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  1. I like playing with Near Future and MKS, but I've never liked the placement of their respective nuclear reactors in the Community Tech Tree. With NF Electrical and MKS, there are eleven different reactors shoved into just three out of five open spaces in the tree, so I've put together this small ModuleManager patch to rearrange them in a more logical order, at least according to me. Put this in a .cfg file in the GameData folder and you too can work harder to unlock the good stuff. This is meant for both MKS and Near future though, so if you don't have both then omit what you're miss
  2. Banned for banning two banners in one ban.
  3. Banned for not considering they might have meant to type worlds.
  4. Granted, but you don't get a monitor so you can't see anything. But trust me, it's running great. I wish for a large assortment of real nice mustards.
  5. Granted, but you try to eat it all in one sitting and die of a condition known as Stomachus Explodicus. I wish for 50 lbs of ravioli I can eat over the course of a few months.
  6. Banned for having numbers in your name.
  7. Granted, you get nothing. I wish for omniscience.
  8. *Grudgingly raises his hand* @dundun92, I choose you!
  9. Banned for being in America without me. (Why haven't I gone back yet?!)
  10. 2012: You see Kony hiding in the corner and rush to the next floor without making eye contact.
  11. Granted, you are now Ajit Pai. I wish I had whiter teeth.
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