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  1. Sorry guys, something is clearly broken. It's been a while since I've had a chance to dive back into the code, but I should be able to this weekend. I'll let you know when I have an update!
  2. I totally approve of the patch TheDog, and I appreciate the help. That's the beauty of open source! I'll have the official download updated with your fixes shortly.
  3. Correct, Endspeed is the speed you'll be going when you contact the ground. Most of the time you can just leave that at zero. There's a bug that currently results in the landertrons getting confused if you build the lander in a different orientation than you end up landing it in. This often happens if you build the lander in the spaceplane hanger. Is it possible that's what you experienced? I'm working on a solution, but its been slow going. Or maybe something broke in 1.0. I haven't had a chance to check yet.
  4. All Landertrons assigned to a stage will be taken into account when figuring out when to fire. So 2 sets of 4 Landertrons will work just fine so long as they're all activated at once. How big would you like to see them get? I was thinking about adding tweakscale compatibility.
  5. Hey Bahamuto, would you be OK with me bundling some of your models in with my Landertron mod, rather than sending people over here to download them separately?
  6. I'll have to check when I get home, but I think the Landertrons should do exactly this when set to "Short Landing" mode. It was intended for quickly stopping a spaceplane once it touches the ground, but I don't see any reason it couldn't work on a rover. They'll burn until your forward velocity is zero and then turn off automatically.
  7. Actually, they calculate activation height based on current velocity, acceleration, orientation of the craft, orientation of the landertrons, and max burn time of the landertrons. It's possible the red icon is still just based on current velocity and orientation though, I'll have to double check. Considering parachutes or other rockets may be in use, I don't think your equation is sufficient to determine whether the craft will be going to fast by the time it reaches ground level. I'll see if I can do anything to improve the predictions, but its kinda a tricky problem and I'm trying to give
  8. Good catch, I'll add it to the next release. This is the first I've heard of CKAN. I do like the idea of a more standardized way of handling mods. I'll need to look into what's required on my end, but yeah, hopefully I can support it in the future.
  9. FYI, there's currently a Landertron bug that causes bad stuff to happen when you try to use it to land a vehicle horizontally. I hope to have a fix out soonish.
  10. You're not doing anything wrong. I'm pretty sure you're running into the same bug that Tochas was on page 12 & 13 of this thread. Basically the mod isn't working right if you build a horizontal vehicle and then try to use the Landertrons for a vertical landing. I'm working on it, but it's proving to be tricky and I just haven't had much time lately. The next update should resolve this, but I don't have an ETA yet. There isn't exactly a max altitude. They'll either fire when necessary to bring the craft to a stop at ground level, or if they lack the fuel for that they'll fire such that
  11. Yep, it works fine in 0.90 from my testing. I suppose I should update the title...
  12. Thanks Bruce. I mostly just checked in-game to verify that the existing version of the plugin still works in 0.90. But you might be right about using out of date dlls. I'll look into it for future builds. Are you using this code for a project of your own? I'm just asking because you're the first person I'm aware of who has bothered to dig through my sourcecode (sorry about the mess! )
  13. I'm considering adding the option for monoprop landertron rockets. Mostly because the devs of the Taurus HCV mod are interested in adding the feature to their pod, and that's what they use for their built in rockets. Anyway, it's doable technically, but I'm not sure how to balance these with the solidfuel variety. Currently, Landertrons vent any unused fuel when the landing burn is complete. Would it make sense to vent all remaining monoprop from the whole vessel upon landing? That seems a bit harsh, but I'd like to have some tradeoff for the crazy TWR that these engines provide. Any tho
  14. I discussed this with bsquiklehausen a while back, and did a little testing. SAS can pretty easily counter the asymmetric thrust. You might end up a bit off target, but it definitely works. To get it working go into the Taurus .cfg, add the Landertron module, and convert the rockets over to solidfuel. You also may need to increase the max fuel depending on your needs. In a future update I hope to include monoprop compatibility, as well as 2 stage Landertrons that can function as both an LES system and landing rockets. At that point it should hopefully be plug-and-play with the Taurus.
  15. "a great many"? There are only two dependencies, and one is optional. From my initial testing, it appears the core functionality of this mod is working fine in 0.90, but KAS is busted. So they're usable, just not refuelable. Once KAS is updated they should be fully functional. I'm working on a new version with a fix for "control from here" bugs, and the ability to set the end height. No ETA at the moment. My life is going to be very busy for the next month or so, but I'll try to get it out as soon as possible. If anyone comes across any new bugs please let me know. I'll try to get a pa
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