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  1. Does this conflict with modified IVA? there is a layout for mk1 plane pod. Does this patch other IVAs to add props to more pods?
  2. I am having a problem that I have been unable to find the solution for. I am very new to editing .cfg files, and I have to absolutley sure what im doing before I do. The HC_booster cam that comes with this mod has two cameras. I notice in VAB only 1 view cone shows up. When im flying they both work fine in EVA mode, but my problem is when Im IVA with rasterpropmonitor I can only see the top view from this camera. I think I have to add a camera transform to the part, but I am not confident enough in my abilities to do this. I also thought Id bring it to your attention. -Thank you
  3. I am having two problems with this mod. I'm sorry if this has been covered or if it something I haven't found to read yet. My mechjeb doesnt work in IVA. Scansat does and I've installed it once in the right locations. Is there something I need to do with Mechjebrpm? Also, there is a mod that with a booster camera that can look up or down, it is a camera with two cameras on it. I can only look through the top camera with rasterpropmonitor. I do not know which mod the camera comes from. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I have been having a problem. When I try to load a game, my game freezes always loading rotatron parts, I am trying different things here, but it freezes saying "parts\rotatron\parts\rotatron" it also will sometimes say half and fourth. When i delete the rotatron it will freeze on rotatron Mk2. What else can I do to resolve this?
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