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  1. Yo steam me for insant messaging it Iamyourmaker. Its still not working send it to me, drop box is easier. It would be sooo much hassle (like right now) we can have a alt download on kerbal stuff or, when its working make drop box secondary
  2. It didn't work.... Send me the files through email, you got it, and I'll put it in the drop box, unless you can get it to work, I'm getting a 401 error.
  3. We are working on it, it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for the feedback/suggestion
  4. No problem, I will go over it with both owner, mean while enjoy the mod and leave a poll!
  5. Well as far as I could tell mjy received permission, if he didn't I could put s link in in the morning (I'm on my tablet) if that's okay.
  6. Yah, I knew you where missing a lot from your curse download as well, you can Skype me or something when its okay so we can talk
  7. Hi everyone who has replyed, I fixed the link, it ended up being because I put http:// twice . I am OVERWHELMED with feed back (I've never posted a mod before lol). I have just finished editing (LOW LOW LOW grade editing) a demonstration video which, I hope you will enjoy. There will be a link on the orginal post, as well if anyone wants to make a video (With decent editing experience, I will mention them in the credits.) message me first if you don't mind. Thank you guys so much!
  8. I say find it jokingly as you can go find the curse download but it is broken as he (Accidently) forgot to include need files, I also stated that he will be fixing it when he is available.
  9. Yes you've heard right, not the bird, a crane. MJY has designed a crane, realistically textured, with animated functions, including outriggers, spinnable boom, turnable base, serous power and lifting capacity, and a I will say this is the most beautiful attempt at creating a life like crane in kerbal history. Here is a picture of the 2.0 Crane Also, here is a demonstration video. WARNING: THIS VIDEO HAS PROBABLY THE PITIFUL CAPTION EDIT, IN KERBAL HISTORY VIDEO FIXED!!!!!!!!!! The mod requires KAS, and Infernal Robotics. These mods are no longer included in the mod pack due to legal reasons which will be reviewed with the owners of KAS and IR. All Credit for mods in modpack go to their owners. 1. Crane pack-https://www.dropbox.com/s/y69vqgonl5wlfrb/1mjy%20Crane%20stuff%20%281%29.zip?dl=0 2. Infernal Robotics-http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/220267-magic-smoke-industries-infernal-robotics-v0-14 3. Kerbal attachment system-http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/223900-kerbal-attachment-system-kas This was designed by MJY, the "art" is however mine. Version 3.0 to be out soon License: BSD License Normally I will update the video and picture, when there is an update.
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