SAS my ship will start spinning one direction steadily. It will stop doing that if I toggle the torque off on the reaction wheel and the command pod. Hopefully this is a common issue and an easy fix, but if not I can post a bunch of specifics.
  6. Well I use air brakes to slow down during actual reentry, but the problem arises when I'm still moving at supersonic speeds at low altitudes. Turning becomes cumbersome with a keyboard because small taps cause g-loading becomes excessive with such a high air density/speed ratio. And then aerodynamic failures happen. I guess this may be a design flaw of my craft, but I tend to not use flaps (at least for SSTOs) because they're almost all delta winged. Spoilers are my go to for reentry, I just mount them on the top and bottom of the wings and it works okay. But that's sort of irrelevant. I actually didn't know about the caps-lock controls so it'll be useful to have fine controls though. All I'm saying here is that I'd like a slider bar to adjust maximum deflection angles mid flight, in a way that let's you adjust all control surfaces (or specific groups) more quickly, on the fly. It's just simpler in my opinion. You'd be able to respond quickly to things going wrong by just sliding the bar. Say you needed some more deflection at 25km on jets still because your wings aren't producing enough lift? Increase the maximum angle, and then change it back if you don't need it anymore.
  7. Apparently you misunderstood the reasoning behind this post. Reentry does not occur in the SPH. It is in the atmosphere. I do not want huge deflections of control surface for reentry, only achieving orbit. I would like to change the maximum deflection angle for different parts of the flight. Better?
  8. Yo, so I've been struggling with reentering with space planes lately. This is more due to the fact that reentering causes high dynamic pressure, causing smaller control deflections to make g-loading jumps that tear my plane apart. I do not have a joystick, obviously, which makes it rather difficult to deflect in small amounts. This would be largely based on the keyboard pilots then. I was wondering if someone could make a plugin that is a slider bar and allows for modification of control surface deflection maximums. I think it would be nice to be able to control by groups (such as elevators, ailerons, and verts) or control surfaces as a whole. The slider would act in such a way that it starts in the middle allowing for normal deflection amounts. If you drag it to the left, deflections decrease linearly to zero. If you drag it to the right, deflections increase to whatever the surface maximum is. One more thing... it might also be useful to have an option to differentiate between positive and negative deflection, such that you could set negative deflection to 0 or something, thus allowing yourself to only pitch up. IDK if this part sounds good, but just a thought. Hopefully, someone who works on those mods will see this. If not, I'd love some feedback about it. I may end up attempting to make such a mod.
  9. So this is my first post in quite some time. Yeah yeah, we all have stuff we want for Kerbal career mode. Personally I want historic progression based on research and experimentation. Here's a nicely put imgur post that will help hopefully put mroe people on the same page. It's a space program, sure, but first you need an earth program to get there. http://imgur.com/gallery/dKNcx
  10. I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure the whole point of hypergolic propellant is that it DOES explode without atmospheric oxygen.
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