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  1. For anyone who has some ideas for which direction the site should go design wise, it's probably best jumping in the IRC channel (There's a link on the spacedock site, CHAT in the main menu).

    The thing about design is everyone has a different idea of what they like, and I think the only real way to move forward is by doing back-and-forths with people and making mockups. On the forums it'll sound like flaming as neither side can understand each other, using forums to talk to each other is also slow as molasses.

    VITAS does the frontend stuff, I'm much more interested in the actually fun backend code. HTML/CSS is horrible and all you web developers out there are insane if you like it :P


    But yeah, let's not let this thread devolve - jump into IRC and chat with us, we're friendly enough that we won't bite, much. The IRC topic there says so.

  2. I've done the initial port to the KSP 1.1 pre-release, from now on unstable will be KSP 1.1 support ;), however, this is nearly completely untested (Fixed compile errors, add parts, connect, launch, disconnect, sync again - vessel there).

    1.1 support starts at commit 041dad7b5b290d64134442845f4a9b2623e8bcab

    For those that are running the pre-release - you may want to get in touch in #DMP (the chat thing on my build server, or if you're familiar with irc, the server is esper) or leave any comments of strangeness here.

  3. @jm764 I'll update DMP for 1.1, and DMP is platform indepentant, so it will run on both 32 and 64bit as it has in the past already. I'm not a part of the QA team however, and I only have KSP on the KSP Store if they decide to do this public beta thing, so I may not be able to push an actual update until after 1.1 comes out.

  4. Ello, Thomas told me about this thread.

    Spacedock is almost as bad as Curse! - This could be reworded as "Spacedock is better than curse" :D

    But anyway, I wish you luck - I'm more into backend stuff rather than frontend stuff, so I can't complain about the design too much, other people will do that for you.

    Do note that you're probably vastly underestimating how much traffic a modding site will need if you end up being the primary one - we push a few hundred GB a day.

  5. bananashavings - currently no, there is no way to do shared science - although you can copy science from one profile to another, it won't stay in sync.

    n174rm - Me too, maybe one day when multiplayer comes out we'll be able to play it without so many explosions :D

    Deizelpunk - No reason that I could give, it should Just Work (TM)

    Zrux - Your router is a computer, when people on the internet try to connect to your address, they connect to your router and it says "What? I'm not running DMP, go away!". Port forwarding makes the router redirect all requests for DMPServer (really TCP port 6702) to your computer. Unfortuneatly it's different for every router, so I can't give much advice apart from check www.portforward.com - the basics are the same on each machine, you need port TCP 6702 to your internal address (usually looks like 192.168.x.x). And yes - you don't need port forwarding if they are connecting from within the same network, just type the internal address.

    thegoog23 - Same as any other game, just type their hamachi address, port 6702 as per usual as far as I know, but I'd seriously recommend port forwarding instead.

  6. 18 hours ago, Lelo said:

    As much as I appreciate this great project, I have an honest question: why is Curse hated so much?

    To be honest, I'm not completely sure - Curse *works*, and thats mostly all modders care about. Some are ideologically opposed to curse, but I am not, and I use curse myself. I'm sure most of the other spacedock members feel the same way - we just offer an alternative.


    As for social media features, this is one case where I'm 100% with @ferram4 here, It's another place for bug reports to pop up and we like keeping things all in once place, so I'd be against any form of commenting system or trying to be "social media-y", as we are a mod hoster, not a social network platform.

  7. To make it clear, I personally don't oppose curse, nor are we trying to destroy it or anything silly like that - that's not what spacedock is about to me and others from the spacedock team. It's just another place to upload mods, and for CKAN it's a storage backend as curse's policies disallow automated tools. But having something by the community for the community is also nice :)

  8. DMP is now available!

    After playing it a bit it's quite obvious that we really needed a tagged release - It's about how it always has been, but it needed the recompile against 1.0.5 :P

    It's the first time I've played with the stock ISRU, also had extraplanetary launch pads on this one. It kinda brings a bit of life to KSP :D. Getting 100 tonnes to moho is still kinda annoying though...


    (I'll upload to kerbalstuff when it's up, it seems to have crashed :()

    EDIT: Ok, kerbalstuff has shut down. RIP in peace KS. Us modders will try to come up with another host soon ;)

  9. @sashan: In DMP's main menu (or in the game), you can hit options -> "Generate universe from save", and it will make a Universe/ folder in your KSP directory.

    Hello everyone! - I'm going to try to get back into KSP, DMP is in a *really* bad state from when I tried it last, it's pretty much broken in every way :P

    If KSP doesn't bug out too much I'll try to gather up steam for a rewrite (kinda, I can borrow the good bits) of DMPClient, the code is an absolute mess and I don't want to leave it in the state it's in. When I do hit stock bugs though it's really *really* big demotivator though, which is why I didn't play when 1.0 came out. I hit this bug on the very first flight of 1.0 and it still exists in 1.0.5 - except they've made it so the engines damage parts far more easily so the bug is kinda hidden:



    This setup *will not decouple* - the struts hold it together.

    I can't promise a rewrite, but if KSP behaves for long enough perhaps everyone will get one :P, that is assuming squad hasn't talked about multiplayer recently...

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