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  1. A question for people using the mod. Do others have issues with losing way too much Nitrogen when doing EVA's? It seems like it takes waaay more Nitrogen to get atmo back than the mod estimates. Now, I do have a shedload of mods installed, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's something else that causes this issue, but wanted to know what other people are seeing? Anyone else having the same issue?
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for this mod. I just started playing again a few days ago, and the progress this has made is just incredible. The changes to science is absolutely brilliant and makes it a whole different game! Where the last few times i've booted up KSP in the last couple of years i've been bored within a few hours, but this has kept me hooked for days!
  3. Hi, could I parhaps do a feature request? When looking at this, I have no real idea of how long these experiments take to run. Is it enough to do a few orbits, or do I need a dedicated long term station? Does it differ between each experiment, or only between experiment types? Essentially, If possible, I think it would be great if you added some details to the modules in-game, just so that you know what to expect before launching the experiments to space. It would help immensely with planning, as if you play with life support mods, there's a massive difference between 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 month in space. Thanks!
  4. How? You are stating it like it's a fact that this system was worse, but imo it had multiple benefits over RemoteTech, the first one being it being more realistic, while ignoring all the micro management. CommNet on the other hand have all the issues with weird math due to stacking antennas and boosts through relays that make in unintuitive. It also limits the science you can get, which is not in everyones taste. My whole point is that surely this is a matter of taste? Obviously, the point is moot, as N70 think it's not worth the work to maintain, which I fully respect. I do find it silly to say "This should be removed because I personally don't like it, and I don't care if others do (no matter if I could just disable it for myself)" though.
  5. I apologize, that is indeed the wrong file. With the new changes in the latest versions i'm not sure how relevant this is anymore anyway.
  6. At this time, yes. Having both (as well as having both on your sats around Kerbin) will allow you to connect to one of the sats around Kerbin to relay the signal. I'm pretty sure this is not intended however, and may change later, meaning that your Jool Sat may not work - I think the idea N70 is going for is that you should stack Low Gain antennas to reach all the way to Kerbin. Another option is to change the Default config as I did above:!AuFEM7_Fm5Ykg5Qe2BcJaj_f0c2hgw This will allow you to connect directly to Kerbin using a High Gain antenna, similar to how it worked in old Kerbalism.
  7. That's the thing though, that takes away the whole point of using High Gains. In the current system you use, when would you ever use a High Gain antenna? As they shouldn't be able to communicate with Low Gain antennas (but currently do as they add their range to the overall as well) there's no time where you would actually want to use them. They will never be able to provide more then roughly 50% uptime with Kerbin, as they are in practice only able to speak to the KSC. This means that using Low Gain over far distances is the only option, essentially having removed High Gain from the mod in everything but name. If you want the system to work similar to how Remote Tech works, that's fine, it's your mod. The way your compromise have made it though achieves that in a way that makes most of the antennas (and the whole antenna progression) in the game completely redundant. Instead of using various better antennas, you are forced to just throw a whole bunch of Low Gain ones on the same satelite as they add up. I really don't want to be too confrontational here, I'm super happy that you have picked up this mod and are doing great things with it, so please don't take this the wrong way. The way you are trying to do these signals however makes no sense. It doesn't really solve the problem you are trying to solve, and at the same time it completely breaks how the mod was originally intended to be played. Like I said, if you want a more Remote Tech style game with a sat network that you need to take care of and upgrade around Kerbin as well, that could easily be done. Just keep the short distance base stations and make all antennas Low Gain in a config. This would solve your problem and allow for an antenna progression where further range coms would need better antennas, not just more antennas. At the same time it would allow you to keep the Low-Gain/High-Gain difference for those that do prefer that type gameplay.
  8. @N70, may I ask what the intent is then? As you said on a previous page that you are looking to create Low Gain antennas with higher range, are you still planning on making the same type of system as I described above? In that case, you have effectively removed the point of differing between High Gain and Low Gain antennas, as Low Gain would cover both short and long distance communication. If that's what you are aiming for, it could be done easier and still allow people to use the old system if they prefer, by using Config files. One config (your model) would just need to set all antennas (no matter distance) to Low Gain. This would allow you to use any of the antennas as you wish. For the second config, you keep the low/high gain difference, and change the Kerbin Stations to all have a very high distance, essentially making it into a proper DSN. Just an idea which would both save you time and leave it as possible to use it as it was designed before, where there is a meaningful difference between Low Gain and High Gain antennas. For new coding, this would essentially mean that you only need to fix the bug that allow you to transmit relay over High Gain Antennas if you also have an Low Gain antenna with relay activated.
