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  1. This sounds awesome Zee, I agree that it seems once you are able to get to the Mun It really is not to hard money or science wise. It isn't very linear, and I use mods that try to fix this like monthly budget and others, but it seems always the same no matter what mods I use. I'm looking forward to trying out your latest changes. Keep up the great work and thanks for this mod!
  2. https://spacedock.info/mod/442/Bluedog Design Bureau This has some smaller SRB's and liquid engines, But so much more, its massive over 400 parts they say. It will run with PbC but I'm sure it would through the balance that Zee has put into PbC completely out a whack. Blue Dog used to have a small probe parts pack a long time ago. It looks like it may have got incorporated into this one, as I haven't seen that one for awhile. Bit Bluedog does good stuff. I can't imagine Zee getting this one done for a long, long time, if he even decided to tackle it. I was also looking for just a few smaller parts also. This is all I have seen that is for 1.6.1 so far.
  3. Hey Zee, I have another request if it is possible and you have the time. I just installed the Outer Kerbin planet pack and I noticed that contracts where generated for the new planet for ScanSat, BasesandStations, Saellite and Strategia. These are the contract packs I have installed. It seems there is a way to make a general contract that finds any new bodies and creates contracts. I have no idea how the contract configs work. But it would be really cool if your contract pack some how saw any additional planets out there and added generic contracts for probe and crewed missions. Thanks
  4. I believe that is just the way that contract configurator works, or maybe even stock contracts. It only allows for one vessel type in contract configuration. So once you add a relay antenna the vessel becomes a relay. As far as I know you have to change the vessel type anytime this happens.
  5. That sounds great Zee, yeah I wasn't intending for a complete station contract setup, I know there is a contract pack for stations and rovers. But as you stated just one maybe to get it all started.
  6. Loving this so far. great work. I was wondering if you might expand on the contracts when your time permits. I would like to see some other basic contracts. Such as rendezvous and/or docking, at kerbin, mun and minmus, either manned or unmanned or both. Also just some basic space station and/or planetary station contracts. I was also wondering if you had https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133606-14x—16x-kerbal-planetary-base-systems-v167-24-january-2019/ on your list, I would like to see this included.
  7. Hi Zee, I am seeing this also. I am getting double. For now I just made the auto accepts false. Thanks for the great work and time you are putting into this!! I am liking it a lot.
  8. Hey Zee..Thanks so much for this mod. I was also looking for something like SETI, I like a more realistic approach and progression. I was going to ask about Kerbalism, but I see that its on your list :-) , as I am loving that mod also. Looking forward to future modules. I just wanted to say I just started using Mandatory RCS. I made a patch to put some basic parts a little earlier, than you have them currently. To allow for some basic control early on. It is a pretty small mod so I don't think that there is much else needed. But here is my patch. Hopefully you find it useful. Thanks for the great work. /////////// Mandatory RCS and RCS Parts @PART[RCS_025T_1xfront]:AFTER[MandatoryRCSPartPack]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = stability } @PART[radialRCSTank|linearRcs]:AFTER[MandatoryRCS]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree] { @TechRequired = stability }
  9. Hi All, Here are a couple of links to a 2 part video I made. The Assembly of Empyrean 1 (Part 1) http://youtu.be/nDiJ7dmQqqE The Disassembly of Empyrean 1 (Part 2) http://youtu.be/jNlC7oiPB40 This is my first video. I was driven to make the video because my journey to get this base setup on Duna took many hours of design and testing with numerous trips to Duna to try out a new concept. It is a sort of advanced tutorial I guess, hopefully someone else will get some help or inspiration from it. I don't show how the individual ships are made in VAB. But There are five different ships that have to get into LKO and assembled then sent to Duna. Where it gets broken down and sent to the surface of Duna. The videos are about 15 min each. So there speed was increaded alot in some areas to keep the length down. The complete mission took around 2 hours to complete even with warps. I used the Mech Jeb addon the whole way through. Without it this would have been a really tedious endeavor. But I would suggest to all to learn each of the procedure before depending on Mech Jeb. I myself started the career mode which pretty much forces you to do these procedures manually as mech Jeb is not available until much later. I hope you enjoy the videos, gary