  9. @N70 So, is it currently intended that High Gain Antennas can be used as relays? That kind of takes away the whole point of even having Low Gain Antennas, except that you still need one in order to "active" Relay. The way it was designed was Low Gain to hop around to get a clear connection to Kerbin, then a High Gain to connect to Kerbin. An easier way to solve it would be to just set all the stations to have a range of 9E+11, just like KSP. Then it would work pretty much identical to the old version, with the exception of extreme polar orbits of Kerbin. Edit: just to make it really clear what we are talking about, I think this is an issue of design intent. Paint skills to the resque! What you are trying to do with Kerbalism right now: How Kerbalism was designed to work by ShotgunNinja: In order to get the same result as the second picture, the easiest way to do it with the new tracking stations would be to just give them the same range as the one at the Kerbal base station, which is 900 million KM, enough to reach anywhere in the solar system. And just for good measure, my updated Default config with the values edited:!AuFEM7_Fm5Ykg5Qe2BcJaj_f0c2hgw
  10. Not so much a "conflict" as SSPXr and Kerbalism not being supported by each other. This would happen with other resource packs such as TAC, Snack or USI, but they have support patches. This can be added from either Kerbalism or from SSPXr side, but would be quite a bit of work, as definitions would need to be set up for both all resources and the converters they use in Kerbalism. For now, if you want to use the mods together, you can do so by removing the "Containers" folder under SSPXr Parts. As far as I can tell, these are the only thing's that are incompatible, and everything else seems to be working fine together.
  11. Ah, I didn't realize that CKAN didn't have the latest versions Thanks so much for your help! KRASH is a nessecity for my gameplay
  12. KSP.log :!AuFEM7_Fm5Yk4gSlGb5ASP3jN0Xr I believe that's the one you need? In that log I was running only with ClickThroughBlocker, ToolbarControl and KRASH. ClickThroughBlocker and ToolbarControl installed through CKAN, KRASH from this website as it's currently not on CKAN. When I tried with Champagne Bottle that was also installed through CKAN. Thanks!
  13. This does not appear to work with 1.4.2 Does not appear in the toolbar. Have tried with only this + dependencies installed as well, same result. I thought that 1.4.2 wasn't supposed to break many addons, any idea if i'm just doing something wrong here? While not the right thread for it, the same exact thing seems to happen with the current version of Champagne Bottle Redux from CKAN.
  14. Actually, if you have a craft that is 40m3 pressurized volume, the pressure control modules do run at full capacity. If your craft is smaller then that, then it looses less atmo, if it's larger it looses more and the pressure control module can't keep up. I think it will be difficult to balance the way it's implemented overall. Because the way it scales with size of your habitats, you end up either having no issues with Nitrogen at all for small crafts, or having to constantly bring in more for large crafts (such as space and planetary stations). If the reliability system could also be updated not not only disable systems as they fail, but also include leaks, this gameplay could be made much more interesting. You would have a very low base rate of Nitrogen loss, but actual leaks can develop that you need to take care of.
  15. @ShotgunNinja I just got started building my first large scale Space Station. Up until now I have only been using small one-pod crafts to fly around. It seems to me that crafts loose way way too much Atmosphere all the time. I did some calculations and realized that you loose approximatelly 3KG of Nitrogen every kerbal-day for a craft that is 40m3 (that is what is supported by a single Pressure Control module). To put that into real-world perspective, that would be similar to the ISS loosing 275kg of air every day! Is this really intended? I understand that you may have balanced it around having some need of Nitrogen for smaller crafts as well, but when building larger stations (More then a 100m3) it suddenly seems very overkill, especially as there are no way to recycle it in space. I'd think a better way of doing Nitrogen and Atmosphere would be to have a very low base loss of Atmosphere, but instead integrate it into the reliability system, and allowing for repairs. This would still force you to bring nitrogen for long trips, without being quite as punishing on large stations.